Falling Autumn Leaves

Oct 6, 2005 at 09:59 o\clock

Autumn Leaves are Falling

"Falling Autumn Leaves"

As Autumn leaves begin to fall ~ I think of lost souls dropping into Hell. ~ You must have "new spiritual life" to get into Heaven.
Just like Jesus said, "You must be born again."
"How do you do that?"; Sometimes I used to wonder.

Friend, what would your answer be?
This is what it takes: It takes the work of God's Spirit
to bring "new life" to our spirit, which happens when we ~ put true faith in Jesus Christ.
Jesus died, was buried and rose again.
He paid our debt for sin.
The wages of our sins is death ~ and Jesus tasted death for us.

If you want "new life" from Him ~ here is a prayer to say:
"Forgive my sins, Lord Jesus.
Come live within my heart today. ~ Teach me how to pray and to read Your Word, the Bible. ~ When my life on earth is over ~ take me into Heaven. Amen."
(c) 2005 Kathreen