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Oct 28, 2005 at 14:38 o\clock

Happy Birthday TOM!!!

by: mey2

Mood: Happy and a proud mama!!!
Listening to: Will and Grace on tele

Awwww... I am so proud of him and so happy.  He is so chuffed he is now 4 years old...He is a BIG boy now!!!
Although he peeed the bed last bed and all!!  But he said that last night he was still 3.  That I suppose that's ok!!

Hubby got home at 8am which was great cause that's the time the kids woke up.  So he was able to be there for the opening of the presents and I have to say, he absolutely loved every single one of them! 

Then we all had breakfast and Tom wanted some CocoPops.  He put four in his bowl and said that now he is 4 he can eat four cocopops.  I had to tell him that 4 cocopops will not be enough to fill his tummy.  LOL  such a sweet bunny!

Hubby left for work early because his stupid brother stayed up in London longer and when Hubby's dad called him.... the plonker was having his breakfast.  He makes me so mad that lazy good for nothing!!
So me and the boys got ready.  I cut their hair this morning cause it was getting a little too long for my liking!  I only cut the back and the sides.  It's not perfect, but it'll do!!

Then I went to see Hubby's nana and grandad so they could give Tom his present.  He was really excited at the prospect of getting another present but Nana told me she didn't have time to get him something so in the card was £20 for Tom to go to Toys'R us and get himself something he liked!  He was happy with it but kept asking where his present was...LOL...poor monkey!!
Anyway the kids were an absolute nightmare while we stayed there.  They were jumping everywhere and talking loud, screaming even... I don't know what is it with Nana's house but every time I take the kids there, they really misbehave!!!  and the weirdest thing was as soon as they got in the car, they were angels.  I did not hear a pip out of them!  Go figure!

Tonight I have mother in law with Hubby's dad coming for a drink to celebrate Tom's birthday as well.  So I think I either will go to Marks and Spencer to get some nice nibbles, or I can just go to Sainsburys (Like MalMart) and get some other nibbles...not as nice but still!!  Or we could just order some sushi for a delivery.  But that would be very selfish of me cause I would eat them all...LOL
So it'll have to be Marks and Spencer which is a bit far but if all goes to plan Hubby will beback early and I can go by myself!

I also have to shop for tomorrow's party.  I have to feed 15 kids.  But I have planned already that they will be fed sandwiches and crisps.... and chocolate and sweet.  Now how excited these kids will be by the end of the day is anybody's guess.  But I would not be sruprise if they are all mad and crazy and maybe even throw up...LOL

Right... I have quite a lot of things to do still.  So if I am not around this week-end, have a lovely one.  Next week I am back at work which is a bit of a bummer but I need a break from the kids...LOL

Love you all

Oct 28, 2005 at 00:13 o\clock

Before I go to bed!

by: mey2

Mood: sleepy

Just to say... Go and see Nanny McPhee at the movies.  It's great!!!

and also I have added more photos in my Flickr

Night night everyone

Oct 27, 2005 at 10:27 o\clock

I am angry.... Pissed off and angry some more!!!!!

by: mey2

Listening to: Frasier's on tele

OOOooooo I could just kick my hubby in the nuts!!!!
He is soooooo annoying it's beyond possible!!!
I may have already told you how paranoid he is and he never liked me talking to 'strangers' on the net.

For my defence I always, always, ALWAYS talk to ladies and I know for a fact their are ladies cause if they were not....then they would be very sick and thick men!!!

I actually do not talk to many people online (I mean IM).  There is one I talk to regularly and have done for the past two years.  Her name is Manda and she lives in Carolina (can't remember if it's South or North) and she is an absolute great person I like to call my friend.  The rest of my internet friends are you guys and we communicate mainly by leaving comments on each others blog which I describe as being not talking... just writing...LOL if you know want I mean!!

So anyway, I received an invitation from someone called Dawn for a website called Almond the other day and I joined.  It's a bit like in here but less good (actually not good at all).  After about 4 days I realise that people don't care about each other they just leave stupid comments in their guesbook and the more comments you get the higher you go in the Almond world.  So I am not interested in the slightest of carrying on with this.  But before I decided on this, I'd already written a couple of entries in my journal and added a few pictures of myself.... don't look at me like that.... OK I will post some pictures of me in here keep your hair on!

