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Sep 26, 2006 at 17:19 o\clock

I feel therefore I am

Mood: Pissed off at my cats
Listening to: AFI

  I am really here.       I went to a far away place.   But now I am back.    I hope the void was disturbing and interrupted your sleep.   They have changed this place.   It feels new and confusing.  

   I feel like a slippery, slimy , gooey newborn.    What is this thing called PLASMA????       Actually,  I am sure this substance is what has been sustaining me.       I could of said FROG  SNOT  was the answer, but I didnt.     

  These new fonts are fun.     I feel like I am at a party.   A colorful "pick your font" party.   Who brought the "pick your coolest bottle" of wine.      Please pour me a glass.  I am in need .    Hey...speaking of wine, since  you brought it up.........   I bought a fun bottle of  VAMPIRE wine and it is actually from TRANSYLVANIA.   The lady who sold it to me said it actually comes from ROMANIA.    COOL SHIT and even cooler wine.        

  I cannot bring myself to open it.     It is one of my most prized posessions.     Im a dork.    So its official.   Speaking of official......    RED BULL RULES.       I dont care if that has nothing to do with what I said.    I want to levitate.

Anyone wanna give me the magic recipe?? Im sure you wont tell me. Oh damn.... its an ancient chinese hidden secret?   Did  I offend anyone Chinese?   Good.      Give me your damn hidden secret.   I will not tell.   magic Rule #3   No dorks allowed.    

   So I had my cat declawed....  he was an evil bastard.    He deserved it....  waaaaaa   waaaaaa...     In that respect.... I should be having myself declawed.    But I hate pain.   Im a bitch.    Humans are bitches.     But  RED BULL makes me a SUPER BITCH.          So give me your bitchyfaggy comments.   
Did I offend you?     GOOD

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