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Mar 30, 2005 at 02:15 o\clock


Mood: angry

OK, im pissed because my internet isnt workin. i got everything in order its that my comp isnt detecting my ethernet. so its in getting worked on , but yea its a shock that i cant fix it myself. im writing from my freinds house so yea.

Mar 14, 2005 at 05:57 o\clock


Ok, this is a update to my earlier post on new technology. I was lookin at some GaM¡ng computers and one of them, which by the way, i would have ne day, had a total of 9 FANS! 1 on graphics card,1 on sound card, 2 on mother board, 3 on processor, 1 on the (underneath) hard drive and also, believe it or not.... 1 on your power strip....jee, that is a lot of wats....Well, to the point, i have noticed, wait, brb gotta go later i will update LEAVE COMMENTS! AND GUESTBOOK ENTRIES!I NEED FEEDBACK!

Mar 9, 2005 at 23:46 o\clock


Mood: siked

OK ok i just got Call of Duty™ United Offensive™. THE GAME IS AWSOME!!!! i would give it a 9.923421343243234 out of 10. the game is soooo realistic to battle in WW2. New weapons, you can drive tanks and jeeps, use flak cannons, satchel charges and panzer shrecks, its all there!  Reloaded sound, makes battle so intense! It has new Direct X 9.C! It is the coooolest game, i got it for 29.99 at Fred Myers™. It requires the full version of Call of Duty™ to play. Go check it out

Mar 8, 2005 at 16:23 o\clock


If you would like to join =]UAM[= Then plz, leave a comment, write in guessbook, or email at




Mar 8, 2005 at 04:04 o\clock

New Technology

Now, there are brand new kind of technology. THere are now gaming computers that run so fast they need a water supplie running through? Yea, believe it or not, and there new kind of monitors out, with a click a of button on a remote, the monitor can do a number of things... I am stll reserchin but i will update...

Mar 8, 2005 at 02:55 o\clock


Mood: FUN
Listening to: NIOTHING

my freind joe, is my freind, and he himself plays call of Ðû†¥™. He is a allright player, but i tell that pep squek, that its ok if you suck, we were all Ñøøߧ Once, and so he said, ,YEa i KNow.....

Mar 8, 2005 at 00:39 o\clock


Urban Assult Maniacs, is a brand new clan, just came out on the NET. and needs NEW RECRUTs, if you play call of duty, and want to get into a clan, email us at


Or- at


Hello. Call of Duty is a great game and a great game needs a great clan. I am proud to be apart of the elite clan of =]UAM[=. UAM is a new clan, but nevertheless a great clan. If you want to join this awesome, powerful clan, then go to thier wonderful website at: www.uamsquad.tk

I'd advise you to join!!!

Mar 7, 2005 at 00:12 o\clock


Mood: Warm....
Listening to: GOD DANGIT MATTALICA ~~!!!



Call of Duty™ is one of the most realistic games, inspiring, trueful, and 100% accurate to the sound, action, its just all there, just like Brothers In Arms™

My favorite weapon: M1 Garand

Favorite grenade: M1 Frag

Favorite side: Allies

Favorite freind: Molly G.

Mar 7, 2005 at 00:01 o\clock


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Mar 6, 2005 at 23:00 o\clock

illegal downloading


Ok, so some one told me they downloaded HL2 (Half Life 2) of the internet, i said, you are reallllllly stupid for doing that, some sights will track the IP, Ban you, and report you, its one of thheeee biggest fines in the feild, and i highly reccomend that you dont go searching for that kind of stuff, demos are ok, but dont go downloading the full game, plus you need to software, and he got a very big Trojen Horse that screwed his computer over,

Whats a trojan? a trojan is a VERY VERY bad virus that goes into your computer, takes out the admin pass word, and displays on the internet, then anybody from around the world can use your computer, freaky huh? and when you think you got rid of it, you have, when you restart your computer it comes back, then you most likly have to reformat your computer. Soooo plz, dont be a fool and go getting into that kind of stuff, very illegal, very stupid and not responsible....so long... ~Sigh, scratch;s head, looks a the clock and slaps himself~

Mar 6, 2005 at 22:54 o\clock


Mood: Bored
Listening to: Matalica of course DUH!?!

