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Dec 18, 2005 at 05:41 o\clock

This site has changed locations

Hey All,

I have moved the blog to so update your bookmarks and rss feeds and check it out!!!


Nov 30, 2005 at 14:42 o\clock

A little clean up

Hey Everyone,

I was recently contacted by a SonicWALL employee regarding my article in the Autumn 2600 issue.  He claimed that my article was a hoax, which it was not.  I responded to him by stating that I would do anything I could to help them out.  After which I re-ran my test scenario.  With the new version of viewpoint my article is no longer valid.  I wrote the article very early this year and I know there have been a few updates to the SonicWALL package that we currently posses so my article is no longer valid.  I have also been asked to remove the manuals from my site and point everyone to the SonicWALL site which is fine because that is where I got them anyways.  I am not totally sure on the version of viewpoint that I had at the time of my writing and I relayed this information on to the SonicWALL employee.  Sorry for any inconvienance this may have caused.  I am also going to be pulling my name out of the hat for NOTACON as well.  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to talk about something that isn't valid any longer.

Till next time.



Nov 16, 2005 at 15:29 o\clock

Various Updates

Hey All,

Our new magazine still needs some articles.  You can go to to read more information about what we are looking for.  We want to get this thing up and rolling so anything you have would be a big help.

I am also participating with the founder of Infonomicon Media to do a live cd based on slax for the purpose of making podcast radio shows.  It's called Podcast Fertilizer and it is based at if you want to find out more about it.  The alpha .ISO should be out by the end of this week.


Per the request of the SonicWALL manufacturers I have removed the link to the manuals in my possession.  I am supposed to point you to the following website for the manuals.

Still no word on NOTACON, but I am hoping I will hear something soon.

That is all I have right now.  Make sure to go to and download episode 32 on December 2nd because that is my first show as a new host.  Till next time, peace.


Nov 1, 2005 at 14:11 o\clock

TWAT is in need....

Hey all,

As the newest host of TWAT radio I have an obligation to let everyone know that TWAT is in need of new hosts and content for the revamp in December.  TWAT was originally designed to be a daily hardcore tech show but with very few regular hosts and little content it has not been a successful venture.  Droops has decided to take the whole month of November off so we can recruit new hosts and let people know about TWAT.  If you would like to know more about being a host please contact droops, you can get his information from  He is more than willing to answer your questions.  You can also check out the current episode of TWAT to learn more.  Go to and download the latest show.

We are a community radio project and the more help we get than the less work we all have to do.  The more hosts that are available means better content and faster updates.  If you are in any way interested in doing a show please let me know or you can contact droops.  If you don't want to talk on the radio you can write the information down and I will read it if you want me to.  I will give you full credit for the knowledge.  I hope that some of you would like to be apart of this project and we hope to hear from you soon.


Oct 28, 2005 at 04:33 o\clock

Call for Papers

Hey All,

I wanted to formaly announce the call for papers on the newest ezine on the block, Phreak Show.  It is an all phreaking ezine and it will be a revamp of the ezine culture.  I will be publishing it in a full color PDF with photos and graphics for your enjoyment.  Also for those out there that would rather have a plain ASCII text file, that will also be available.

So send me your papers, anything you got that is related to phones is welcome.  Please send all documents to me at and format them in either ASCII text or .RTF files.  NO MS WORD .DOC FILES WILL BE ACCEPTED!  I will also be making up t-shirts and those that get published in the first issue will get one for FREE!!!!  Please submit your article as soon as possible so we can get the final product out in time.  Also do not send me anything that has been published before.

Our website should be up within the next week or so,  Also you can sign into the IRC channel #phreakshow on between 8 am and 5 pm eastern time and I should be there.  I will keep you updated on the progress of the new site and the new magazine.  Till then, peace.


Oct 24, 2005 at 22:54 o\clock

Phreaking Ezine in the making

Hey All,

I would like to announce a new project that I am trying to get together.  I am starting a high quality, phreaking ezine because they just don't exist anymore.  I would like anyone interested to email me and say so, that way we can get some stuff together and begin to put together the first issue.

I appreciate any help anyone can give.  If you have any experiance with anything related to telephones, or running a website than your skills can be used.  Please contact me if you are interested.  I will be updating when I have some stuff put together.  Till then, peace.