Anyway a couple of nights ago, I was reading Sapphire's blog and then something came up so I left the laptop and the window was still open on her blog plus I had another window open on my Almond thingy and also to a forum I like to go to (It's a forum dedicated to the 80s band A-ha now stop laughing and carry on reading!!)
So anyway, Hubby came home and took the laptop cause he wanted to look at something (probably how windy in was on the coast the day after so he could go Kite Surfing) and obviously he came across Sapphire's blog and my Almond thingy etc etc...
And started going all weird on me saying he thought that was such a strange thing to do.... you know...talking to strangers and reading about their lives.  He thinks I am a really sad.... and he started asking what other little secrets I had etc etc... makes me sooooo mad!!!  SO I told him to leave me alone and that it was none of his business.  Thank God he didn't know about Mey's Journal cause otherwise he would have been really mad!!  Don't ask me why, he is just being such a pratt sometimes!

So anyway, I told him that I just started the Almond thinga couple of days earlier, that it was a new thing and that I never done that before..... yeah I know I lied but what he doesn't know won't hurt him and will give me peace in my house. 

Now last night we had planned to go to eat at Wagamama, babysitter was booked and I was watching my soap drinking a Martini Bianco.... on the rocks!!
The Laptop was turned off... or at least I was logged off.  He came in the kitchen and first thing he asked was if I had been on my 'Thing'.  So I said 'Oh, is that gonna be the question of the month every time you walk in the house!!!!' and I carried on saying that no I had not been on my 'Thing' and to leave me the hell alone...
A few minutes later, I walked in the lounge and guess what.... no  no go on... GUESS!!!!
He was on the laptop, in my logging, on the Almond thingy!!  So I looked at him and said 'What do you think you're doing!!??' and he said 'Well you said you didn't go on it but I looked into your history and I see that you have'  I flew off the handle and told him to get lost, I said I was cancelling the babysitter and that he was a looser.

He came after me and was like.... sorry.  He even said it to which I replied 'You're not sorry you lying git' and he said 'Well no I am not but you lied to me'  and in fact I did not lie to him.  I looked at the almond thingy but did not write cause that day I decided to give it up cause it was pathetic.... So I was so mad I pretended to cancel the babysitter and he was not shuffed cause he was looking forward to a night out without the kids...

Anyway...cut a long story short.... yeah right..sorry it's taking so long to describe this to you.  We went to Wagamama and had a nice meal, after that we popped in to his old girlfriend's house and had a cup of tea (I get on well with her) then we got home.

Now... the second reason why I am MAD!!!!
Yesterday morning Hubby got a phone call from a mate of his inviting him to a Charity Ball in London where apparently lots of celebrities are gonna be there.  Now in my mind the charity ball was next Thursday.  Then when we got home last night and he said to me that he was taking the train to London at 2pm the next day.
So I said: Oh... so you will not be here for your son's birthday cause you know.... we like to open the presents first thing when we are still in bed....
I must say, his face dropped  and he was feeling really guilty but I felt gutted.  I cannot believe that even after that he managed to say that he would be there on time.  If it had been me I would have cancelled..... I dont care about celebrities...especially B listers (LOL).

So here it is... He is going this afternoon and will take the train back tomorrow at 6am so he will be at home at 8.30am.  He better otherwise it's not be who will be upset .... it's Tom... my beautiful 4 year old monkey!!!

And by the way... I have set up my history to be deleted on a daily basis... so he will not know where I've been. and I am even planning to set up a password on my logging.  That will really piss him off!!!

OK... today it's good cause I am going to the movies with Sarah and the kids to go and see Nanny McPhee.  That should be fun... and having the evening to myself without Hubby is a bonus...there...I said it!

Have a lovely Thursday

Oct 26, 2005 at 17:04 o\clock

Running like a headless chicken!!

by: mey2

Mood: Exhausted, feet hurt, purse is empty!

OK.  I am done!  I have been shopping all day for Tom's birthday, I got all his toys, all his party stuff, sweet....  but lemme tell you in more details!!