Ok so i have been Pondering on this topic for some time now, how is that "Gaming Code" , so well, so deliberate, how can you make code? for a example, this is what i think gaming code is like Sub All = True. Hight (X)=4 Width (Y)=5 End If End Sub Is that close? i have no clue, PLZ COMMENT!!!!! I HAVE 21 VISTORS AND NOBODY HAS COMMENTED! I NEED FEED BACK..... EMAIL ME AT : BrennanandEvan@aol.com

Mar 6, 2005 at 17:41 o\clock

Somethin ABout =WFC=

=WFC= (WarForceClan) i think is the most biggest, most orginized and most skilled clan on the net, they have over 6 teamspeak and ventrillo servers, i think 5 or 6 gaming server on MOHAA, world wide, they have members in canada, europe, other places, and that is all....

Mar 6, 2005 at 17:33 o\clock

Old Style

Computer games have been out for a while now, and they are evolving, but how far will they go? More and More games are putting you in charge, making it a realistic as possible, think about this, so your playing COD (Call of Duty) and you get shot, but a bullet comes out of your moniter and kills you, think about that> thats 100% fanasty talk, but hey, one of these days that could be some1's death..... Well any ways, so i have heard about a new game called Brothers In Arms™. I am thinking about going to see what its all about, but  i said to my self" its just gunna be like any other FPS" I WAS WRONG.... That game trully goes into WW2 And weapons, realism, and the code is GREAT! you can tell you troops to do different things, drive tanks, command tanks, call in air strikes, much like BF 1942 (Battle Field 1942) except its not based on bots, no lag time unless on low end computer, and its just really cool. I got surround sound, and the game rocks, with bombs blowing off, machiene gun clatter, IT IS CRAZY!?!?! so all for now, ~WERD~ and Molly, i luv you...

Mar 6, 2005 at 15:57 o\clock

nEEd more help¿

Try these sights if you need more help...






here are some sites of my clans


www.themafia.net (dont know if they are still around)



and then here are some sights for the games:


go to google : half-life 2

and uhhhhh www.modtheater.com



And thats it and i can think of... BrennanandEvan@aol.com

Mar 6, 2005 at 07:24 o\clock


Wow, Half Life 2 has incredible script (code) i was amazed, i looked ßack at age of empires and diablo , wow, how pathetic lol i was so impressed on how far things have gone, so i was wondering , my freind is building a FPS (first Person sSHOoter) and he needed to know how  to end a sub, so would it be like ;

   End If

End Sub ?



Itch- starts up matalica turns too Holier Than You

So is it true? writing gaming code if you right some wrong code it can crash? UHHHH

Yea, my freind was dumb enough to not follow instructions and his comp crashed, loosing all of his data, what a idiot....

Well any ways, it beats my IQ, so how would you program a program thats programs? lolz,,, i have no clue to complicated....

Mar 6, 2005 at 06:58 o\clock

Confusing, maybe some1 will help...

Ok, so i go new software called Milkshape 3D 1.7.4 AND man its complicated, everything is abreviated, but i dont blame the developers for doing that, its complicated and challanging do be doing that kind of stuff, then there is a less of a "Nerdish Program" called LightRay 3D™, It was so much better, its used for modding, modding is when you take a non compiled files and edit them, ****####DO - NOT - EDIT - SCRIPT####**** IF YOU EDIT SCRIPT IN YOUR GAME, YOU ARE DONE FOR WITH YOUR GAME, any ways, LightRay™ takes geometric shapes, like GEO spheres etc, and it allows you to mold them.... thats all for my segment about molding.



Mar 6, 2005 at 06:50 o\clock

Unrelated, time for freinds

I have a very cool, important, awsome freind in my life, Molly, we met in 6th grade and we've been freinds ever since. She hooked me up with a couple of girls (wasnt really interasted in them) but we went out for a while then broke up, it was good, cause it held or freindship togather, ANd we had science togather 6th grade, we would talk all the time, and still do, but its sad, shes goin to a different high school then me..... so sad, too bad....

