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Mystique and Magic from Antiques

Mystique and Magic from Antiques


My search for Antiques and Sites of Magic carried me on a Mystical and Lyrical Life together with my first wife who first taught me of the wonders to be found in the ancient past of Rome itself, a mystical place, where it all began.

Teaching me about myself, bringing out talents I did not know where there, desires and feelings, spiritual abilities that had lane dormant, coming to life only in moments of extreme danger when wounded during the World War II, three times this happened, but within me something told me not to worry I will survive and did. Now I had to find out why by continuing along this Mystical and Magical Way that carried me to Rome and its Ancients and then to start finding Antiques on the way, First Silver with which I bought a Villa in Cerveteri and then to any Antiques of Beauty which when I held them told me, “these I must keep for many years”, this I did. The picture is my second wife and I, another wonderful woman, I have been very lucky.


Roman Art came to light about 509 BC coinciding with the overthrow of the Etruscan Kings, seeing their Tombs in Cerveteri, learning their story, seeing the abilities shown within their Tombs was the reason I had my Villa at Cerveteri almost within walking distance of the tombs, then together with visiting friends from England, situated by Cerveteri where there were many Etruscan tombs.

It was in Cerveteri at a good restaurant that I saw tucked away in a corner a sculpture covered in dust, of a nymph who the owner called Echo, after a lot of haggling I convinced him to sell it to me, it is in white Carrara Marble and very beautiful, and I was told over 200 years old and that it was a present from a relation in Carrara itself when he opened the restaurant many years earlier, this was in 1960, making the sculpture now as being made in the 1770’s. I will show a picture of her as I will of all specific antiques I mention.


Rome was possibly the main city that retained much of its Pagan Heritage over the years and after the Post Christian Years even today if you where there and looking around you may still discover touches of its Pagan History. I had one experience in the early days and I still have pictures of the place where it happened it was while my wife and I where in the Tablinum or Salotto of the Casa di Livia Augusta and the big picture on wall, I leaned over and touched the picture which immediately burst into full color as it must have been when it was first painted, it only lasted a few moments and it left me rigid, my wife did not see it only me, leaving me full of wonder.


The true relevance of this house to the picture is without doubt being attributed to Livia herself with her reading of the papers about fixed watercolor. The delicate picture decoration in what is considered Second Stile Pompaiano and almost completely preserved makes this one of the most important monuments on the Palatine Hill. Livia is always portrayed dressed conservatively in all statuary and portraits, wearing the Stolla and Palla of respectable matrons, little jewelry and a conservative hair style.


The piece cut off on the center was a sculpture of Zeus the picture is of Io and Argo of whom there is quite a story, if you are interested in the story eMail me at

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A Story From 1803 about the Battle of Trafalgar




with a young couple in love, a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, Mr. Nicholson and Miss R. Yates, they were about to be separated as the Petty  Officer was posted to a ship leaving for sea, the Neptune of 98 Guns, Captain Thomas Francis Freemantle, this ship fought in the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, of the compliment in this battle a very vicious battle 10 were killed and 34 wounded of which Mr. Nicholson was one and this is how an artifact survived the Battle of Trafalgar, it was the miniature of his fiancé painted by Slous, G. That he was wounded and the name of his ship was the “Neptune” as told by sister of the last surviving ancestor of the young girl, R. Yates, who had recently died, the rest I researched, (but was unable to confirm the story from the records available of the Battle of Trafalgar) the sister was very distraught and could not live with her things around reminding her of their life together, they were quite old and did not have any children.


My wife and I in the spring of 1960 were out driving in West Sussex, we were down a little country lane when we saw a notice saying “Come in Artifacts for Sale”. An unusual sign especially the word artifacts in this context so we went in and found a small but delightful very old mansion, we were greeted by the sister who welcomed us offered us tea and cakes and we sat down to talk. Everything for sale, she said, is marked by a black bow and she took us round to see what was there we looked and then my wife saw the two miniatures and asked if we could buy those. Come let us sit down and she told us the story and it started with the words I used to write this page, she said: “I can see you are a young couple in love, I would love to sell them to you”. In those days when an engaged couple were separated miniature portraits were painted of each, the girl would have the boy and the boy would have girl, thus it happened, despite his wound the miniatures came back together after his experience in the Battle of Trafalgar, his boat being third in line after HMS Victory with Lord Nelson. They were married and the Portrait Miniatures have remained together ever since. My wife and I loved them and always kept them by our bed, my wife considered that they would bring us luck, and they did. My wife died after 32 years and I put them away until today.

I was not into antiques at that time, looking back from now I would have bought everything if I had been. If you are interested in Real Antiques CALL me at - 1-905-434-8259


C:\My Documents\SlousSothebys\Year 1803\Slous.htm


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Come Join Me



Share the Joys, Failures and Lots of Information acquired during my 84 years.


There are four main reasons why people collect Antiques, each in its own way can bring Beauty, Profit, Joy, Satisfaction, Knowledge of the Past, Talking Points and Interaction between Persons. Today with computers and the Internet it is a remarkable activity that enables handicapped and retirees access to auctions, interested groups, malls, antique shops, clubs, societies, and whatever form of interest taken, keeps the mind young.


1.      A Fascinating Hobby


2.      Profitable Income Activity


3.      Investment Gaining Historical Knowledge


4.      A Way to Save to have a Substantial Sum Invested for Retirement


Within these four reasons there are innumerable collectable items each one a method of subduing our hoarding instincts, giving a relaxing and exciting addition to our lives. It is considered by many to be an expensive hobby, this is not necessarily true, a fascinating hobby need not cost a lot of dollars and scents, the size of the market makes items available to all makes of pockets.


Call me at:  or  905-434-8259

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Roman Art and the European Tradition

Roman Art and the European Tradition


The art of ancient Rome, which very largely served as the basis of European Art still displays as one of its finest achievements the mural decoration known as “The Aldobrandini Wedding”. During the first century before Christ the city had arisen under the leadership of the Augustan Romans, to become the proud and wealthy capital of the most ambitious, scientific and powerful race Europe had yet known. Its achievement in constructive engineering, its wealth of architectural invention and display, and above all the sumptuous decoration and elegance of its palaces were famous in their own time and a legend of ever greater renown as the centuries wore on. The glories of Rome became something of a myth but also, by the devious ways of art, a practical basis of the European artistic tradition.


On the adoption of Rome as the capital of Christendom, the Church, on the iniative of its Popes and Cardinals, spent vast sums in commissioning artists to

embellish the walls of their churches and the reception rooms of  their palaces. Botticelli and Perugino, Raphael and Michelangelo, who worked for the Vatican, can be seen as partaking of the single great panorama of Italian stemming from the Greaco-Roman tradition of which the “The Aldobrandini Wedding” is one of the noblest surviving representatives.


The picture is painted in fresco, virtually water color with white of egg applied to wet plaster. The light and the color are outatanding for their coolness and clarity. It is generally agreed that the eight figures, which are disposed as a frieze, represent the preparation of a bride for her wedding. The seated figure has been interpreted as Hymenaeus, god of marriage, and the lady attending the bride as Aphrodite, goddess of love. The figures on the right, chanting the bridal hymn.






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Antiques Showing

Antique Showing by


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