I dropped Jack at Sarah's this morning at 10 and already I was running late.  We chatted for like half a minute and I drove off not even knowing where to start.  I drove past my house again and stopped cause of course I had forgotten my shopping list.
I arrived at the Mall hoping I will only have to go there for the whole of my shopping trip and first thing I did was getting Tom a card.
OK....which one.... There are about thousands there!!  I go straight to the numbered cards and look at the section for 4 year olds.  I choose about three, Incredibles, Spiderman and Bart Simpson... I also see one which looks really cool called Old McDonald and when you open it there's a cow singing the song.... WOW Tom would love that...I look at the price and Jee... £5 for that!!!  No way, it'll have to be a non singing card.  So which one..OK Spiderman will do then before I turn around to the checkout, I see in the corner of my.... SPECIAL PRICE Spiderman Card with number 4 at the top only 99p. BARGAIN... so I buy!  I saved about 50p but hey... he won't even care about the card right!!!
Now this morning I was watching Will and Grace (I just love that show) and it was the episode of the funerals of Stan.  In there Jack talks about a drawing Stan made him on a Hetcher Sketcher and BLING... little light pops up in my head  and I suddenly have the idea of getting one for Tom.  He'll love it.
So here I am at the Mall hunting for a Hetcher Sketcher.  I see a few in the shape of Shrek or Batman or even the Bratz but none of the original Red one I used to have when I was a kid....  Bottom lip out, I come out of the toy shop and tell myself that I will have to go to Toy's R Us after all! 
Now I have to get some fillers for the party bags.  I know there is a shop about 5 minutes walks from the Mall.  SO I decide to go while the weather is still ok (I can see clouds on the horizon)  I walk and avoid stinking  people asking me for money (no disrespect but hey... I dont like being begged!), avoiding the drunks telling me I rock... Yeah I know... I rock and you don't you drunken pillock and also I avoid dogs poo on the pavement...Oh My!! this part of town is really going down!!!  Finally I arrive at the Party shop with all the Halloween decoration everwhere, look for party fillers and NONE.  I cannot see any, the whole shop is transformed into a Halloween Groto and I know this has been a wasted journey for me!  So back to the mall, avoiding all the crap I mentioned above again and I say to myself...Right... isn't it time for a Latte.  Yes...defo... so Off I go to Starbucks, buy OK magazine first, sits there for 1 hour drinking my skinny latte watching the people go by and reading trashy celebrity gossip... Brilliant... I am having a blast!!

Then stop the fun, let's get shopping again.  I go to Mothercare and buy Tom some boxer shorts... he asked for them LOL, then I get a new calendar for my desk at work called 'Born to shop' with a joke for each month.... I bought it today cause last year I waited... and waited and was left with crap ones.  So this time at least I got one I like!  Then I go to HMV to buy Winnie the Pooh and The Heffalump and while I am at it... I bought the new CD of Robbie Williams.... aaaahhhhh he is so yummy!!!!

I realise then that I really need to go to Toys'R us now cause there is nothing else I can do at the Mall.... well... I did pop into that new shoe shop and dribbled on a few beautiful specimen... but I was really good and left without purchasing anything!
Off I go ... arriving at Toy's R us 15 minutes later I walk in without a trolley cause I am thinking I won't need one...then walk past the sweets and think...hey that would be good for party fillers... Bummer, I do need a trolley after all cause I ain't going to carry everything in my arms.  So I come out again, through the wrong door and set off the alarm cause I forced the barriers open!!  Grab a trolley and stroll back in again without looking behind me...Thank God it wasn't too busy.  I hate attracting people attention... especially by setting off alarms in a shop!!
So I get the sweets and look for other party bags fillers.... Sheesh... they are expensive for plastic crap!!  I'll see if I find some somewhere else.
I finally find the Hetcher Sketcher...the old original red one, I also buy a whipe board where you can write with a metal pen, I get him the Frisbee (is that the right spelling Jackie LOL) that turn into a ball when you catch it.  I also got him a Sponge Bob Square Pants a contraption and you eject Sponge Bob across the room... that should be fun for him!! I get some batteries too cause I know a few toys at home need them desperately!