Oct 19, 2005 at 14:13 o\clock

I Got Published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey All,

I have some great news, my article was published in the Autumn issue of 2600!!! If you don't get 2600 you should definatley go pick it up.  You can find it at any major book store like borders or barnes & noble.  Make sure to flip to page 24 and read Climbing the SonicWall by me Kn1ghtl0rd!  I am so excited.  I have only been getting 2600 for a year now and have only been trying to put my name out in the community for the same amount of time even though I have been hacking for years.  It is great to see that I picked the right time to emerge and that the information I have to share means something in the community.

Keep checking back in for more updates regarding Notacon.  If you were wondering, the article I published is what I am basing my talk on so you will get the basic gist of what will be covered if you read it.  I would like to formally thank the 2600 crew for publishing my stuff and I would also like to thank all of you for coming here and giving me such good feedback.  I also want to clear the record about where I am from.  I am not from the UK even though this site is hosted there, I am from Ohio in the USA.  I really like blogigo and that is why I stay here.  I am getting ready to buy my own domain now that I have a little more material under my belt, but I will only be mirroring this site for the most part so you can still get the latest and greatest from right here.

Till the next time, peace everyone.


Oct 19, 2005 at 03:15 o\clock

Change of Plans

Hey All,

Well I was going to submit my talk to HOPE 6 but since they have not opened the call for papers I found another con that I am submiting it to, NOTACON, in Cleveland OH, which is only an hour from my house so that works out really well.  I just submitted it today and they site says that I should hear back from them in mid-December on whiether they are going to have me speak or not, so keep me in mind and if you have any connections at NOTACON tell them about this site.

If you have never heard of NOTACON and would like to know more information about it go to  You can find information on how to submit papers and how to register early for the con.  That is all I have for this far.  Ohh, if you have never been to the Binrev forums you should definately go there.  There is a really good area for newbs and you can ask any questions you may have.  There is also tons of information from the top names in the community so jump over to and sign up.  Talk to you all later.


Oct 11, 2005 at 22:14 o\clock

With a Quickness....

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post saying that I will be making an attempt to do this once a week, even if I don't have any new information to give I will at lease post and say that I am alive and still here.  I have a big article I will be releasing on here in the next couple of months depending on whether it is printed in 2600 or not, so keep an eye out for that as well.  As for anything else, I have recieved a few email from some people wanting to learn how to hack.  I think it is about time that people who know how should teach people who want to know how.  I don't mean the people looking for CC or wanting to hack hotmail or yahoo mail or somthing, but people who are really interested in technology and coding and just finding out how things really work.  When I was getting into the game I used to ask people and they told me to RTFM, which is great but where is the f****** manual??  People who don't know where to start are really lost because there are a lot of bogus info out there and these kids that want to know need some guidance.  Also we don't want our reputation hurt any more that it is currently so if we can show the newbs some ethics and point them down the right path I think we will all  be a little better off.

You know... I don't see why we shouldn't train people.  I mean every 1337 hacker (LOL) should take on a newb and train them like an apprentice.  We could be like Jedi Kn1ght's training the young Padawans on the way of the force.  The internet would probably be a better place, but I doubt my views travel very far, I'm sure no one even reads this thing.

Well anyway, that's all I have for now, so look for the new big article or an annoucment on it's publication shortly after the winter issue of 2600 comes out.  Also, if all goes well I am going to try and give a presentation about the same topic at HOPE 6 so look for those announcements as well.  And to both of you that emailed me, you know who you are, keep it up and I respect you for being bold and asking me for guidance, I am happy to give it.  And to the rest of you thanks for reading and till text time, Peace Out Yall.


Oct 8, 2005 at 03:47 o\clock


Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long delay, work has been really swamped and I just haven't had time to write an entry, but now I do so today's topic is how to cover your tracks from everyone and the truth about "deleting files".

First off I want to tell all the people that may not know a whole lot about computers yet and are ready my blog to educate themselves in the fine art of hacking about deleting files.  In microsoft windows, any version, when you send a document to the recycle bin and delete it, the file is still on your hard drive.  When you delete a file via the recycle bin what it does is essentially rename it to a blank name that the file system, FAT32 or NTFS, does not recognize because the filename does not exist.  The binary code that makes up that file however is shifted to the end of your unused portion of the hard drive.  Using a basic program like R-Undelete you can easily see what files were deleted and recover them, with a small investment of 24.95 USD.  Not much really if your trying to recover old bank records or financial statements.  The same goes with the history of your internet escapades.  When you go through Tools -> Internet Options -> and clear your history, it isn't really gone.  With a little program called RedCliff Web Historian you can recover every single website ever visited by any and all users on a single machine, and get this, the program is free!  The NSA or CIA or Secret Service doesn't even have to have some high tech super expensive program to read your history, just this free download off the internet.

