Weblog of Ghostgirl

Jun 12, 2006 at 03:59 o\clock


My how time has flown.     I was just here yesterday.    Which has somehow become tomorrow but not quite today.     Time is  a twisted pretzel.     Let me expand on that:

                Salty and chewy.    My toungue sings a hymn of happiness.    Life is good.   Life is a pretzel.

                I  can make this my main meal.   Or I can have it as an afternoon snack.   It can be completely  satisfying, and sustain my hunger. Or this pretzel can leave me hungry,  craving something even more tasty and salty for later.    Life is twisted.   Life is a pretzel.

            Sometimes  I need a small piece,  just a taste.   Sometimes I need more....     2 pretzels at once.     When this happens,  I realize how greedy I have become.    Life is indulgence.  Life is a pretzel. Eat at your own RISK