DONE!!!!  I pay... I won't tell you how much cause I am still in shock and then I think to myself... OK... now what!
I think it's time for me to have a nice lunch.  So I drive to Marks and Spencer about 15 minutes away and after queueing for what seem to be 5 days, I order a nice Brie and Cranberry wrap with a bottle of water and an almond croissant...cause I deserve it!!!
I eat nicely, slowly reading the paper and after a nice lunch go and have a look inside Marks and Spencer shop.  They already have all the Christmas stuff out.  I am not impressed by their Christmas cards...pretty ugly if you ask me but the decorations are just fabulous and I know that if I buy any of them, Hubby will have a fit so I again stop myself!  I go to their food department store, buy a chicken to roast and some carrot/potato mash for the kids tonight (cause I am out with Hubby!!) and drive off.  Next Stop Asda (from the WallMart family...yes, the American have bought it!!!). There I find superbs party bags fillers for a fraction of the price Toys'R us were offering!  So the kids will have plastic snakes, Pads with crayons, Snap Animal Cards and Balloons in the shape of a mouse plus all the sweets I bought!!!  I push the trolley around and obviously got the wrong trolley that goes slightly to the left so I have to walk like a weird mamouth and push the trolley to the right direction, I buy Sunflower Oil and Pepper cause I ran out and I also buy a couple of cool Mugs... I am trying to get cool mugs for my every day coffee cause my old mugs are...not cool!!
OK... I jump into my car, I drive straight home, put the bags away and put the kettle on savouring the idea of a nice coffee and think to myself.... AAaaaaahhhh At last..I have done it all.... and then it hits me!
I FORGOT THE FLIPPING BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I decided... I'll go and get it on Saturday morning before the party hoping there will be one suitable... I really cannot be bothered today!!!!

And now I've typed all that, I forgot to make my coffee and I have to go and pick up Tom from Nursery... isn't it just UNFAIR!!!!

Hope your Wednesday is good
Take Care

Oct 25, 2005 at 15:56 o\clock

Today... not tomorrow!

by: mey2

Mood: I'm ok
Listening to: Extreme MakeOver Home Edition on Tele

Hello everyone

I was supposed to take Jack and his friend Oliver to the movies today and I was hoping to get Jack to buy a present and card and it would have been great cause that is the only day I had with Jack so he could get him a present before Friday.
But it did not turn up that way.  When Hubby took Tom to nursery, Sarah, the nursery nurse there (who is also my babysitter and my life saviour!) told him they had to close the nursery for the day cause they had found a mouse and some mouse dropping....meaning, according to health and safety, the nursery had to be cleaned top to bottom and fumigated.
Aaaaahhhhh Blast!  So I got ready, Oliver was dropped here by his dad, I got some money out from the bank up the road for my cleaner who was an hour late.  Then I add to pop by Sam's house cause she also had some money for me (I did a little job for her last week!) drive to Hubby's shop and pick up Tom then straight to the mall, park the car and check out when the movie was starting.
I had about half an hour before the start so I went to a BHS (British Home Store for our US Citizen) and got a nice costume for the Halloween Party Tom will have on Monday at nursery (that is if they kill the damn mouse!) and I got both boys pants and socks too cause they really need new ones!  The three boys were driving me crazy running like idiots shouting and laughing.  But after all they are kids and I cannot stop them having fun.  Clintch my fist and carried on walking.  Took the shopping down the car park and set off for the Cinema (Movie Theatre for our US  It was closed!!!!  I had to wait nearly 10 minutes in the cold and wind cause it is windy on the sea side, the kids were playing 'it' and I was like 'please stop running you're gonna fall' or 'please stop grabing your clothes, you're gonna damaged them' or even 'please calm down and stop grabbing my coat when you run past me!!!!'
Finally the man with the keys opened the doors and we got in.  I get the kids a drink and sweets and off we go to see 'Sky High'.  It was quite fun but the boys were not impressed with some of the kissing scene.... just a peck on the lips but still... they were not impressed!!

After that I wanted to take them to MacDonalds but they weren't hungry.  Well Tom did have a tantrum cause he said he wanted a happy meal but he is only interested by the toy inside the box... so I put my foot down and said no and I said that if he carried on crying I would cancel his party on Saturday.  It did the trick!!

Finally we got home, my cleaner was just leaving and I fed the kids cause obviously they wanted sandwiches when we got home and now I am peacefully watching tele (Ty is on!!!) while eating Pumpkin seeds and drinking water.
I have some time to spend on the pc and I am gonna enjoy that!!
I have a new blog/home I am nursing at the moment.  It's Here if you are interested!!

Anyway... I will talk more tomorrow!!  Have a great day.
Special hug to Jackie.... Hope your foot gets better soon!


