Mey's Journal

Nov 2, 2005 at 16:52 o\clock

This is what happened!!

by: mey2

Mood: Getting ready for tonight...just washed my hair!!!

You remember... maybe... that Karen had asked me a few weeks ago about Tom's birthday pretending that her kids wanted to make a card for him etc.  And in the end I invited her kids along to the party cause Tom wanted them there.
Then she said that she may not be in town on the party weekend so she had to let me know whether she could make it later on.  Then she said that she wouldn't know anyone there and that her Pete was going to football that day so she would feel uncomfortable which I thought was such an immature thing for her to say cause at the end of the day it is about Tom's party and her kids having fun... not her being an absolute pratt!
Anyway on the day of the party on the way to the party I drove past her house and spotted her car there.  So she was obviously in town.  So I texted on her mobile phone saying that 'in case' she was still in town, she could still come to the party cause there wold be enough food and space for her kids.  I obviously did not say that I just drove past her house and saw her car there!!  A few minutes later she replied saying that it was nice of me to offer but she could not make it!
I was so flipping annoyed that once again she had played games with me.  She pretended to be interested in Tom's birthday, got an invite and in the end, did not turn up!!!
So on Monday I sent her an email asking her what she was playing at.

I had to calm down a bit cause she replied that apparently Olivia (her daughter) had been sick that week...and I knew that.  And she had been on antibiotics for three days but was still a bit poorly.  She said that she had a present and a card for Tom and would like to drop it round sometimes.... And she said that she was sorry but she didn't want to fall out even more with me over this cause she really wanted to come but could not cause of Olivia.

I worked myself up for nothing!!

So she is coming on Friday for a cup of coffee and she'll drop the present then.  Which is fine!

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaanyway.  I am going out tonight....yep..Iam!!

I am going out with Sarah for some sushi.  I adore Sushi and this is the best night..I have been looking forward to it since I know about it (Saturday).  Hubby is taking the boys to see a Basketball game and he is going with Sarah's partner and Oliver their son.  So Sarah and me thought it would be great to enjoy an evening between us.  I love Sarah so much    She is such a great friend.  We actually said that if our hubbys get on our nerves too much, we would move together LOL... Aaaaahhh what a dream it would be!!

On Saturday we are having a Fireworks party at home for Guy Fawkes night.  It should be fun.  Sam and Si are coming as well as Sarah and Faith and all the kids.  My friend Andrea and her hubby are coming too.  Everybody's bringing fireworks and some drinks and I'll do some food.  I hope the weather will be ok cause it's been puring down lately!  Can't do fireworks when it rains!!!

OK... that's all... Oh..I have my period but I am sure you didn't wanna know that LOL.....

Have a great day