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Oct 2, 2006 at 15:54 o\clock

Singing the blues.

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 Ahoy.   I thought I was going to fall asleep while this was loading.   The funny part is,  I have high speed.    I am just distracting myself from working out.  That is what I am getting ready to do.    But it is so boring and it takes some energy.  I am waiting for that energy to come my way.         So it is with regret that I announce that I have nothing to say today.      I am counting the ticks and tocks of my clock.    

    I am going to dinner tonight.   My wedding anniversary is tomorrow .  8 years..... damn.         My husband thought it was today... and made dinner reservations.     Silly men.     I wont complain about   going out to dinner though.    Im wondering if I should get him a card.Sad      Of course I should.  But I should give it to him today.    I will officially change our anniversary this year.   Why the hell not?       

     My fave day of the year is coming up....  Halloween.     I decided not to have a party this year.   I might not even dress up.    I've had the blues.   Sad     The thought of the holidays are depressing  me already.    I will just take my son trick or treating.   Maybe get smashed and hand out candy.   Well Ive got plenty of time to plan that.    So peace out.   Im going to go do some crunches and torture myself.