Mey's Journal

Jul 31, 2005 at 14:16 o\clock

31st July

by: mey2

Mood: Sleepy and bored






I cannot believe it is the last day of July already and I am still waiting for a glimpse of the summer

As predicted, I am not gonna do much today. Hubby has gone to his kite surfing shop cause the training was cancelled for lack of wind.  Then he said he will cook up a roast... Aaaaahhhh  That is something to look forward to!!

So it's all a bit boring today I'm afraid.  The kids are driving me nuts... nothing new there! 
I have read three more chapters of Harry Potter which is a great achievment for me cause I never get the time to read....only at night and by then I am so tired I read two pages and fall asleep.
So I am pleased to say that I am getting there with the book and like it a lot. Whoever is a Harry Potter Reader will understand the enthusiasm the book brings!!

I need to put some socks on cause my feet are cold. Sorry my entry is borring today but as I said.... nothing much in happening today and nothing exciting has happened since yesterday....eeerrr... let me think......
nope... cant' think of anything exciting!!
I guess I shouldn't complain.... my mother in law could have planned to turn up.  But thank God she didnt...mind you... the day is not over yet....  

That may be a story for tomorrow cause my mother in law is nice but boy ....does she talk s**t.....

I am off now... See you later

Jul 30, 2005 at 16:52 o\clock

30th July

by: mey2

Mood: A bit drunk
Listening to: Nothing... got a slight headache

I have just come back from the pub with my hubby, my boys and our friend Chris and his son Brendan.  It was so nice and I so needed a pint!!  I had to be at a 3 year old birthday party from 11am for 2 hours prior and it was kinda manic!!

So me and Chris (His son was also invited to the party) went for a coffee while our boys were at the party and had a good chat.   He is my hubby's friend but for the first time we were just the two of us and it was really nice talking to a guy about things (you know what I mean...).  He told me his wife had put him in the dog house and will probably not talk to him for a week.... Sheesh.... and I thought I was bad!!

I told him all about Karen and he knew already a bit about it and said that months ago he said to my hubby that I should drop the girl cause she was not being a friend.   I should have listened to all the warnings I kept getting from my other friends in the last few months.  I should have dropped her ages ago.
But I wanted to give a chance.  And the last time she gave me grief, I said: Right... that's it.  One more abuse from her and I will just finish it! 
Well she blew her last chance last Tuesday and in my honest opinion, she will regret it!!  Her loss...not mine.  I am totally fine... I have lost of good friends!

Anyway... looks like the two pints I had were a bit much cause I feel airy.  My head is in a
I was supposed to go to an hen party today but gave it a miss cause we had such busy week-ends in the last 4 weeks.  I need to calm down a bit.  I guess if I had gone to that hen party, I will be so drunk by now.  I cannot hold my alcohol you see!!

I am not sure I have anything else planned for this weekend.  My hubby is going Kite surfing tomorrow with his mate Simon so I guess me and Si's wife Sam will stay together.
Which is really nice cause Sam and I have a good laugh when we are together.  We probably will have to take the kids somewhere nice.  Hopefully the weather will be ok.   I am sick of the rain and wind.  It is supposed to be August soon for Pete Sake!!!

Anyhoooooooo.  I need to lay down... I am tired

See you later

Jul 29, 2005 at 10:25 o\clock

29th July

by: mey2

Mood: Pretty Good
Listening to: Watching Morning TV

The weather is crap again... Fliping heck!!  Where is the Summer!!!!

I am feeling good today.  I was gonna confront my mother today about a few issues but decided to let it go and I replied to her email this morning (3 days after receiving it) and instead of telling her that maybe... just maybe... she should put her children before her boyfriend, I said that it was raining, that my kids were ok, and that I was planning to go and see Charley and the Chocolate Factory! (I know... I keep on about it but I really wanna go and see it!!)
Coward Me I know... but hey.. anything to avoid confrontation.  I guess if she does it again, I will have to tell her.

As for my EX friend Karen, I havent heard from her since the pathetic (and nasty) email she sent me to my work on Tuesday.  I bet she thinks I am upset.  But the fact of the matter is... I could not care less about what she is up to now.  She is out of my life.  She has been messing me about for the last 7 months and enough is enough... I am not taking that crap anymore.  If she wants to behave like a school girl, let her.  I am over 30 and my days at primary school are well and truly over!

Now... let's gossip...  Have any of you seen the pictures of David Beckham doing footsies with another lady at a restaurant while dining next to his wife!!!!  What escuse is he gonna give this time!  Poor Victoria though... she just wants to hang on to him... That is what happen when you marry a good looking guy.  I dont like the cow but I cant help feel sorry for her!  Oh well... at least she is rich!
I wish I was richer sometimes.  I was checking holidays in Thailand last night and saw some beautiful places to stay but WOW... it takes you back a penny or two!!!!  Maybe I should try playing Lottery again... you never know.... IT COULD BE MEEEEE!!!!

I better go and get ready
See ya

Jul 28, 2005 at 17:29 o\clock

28th July

by: mey2

Mood: Okey
Listening to: Radio 1

Well.... at last I have decided to start my online journal.  I am not sure what I will write in it cause I am not sure anyone will find my life interesting!!  But hey.... what the heck!  I will read it and that's the main thing... right!?

Anyway... today is Thursday and I have just finished work.  I will go back there in September and probably will find a huge pile of files waiting for me to deal with.  But who cares, I am gonna enjoy 4 weeks of nothing.... dadeedadadaaa!  The sun is now shining, the rain has stopped for now and I have some few good things to look forward to. (Charley and the chocolate factory is one of them... well... you gotta have something!!!!!)

I went to my doctor this morning cause I had to have a smear ... well I put it off for almost 6 months.  I could not put it off any longer; it would have been darn right irresponsible of me not to take care of myself.  So anyway... it's done now and I shall have the results in 6 weeks.  I might just write about it... watch this space (yippeee.... the smear result ).  I talked to my doctor today about how I have been feeling lately (huho.. here's the boring bit!) and she said that maybe I could go back on the Happy Pills I was taking a couple of years ago.  So I said yes cause to be honest with you, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired and it is a low dosage so it's not like I am on 10 Prozac a day.  I just need to get my hormones balance back to what it was .... when I was 6 with not a care in the world.  Jee.... I dont know why but the older I get the more complicated it gets... I am talking about life in general here! That is why I need Happy pills.... I think!

Apart from all that I have to talk about my mother (yeeks) and my now EX friend Karen cause she has been so out of order lately I have decided to never speak to her again... she doesn t know it yet!!  I will talk about that another day though...

I just watched the news and I am not chuffed about it.... I mean with all that is happening in London, it makes you wonder... what the freaking F*** is going on.  I heard today that the IRA has decided to declare Peace and deal with issues with politics from now on...
I wonder!  Would AlQaeda do the same... let's drop the war and deal with our issues through politics??!!   naaaaahhhh no such luck!  We are stuck with this evil with no way of knowing how... or if.. it will end....

See you later!