The solution to these problems is actually more simple than you think.  To truly delete somthing you have to overwrite it.  The best way to ensure your data is really gone is to overwrite it with random binary code multiple times, like 32.  Now how would you do this you ask, well it's actually very easy.  Go out on the internet and get a program called Eraser.  It is free and open source so no problem there.  To download go to and click download.  Inside the program there is an algorithm that finds the location of a certain file and overwrites it 32 times with a randomly generated binary code.  There is no pattern so it is very hard to reverse engineer.  Not only does it do individual files but it also has the ability to overwrite the unused portion of your hard drive and thus destroying every record of every file you have delete up to this point.  The program is very easy to use.  When you right click on a file or folder or even a hard drive the little drop down menu will now have a option for erase, and that is all there is to it.  When you want to delete somthing just right click on it and the click erase.  It will take a little while depending on the file size, but believe me, it is worth it.  When you right click on a hard drive it doesn't give you the option to erase but the option to erase unused area so click on that and let it sit for a while, because this will take a long time.  I did it to about 20 gig of unused space and it took 8 hours, but you should only have to do it once and after that just delete everything else using Eraser.  That takes care of files but now how do you delete that history.  Well that is actually pretty simple too.  First off you have to create a temporary user, I just called mine temp.  Don't password protect it or anything because you are going to delete it after your done anyways.  Log off your main user and log into temp.  Make sure when you create temp that you give it administrative rights.  Browse to c:\documents and settings\user's folder\local settings\ once in there use Eraser to delete the history folder.  Another way of doing it if you have multiple users is to use the search assistant and look for index.dat.  Make sure to pay attention to where it came from because you will NOT be able to delete all of them.  Any of them that are under your temp user will be access denied because you are using them by being logged on as that user, that is why you create this user in the first place.  Once you have searched and found all of them you just use Eraser and get rid of them for good.  Once you are done log out and log back into your main user and then delete your temp user, simple as that.

To cover your tracks while you are surfing is a bit more difficult, but it is still pretty easy if you have the motivation.  Along with making sure there are no files stored on your computer you could also use a disposible operating system like Knoppix, or more specifically Knoppix STD.  The STD stands for Security Tool Distribution or somthing like that and has a lot of hacker tools available.  It is a live cd which mean pop it in your cd rom and boot up your machine and it runs.  I am not going to teach you how to run it because that would take forever, you can read the instructions.  You can download the .ISO image at  It is a pretty hefty file and you will need a cd burner and a program that can burn .ISO images.  Nero is a good commercial suite but a program called DeepBurner will do a good job too and it's free.  You can download it at  I will warn you before you get to excited, it is linux so if you don't know linux you will have to learn.  It's not that difficult.  If you can run DOS then you have the basic groundwork for linux.  Just make sure you read the manual that is available at the website.  It is GUI based but all the good tools are command line driven.  I call this a disposable operating system because when you are done you can throw it away.  The cd uses your RAM to store data so when the power is killed to your computer the information is gone, no tracks.  If you are doing work on the internet you need to take a few precautions though.  You can change your IP address or use a public computer or hot spot, but there is one thing that sets your computer out from the crowd, the MAC address.  A MAC address is a unique address given to every networking device, NIC Card, PCMCIA, USB to LAN, anything that plugs into a network has a mac address and they are all different.  You can however trick your NIC into using a different MAC though.  With Knoppix STD there is a program in there called MAC Changer.  This will change your MAC address until you shut off your computer so if you run this before you get onto that public pc or hot spot you will be alright.  The beautiful thing about using this disposible operating system is once you know it you have the exact same computer no matter where you are as long as it has a CD-Rom you are good.  If you would like to save files and things like that you can use USB flash drives and just carry that with you, all you have to do is plug it in and mount it(you will learn how to do that if you read the manual).

Well I think that is enough information for today.  Let me know what you thing and LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!  Till next time, peace out all.