Oct 24, 2005 at 12:17 o\clock

Dare I say it again..... It's raining!!!!

by: mey2

Mood: Not happy about my frizzy hair!!!
Listening to: SkyNews on tele

OK... Now it's just being silly.  The rain is falling and doesn;t seem to want to stop.  They have predicted more rain for the rest of the week and it is not really my ideal weather for when I have a week off work!!!
So what's the plan for this week.  Well simple... Stay home and do nothing.  Aaaahhh wouldn't that just be great!
Today I have Oliver, one of Jack's friend coming to play and he is also coming tomorrow.
So today i might take them to a soft room so they can play like mad and I can start reading this book Sarah lent me called 'A million Pieces'.  Then we can go home, they can play the playstation and I can sit my butt on the sofa!
Tomorrow, my cleaner is coming so I have to vacate the house cause I dont really like being in the house while she is cleaning under my never happened!!
So I am taking the kids to the movies.  If Sam and Alanah are coming with us, we'll go and see Nanny McPhee.  I think it'll be such a great movie...I love fairy tales!  If Sam is not coming, we'll go and see SkyHigh cause the boys will like it a lot...superheros and all that!!
On Wednesday Sarah is having Jack all day which will help me prepare for Tom's birthday on Saturday.  I have to go to Toys'r us to get Tom a present.  I think I will get him the DVD of Winnie the Pooh and the Heffalump, Some HotWheels stuff and a freezebe that turns into a ball when you catch it...he saw it on tele and wants it!! I better get on with it cause I have three days full.  Hope you're having a great week!!!

Take care

Oct 21, 2005 at 11:48 o\clock

It's raining, it's pouring... the old man is snoring!!

by: mey2

Mood: I'm cool
Listening to: A-ha - Lifelines

Well.... what a week.  It's been raining so much lately.  Definately a sign of Autumn.  I am glad to say that temperature have now dropped a little and I have been able to wear a few of my new jumpers I bought.... I looked so pretty in them.... LOL... yes I did!!

Now you will never believe if I tell you but I have been speaking to Karen.  Yesh I have!!

Well I talked to her on Wednesday morning at school and asked if Max, her son, wanted to come to play with Jack after school and she had to decline cause Max is going to his swimming class on Wednesday night.  Fair enough.  So I said, how about Thursday then.  So here we go, planning for me to pick up Max from school the day after and all is well. Jack was quite excited cause he hasn't seen Max since.... well since me and his mum felt out!!
Then on Thursday monring I was having my shower  and thinking... it's the best place for it.  there and the loo! and suddenly I remembered  I had an appointment to see Jack's teacher at 4pm that day.  So obviously could not have Max.  So I had to call Karen at home to tell her I could not make it.  I called  and Pete answered the phone and as cold as a stone I said 'Can I speak to Karen'  He recognised my voice and said 'Oh Hi, you're alright?' and I just didn't say anything.... so he put Karen on the phone.  I can't pretend with that jerk.  I don't like him and he should know!  So I told Karen and she was fine about it.
Now I can't help it but I feel that she is really keeping her distance with me .  not that I wish for it to be different but she is very nervous around me.... LOL... never had that effect on anyone before!!  I feel POWER!!!!! Muahhahhahahahahaaaaaa... ahem... sorry!
So today, she is picking my Tom up at lunch time so he can play with Olivia this afternoon.  Funny enough, Tom is quite excited about it but earlier he said to me that he wanted me to come with him at Olivia's house and there is no way in the flipping world I will spend three hours having tea  and making polite conversation with Karen.  Nope ... can't do that just yet!!  We talk and that is good enough as far as I am concerned.
I have invited her kids to Tom's birthday  party next week and she may not come.  She said to me that she may be going away that week-end which I thought was ok cause it is a school holiday.  But then she said that she didn't want to come on her own cause she didn't know anyway.  For God sake... when is she gonna grow up!!!
She said that Pete was going to watch a football match that day so therefore he would not be able to come with her.... Thank God for that.  The last thing I need is seeing that pratt  at my kids party!!!

And I just had a thought while I am typing this.... she said she might be away and then she said that Pete was going to see a football match.  I know for a fact that he never misses a football match form his hometown team.  So is she lying  to me about going away!!!!!  Jee.... she is just unbelievable that girl!!

Right... I better stop talking about her cause I am getting fed up with her pathetic existance!

I saw Sarah this morning and she is just like a breath of fresh air!!  I am gonna look after her son on Monday and Tuesdat next week cause it is half term and that will save her some money on childcare.  She is looking after Jack on Wednesday which is great cause I'll have a day to myself and I have so much to do for Tom's party I need a day to myself to do it !!  I won't bake a cake.  I'll buy it!!  I am not even sure what to get him for his birthday.  My big boy ... my big 4 year old boy...awwww.... I remember him when he was a tiny baby.  Awww... bring a tear to my eye!  This morning he drew a picture of a blob with a scribble in the middle and he said: 'Mummy, this is me in your tummy'  Isn't he just too cute!!!