Mar 6, 2005 at 06:41 o\clock

A new updatation....

Mood: Sleepy sort of, overwhelmed
Listening to: AC DC

All righty, so iv been playin call of duty, and me and this new clan called =]UAM[= (Urban Assult Maniacs) are going , we got a TS (TeamSpeak server www.GoTeamSpeak.org )  and a clan server and a website www.uamsquad.tk but, there is a gap between a clan, and a group, cant tell what it is but, ahh uhh (drool- head shake) cant tell... If you can see, lemme know, we will get u a good rank in the clan if you play COD (Call of Duty). Any ways, back to my thing.


       ----- Head Slams Key Board...-----

Drool all over keyboard, wakes up, shakes head, head set startes to work...

So what is a Head Set? A head set is a gizmo where there is a microphone attached with head phones all in one thing, like what people where at McNasty's™. If you dont feel like getting a head set you could always get a normail mic, not a singing mic, but a mic with a thing it sits on and u talk into it, thats what TS is for, www.GoTeamSpeak.com and ventrillo, www.Ventrillo.com uhhh thats it for now i assume, lemme know if you have any comments or questions at BrennanandEvan@aol.com

Mar 6, 2005 at 06:18 o\clock

Gaming...New And Old, come see...

Mood: Bored, nerdish
Listening to: none but mattalica

Hi, this is a new BLOg about gamming, programming, hardware and design.... Its new, it will be constantly updated, and will never give info leading to hacking, cheats, or other 





-Sigh- Ok so i have been thinking, what do i think the top 10 computer games are well heres my list, and this will change in matter of weeks...

1.Call of Duty™ and Call of Duty™ United Offensive

2.Rome Total War™

3.Warcraft Frozen Throne™

4.Medal Of Honor™ (whole series)

5.Age Of Empires™

6.Half Life 2™ and Counter Strike Source

7.BattleField 1942™ and Vietnam


9.Unreal Tournament 2004™

Last but not least....

10. Simcity........2000!

    Lol, now, how about that, if you wanna give your list email me at BrennanandEvan@aol.com


               -Computer Problems-

Ok, check some of this stuff out=

Usaully FPS (First Person Shooter) games require a medium to high end graphics card nowadays. So i used to have a Nvidia GeForce TNT 2 (pretty bad huh?) and i got MOHAA (Medal Of Honor Allied Assult) but you need a Open_GL, so i sayed to my self="What the hec is that." yea i was dumb then so i simply became smart lol and typed that into google search engine with quotes "Cannot Find Open_GL" and it so here is how i got my MOHAA to work... i had a Nividia so i went to there web site, downloaded the latest driver, waited for it to download, then when it was done i unziped the driver and it ran... that was a tuffy, but yet, it wasnt rocket science....

                           -nerdy things-

Ok so some peeps at school were askin me : how can i get multipul speakers working>.... God some1 throw me a bone plz, go to Comp USA™ or Computer Sonics and get something called a pig tail, it just has 2 too how ever many, not up to 20 lol then plug it into where your In_Line goes, it should be behind on your tower... then if you wanna get surround goin, like mine, i got 1 on each side of my moniter, 2 bellow, 1 on tower, 2 behind me, its killer....

 Another thing is that make sure you ALWAYS update software.... And anti virus, its crucial, bugs and viruses are getting more and more powerful and with new trojans that GEEKS are making its screwing over many peoples computer, so, dont forget.

How do i install a new graphics card?

Doing this is simple, unscrew the side panals on your tower, look for a slim piece of metal or w/e your inerds are made out of and you should see a cuple of slots, AGP, APC EXPRESS, and then your card should be sitting around those, unscrew the screwed and carefully take out the card and then gentally put the new one in, but be careful that it is compatible with your mother board, usaullly if your mother board is a AGP, a AGP card will go with it, same thing with APC, EXPRESS etc..then screw back on and close up the side panels and start the PC back up. Once you get it started make sure you update drivers.

THATS all for now, ne questions and comments email me at BrennanandEvan@aol.com and this blog will be updated constantly....