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Mar 12, 2006 at 10:06 o\clock


I bid you adieu............. So crap.   I am a little freaked out about the black spots.        Are they for real?     OK.. Let me  explain what I am going insane about. 

   A long time ago,  on a planet far far away, did I start to meditate. Now in the course of this meditation,  I noticed a beautiful white dot, so bright and clear.   Well, this dot would get brighter and lighter and shinier....and my mind would follow...  follow.. follow.       It was a good guide,     Jump forward 1 yr. later

     I start to notice a black dot in my vision.   ????!!!!?????!!!!

           Should I follow the black dot or the white dot?

   So crap.  I follow the black one.   It cant really be an evil black spot of hatred?     YEA RIGHT!     Turns out, it was a good dot.

 Good, because it has led me to a wonderful path.  A dark and secretive path.   But I have to try really hard to stay on that dot path.. and not let that bright shiny sparkly white path get in my way.  

My cats are lovely.  I got my little one castrated/    He is taking it very well.   So goodbye. farewell and fair is the sky

Mar 7, 2006 at 20:22 o\clock

Well hello blog

Mood: Moody

Hello blog.   Did U miss me?    I missed myself.    Its been a long time since I wrote you and you just sat there and took it.      Im not sure if anything "new" has happened.   Because everyday I wake up "new" shit happens.   That just means I have a life.     I am watching my in-laws cat while they are on vacation.   It takes me 45 minutes to get to their house.         The cat hates me and had what sounded like an asthma attack when I try to pet her.   Which is really strange.   Most animals like me just fine.  I will not take it personally.  No sir ree sir rah.    I shall look at myself in the mirror and repeat.... " I am a nice human.  I love my feline friends.. and they love me"    If I say this 10 times while standing on one foot.... Then put a feather in my hair....  I will become one with this cat.    So meowifify and purritify my soul.       Will someone please bring me my catnip!!!!!!         Moving on.   I am trying to get tickets for THE ELLEN show that is coming to Universal.   I applied for them online.   But you have to wait and see if they decide you are worthy.  I am saying now to the spirits of good luck that I am worthy of these tickets!    I am!   I am!   I cant whistle and I cant snap....  but I still have worth damnit!!!!!!!!      So blog....  I end this with a simple request.        Let thy pages of font and color bestow a sort of magical rainbow which wraps me in thy loveliness and joy...  A pure spectrum of inner illumination.  Which will light the way to a true and real outer path of satisfaction and completion.       Sure thing...   the catnip is working.