Better go... got things to do!!
Have a lovely week-end if I don't speak to you before!

Oct 17, 2005 at 13:50 o\clock

Monday morning

by: mey2

Mood: tired and in need of a pee!

Hey everyone.  I had a fantastic time at Faith's birthday.  I drank quite a lot but I think the fact that I got in bed after 4am was the reason why I felt so delicate in the morning.

I am still very tired but I am getting there...LOL
Last night I went to bed at 8.20 missing LOST on tele and all....

Anyway, I haven't got much to say today.... eeer.. let me think.  Nope, I really haven't got much to say.  I spent Saturday in my PJ's and yesterday we took the kids to the movies to see Wallace and Gromit and the curse of the ware-rabbit...that was so funny!!!

Ok... since I am not very talkative today, here's a link you may like quite a lot!!
Pencil Man
and a bit of music
ONCE here, there was the video and song of
Coldplay - Yellow

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Have a good week

Oct 15, 2005 at 10:16 o\clock

Nope... it just didn't work!

by: mey2

Mood: my head hurts
Listening to: Dick and Dom in da bungalow on tele

Ok girls, I see you have been slacking off!
Either that or you lite the wrong candle and said the wrong prayer because this morning I have a


Now here's your punishment!
Mmmmmm...... nice
it's all about the looks, the hair cuts, the cool looking shades
and the brilliant choregraphy....hehehehehe

There was here a Backstreet Boys video
called 'As long as you love me'
but it got on my nerves so I took it down
17th October 2005

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Oct 14, 2005 at 16:32 o\clock

Well well well.... you'll never guess!!!

by: mey2

Mood: Meditading....ahooommmmmmmm

I just came back from picking up Jack from school and since I have Tom with me and his friend Josh and Jack's friend Oliver (sarah's son) it was a bit of a mahem but!

Anyway, guess who stopped her car in front of me and winded the window down to speak to me....yep...Karen
She was like all normal and acting as if in a hurry and said: Oh Olivia just asked if she could come to play with Tom....
I looked at her and said, well I kinda have my hands full today (4 kids jumping up and down in the background screaming their heads off)
And then she said: of no of course not today, it's abit short notice, but how about next week, he can come in the afternoon and play with Olivia and then you can pick him up later on.

WHAT COULD I SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I said: yeah sure... we'll talk later and arrange something.

Dammit......dammit.... DAMMIT!!!
I didn't want to speak to her so soon.  I am still bitter and I had to act all hypocrite because of the kids....
Mind you, I did expedite the conversation and walked away swiftly.

Anyway.  That is all I wanted to say.  Short entry I know, but I am meditating right now....because I am going out tonight!
Gotta stay away from the booze, Gotta stay away from the booze, Gotta stay away from the booze, Gotta stay away from the booze

See ya!!

Oct 13, 2005 at 17:46 o\clock

I've done some thinking.... and it hurt!!

by: mey2

Mood: Happy
Listening to: weird film of tele

It's been raining like ... pee in here for the last 2 days but I guess we cannot complain since it has been pretty dry in the last 2 months.  Autumn is upon us  for sure now cause temperatures have gone down which is great cause I bought some nice jumpers and I can't wait to wear them!!

I am so extra busy at the moment.  With work, that is one thing but I can just forget about work once I leave the office, but also I have to organise a birthday party  for my son Tom who is 4 on 28th October and I had to book this massive soft room so he can invite his 15 ish friends to celebrate with him.... it's gonna cost me lots  but at least my house will be clean and not destroyed by a bunch of 4 year olds on overdose of smarties and coca cola.
I have to send all the invitation by Monday and today I've learned that half term is actually a week before I thought it would be.... which means that I have to book time off work cause of course, Mother in law has gone to Spain once again bang on half term  and therefore she will not be available to look after Jack!!!!  She always does it.  You'd think she'd think !!

Anyway, I dont really care about that cause I have lots of holiday to take and I can do with a bit of time off .  I will probably do stuff with Sam or Sarah and the movies or walk in the forrest if the weather permits it....

