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Sep 30, 2008 at 22:01 o\clock


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Crazy So I am waiting for my son to call me, since this is the first day he is taking the bus. He is 12 yrs old, but I have never made him ride the bus before, since he never wanted to. I figured it was about time he starts saving me some gas money. I literally go through a whole tank of gas every 4 days, just driving him back and forth to school, and throw in a few errands. My luck is he will probably get on the wrong bus, oh shit I shouldnt say that. Busy I used to write on this blog everyday! It has definitely changed. I am just gonna wait for someone to drop in and say hi. Playing the waiting game. I suppose I could go introduce myself around. But that just takes so much time! I just dyed my hair bleach blonde again. It was getting dark, and had some purple streaks, but I was getting tired of it. I even chopped some of it off yesterday. Been in a spontaneous mood the last few days. Yes indeed. Oh yea,, I went to the Halloween festival. Brought my son for the first time this year. He absolutely hated it. Scared the crap out of him. So I will give him a couple more years and we will try again. I am going again in a few weeks, and am going to have much more fun then. Happy He still hasnt called. Damn. I guess I will try his cell. K. Say hello if your brave enough. LOL

Sep 24, 2008 at 17:00 o\clock

I have resurfaced

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 This is amazing.  I havent written on this page in 2 years.  I see my last entry says that I am getting ready to celebrate my 8 yr. anniversary.   Funny, because in a few days it will be my 10th.  I had a lot of fun writing on here in the past, especially around Halloween.  Happy   It is almost that time again!  Is there anyone here who goes back a couple of years?  I should remember you, unless your name changed.  I am going to have to update my page, I was shocked it was even still here.  So maybe that means I should once again start writing something here every once in a while.  WOW.  I will have to figure out how everything works again.  I am going to a Halloween Festival thing tonight.  I know its early, but it is an employee night at the park my husband works at, and I am bringing my son for the first time.  It is basically haunted houses, and people chasing you with chainsaws.  Thats always a good time. Please say hello if you happen to accidentally find my page, and I will try to be a good neighbor and write back.  I do not know anyone on this blog anymore.  But I will not despairSad  I am sure there are many great people on  here now to chat with.    Till then