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May 22, 2015 at 08:04 o\clock

The Calamity

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As the name of this article suggests, we will be discussing the 101st chapter of the Holy Quran: The Surah Al-Qariah. The last 20 surahs of the Holy Quran are brief but comprehensive. Thus, they are easy to remember and very knowledgeable (you can have them in your smartphone as an app too). By ‘The Calamity’, it points to the final day of man’s life on this earth.


The Judgment Day

The day when all of mankind would be awaken and made to stand in front of its creator the Almighty Allah for judgment. The arrival of judgment day wouldn’t be without its dramatics. Dreadful sights would be presented to mankind; things man never thought could happen or thought of them to be impossible. It’s not just this surah where Allah tells us of that day, that day s discussed in many places across the Quran. Surah Al-Qariah describes the physical destruction of that day and tells us how the things we regard as the strongest, will be destroyed like the weakest.

People will be like moths


“It is the Day when people will be like moths, dispersed,” 

(The Quran 101:4)

Moths are the insects which move about abruptly and with no fixed direction whatsoever. They are attracted to light and move towards it wherever they see it, even if it’s a candle light whose heat kills them. There isn’t any grouping amongst them like other insects or any direction whatsoever. You cannot figure out where they are going. In this verse, Allah tells us that we will be just like them; dispersed just how they are. No mother will care for her child and no brother would care for his sister. Everyone would be on his own and moving about dispersed with no direction, just like moths.

Mountains will be like wool

“And the mountains will be like wool, fluffed up.” 

(The Quran 101:5)

We regard mountains as the strongest foundations of earth; the roots that provide support to surface just like the roots of a tree that provide support to its structure above the ground. Nothing is difficult for Allah, ultimate strength and pride rests with Him only. If we think something to be invincible, he can destroy it in less than a second. There are such signs for us everyday yet some choose to remain ignorant. On the last day, we will get to see the most dreadful fights we can ever imagine. We think the mountains are the strongest structures on earth, yet Allah tells that on that day they will like wool!

The good and the bad


“Then as for one whose scales are heavy [with good deeds], He will be in a pleasant life. But as for one whose scales are light, His refuge will be an abyss. And what can make you know what that is? It is a Fire, intensely hot.”

(The Quran 106:6-11)

Since it will be the judgment day, the good and bad will be treated accordingly as we can see in the verse above. The good will not be affected by the torments of the last day because they followed the right path instructed by Allah.


With the above knowledge presented to us in the Quran, we must change ourselves if we make mistakes or do sin. We ought to be careful in our lives so that we do not suffer the wrath of Allah, for that is the most terrible fate.