Now.... here the bit where I am doing some thinking.  Tom wants to invite Max and Olivia, Karen's children, to his party.  And I can't say to him 'Well no you can't cause their mum's a bitch'. 
Beside, believe it or not, Karen sent me a text last week to ask about Tom's birthday (she simply said that Max and Olivia wanted to make a card for him) and also she felt the need to let me know  that her Max did not have a party for his birthday at the end of September but only a couple of friends at home so that was why Jack hadn't been invited.  I didn't even give a damn about Jack being invited.  I probably won't have been able to go anyway cause it was the week-end when me and Hubby were in Spain ....
Aaaaaanyway, I had to text  Karen back to let her know that we would celebrate Tom's birthday on 29th and that Tom had asked to have Max and Olivia there so I would contact her later on to tell her in details about the where and the when it would be.  I am not particularly looking forward to it  cause I am gonna have to speak to her which I haven't done since that phone call when I told her excatly what I thought of her while she was crying on the other end of the phone trying to make me feel guilty.... unsuccessfully!

Today I had an email from her at work saying that she may be away on the day of the party.... then she sent me another to ask what would Tom want for his birthday.  I didn't reply to her email cause I had a meeting most of the day and therefore... I did not reply!

As you can see, she is trying her hardest to win some brownie points  with me.  Hubby keeps saying that I should stop the grudge and get on with being friends with her... but I can't.
So here's my bit of thinking:  I will, I think, be able to speak to the girl.  But I will not be able to be friends with her the way I was before.  That is not possible for me.
I am torn though cause I felt so hurt and betrayed by her, than even talking to her is like I forgiven her.  But it is something that I think I will have to do if our kids are still friends and want to play together on the odd occasion.

One thing is for sure though.  I may be able to speak to her nicely and be civilised with her.  But as far as her partner Pete is concerned, he can run and jump  before I will ever speak to him.
He is a creep and he is ugly.... and I dont speak to ugly people!!! (i am talking Ugly in the inside...don't start bashing me if you are ugly on the outside....LOL...and I am not laughing at you!!!! I am lauging at my own jokes...ALRIGHT !!!)

Anyway, you can see my dilemna and I am sure some of you will have words of comfort for me and maybe advice.  I can do with some advice!!

Tomorrow night I am going out for my friend's Faith Birthday.  But I have promised myself that I will not get drunk and I will have an early night....ish.
I promise I will let you know if I kept my promise to myself....  Please lite a little candle  for me and do a plittle prayer  and ask for strength for me to not give to alcohol temptation despite all my friends being drunk all around me.  Thank you.

Have a great day

Oct 10, 2005 at 21:02 o\clock

My week-end

by: mey2

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I am so pissed off .... I wrote a huge entry and then guess what... yeah you got it in one!
It's all gone!!

So I will be brief...cause I need to take the kids to bed.

I saw Florence on Friday and it was just fantastic.  It was like we never left each other.  We chatted for ages and she promised that when she has found a house and things calm down a bit she will come back to see me...or me to see her cause she only will be living about 1 hour away from me.We just found each other again and it feels good!

To celebrate I got really drunk  on Friday night with my friend Sam, Andrea and Sandra... and the boys (I mean the men!).  I was really drunk to the point I actually was sick.... sorry....
Needless to say hubby was less than impressed with me cause apparently I made him look like a fool....

Ok I explain... he had  a go at me for dinking too much and I was dancing in my kitchen but I was in no way outrageous... I was just enjoying myself and having a good time.  So he said I was making a fool of myself and that he felt all the guys thought I was a.... eerr... how shall I put it.... a slag.. but not that bad... can't find the word.  He didn't say slag but he said something similar...only not as rude!  So I went in the kitchen, asked the attention of everyone and told everyone what Hubby had just told me and they told him to chill out .... everybody was just having a good time.

So Hubby was really pissed off  with me for humiliating him in front of everyone...but you know what, I could have said Sorry but I didn't cause at the end of the day, he always gives a hard time like this and I always shut my mouth.  This time, I didn't and for once he was told not by me but by the others that he was over reacting....
This is one lesson he is not gonna forget!

The week-end was kinda cold between us...even with the sun shining LOL.  We taught the kids to ride their bikes with no stabilisers and they did really well for the first time. 

We had lunch at the pub with Hubby's brother and his mum and dad and Hubby was really weird with me... he is usually very loving and I could feel that he was really unhappy with me.

So this morning, near lunch time, I called  from work to see how he was and he was annoyed with work cause he feels he is doing everything while his brother is just taking the piss all the time (it's a family business).  Thank God Hubby's dad knows how his lazy son is behaving and is always taking Hubby's side!  Anyway I told Hubby I would cook  him and nice dinner tonight and he was like happy etc etc.
So all is well now but he is actually out for his brother's birthday.  Which is acutally good cause I needed to update my blog  and I also need to check out a few other things on the net.  So there... it's all good!!

Hope you all had a good week-end.  Wishing you all a good week.


Oct 7, 2005 at 10:53 o\clock

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!!

by: mey2

Listening to: Maggie and the Ferocious Beast!!!!


Can you tell....
My friend Florence is arriving at about 11.30 and we'll have lunch together and we'll chat for ever!!!!!!!!!

I tell you all about it later on today....byyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!


Oct 6, 2005 at 09:31 o\clock

And once again.... she is there...IN MY FACE!!!!!

by: mey2

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I am so angry!!!!!
Well not really but I was pretty pissed off yesterday!

I had to take hubby to work yesterday cause his car was being checked or something.  So we all left the house, my, Hubby, Jack and Tom and we went to school first to drop Jack.  And I started talking to Louise, another mum and I saw Hubby talking to Karen!!!!

I was so annoyed with him.  I had a go at him on the car and told him that out of respect from me he could well stay away from the bitch and he said he was sorry that he thought I was ok with it.
For God sake... the girl was after him!!!  How would I be ok with it!!!

So anyway, he promised that he will never speak to her again.... especially that he was having a nice cosy conversation with her about the fact that we went to Spain (I didn't want her to know that!), the fact that he lost his phone and his credit card and his jumper (honestly... if his head was not attached he would loose it too!!).  So I felt like she was enjoying that little conversation with him while she knew I was not far watching and cursing (inside my head).

Why on earth do I let this get to me like this.... HOW FRUSTRATING!!!!

Anyway... I am having a really exciting moment when I thin of my friend Florence arriving tomorrow.  I havent seen her for almost 6 years!!!  It'll be so cool!

Have a good day y'all

Oct 3, 2005 at 21:22 o\clock

Hey... guess who's back!!

by: mey2

Mood: tired cause I didn't sleep much last night!
Listening to: Eastenders

Hola everyone.
I just have a fab time in Spain.  It was hot, I went to the beach, did some sunbathing  (put cream on though), went

swimming and even snorkling.  We ate paella  and all sorts of other local food, I drank a lot of Martini Bianco with ice  ...cause it was hot!
We had such a good time.  I slept a lot  which was exactly what I needed and basically we relaxed....

I won't give you all the details as far as .... you know what... is concerned.  There's not much to say anyway...LOL

I am sorry I do not have any pictures.  Didn't take any of the sites cause I was too busy...relaxing!
We stayed at my mother in law's villa .  They bought it last November and it is the first time I went.  There is still a lot of work to do in the building a pool!! But the villa is all ready and beatifully done.  It really feels like home.  I loved it and my mum in law was ever so pleased that I liked it so much.  I think she values my opinion a lot!

I came back last night at 4am  and needless to say I arrived at work late but I had warned them before hand.  Then I picked up Tom from nursery and I was so happy to see him. I then arrived at school to pick up Jack and Hubby was there already.  It was so nice seeing them.  Once at home we were just about to go out for a walk when Tom swallowed a tiny winy piece of a cashew nut  and him being allergic (like death threat allergy!) he started coughing and his breathing was starting to get really bad so we gave him some Periton which always works but to be on the safe side, we took him to the children's hospital  when he was checked and after an hour was given the whole clear....thanks God... Welcome back Pack was a bit more than expected..LOL

Anyway.  I am back now, boys are in bed and I am watching Eastenders.  Hubby has lost my lovely great book  I was reading so I am gonna have to buy a new one and find the page I was at... Flipping hubby !!!  He doesn't even know when he lost it...somewhere in the airport...well cheers mate... That's a great help!
To make matters worse, he actually lost his mobile phone... Oh well...

Right. I hope you are all ok.  I need to make a phone call now .  My very good friend Florence who left England almost 7 years ago is coming permanently on Wednesday and she is visiting me on Friday... I am absolutely over the moon!

OK... I just had a little search on the net
This is where I went
Nerja and I stayed on the Calahonda beach
Competa and this is the village near the villa
Sorry no photo of Villa yet...

Have a lovely day everyone