Weblog of Ghostgirl

Dec 21, 2005 at 06:08 o\clock

Its like this

I am thirsty.    Should I get another drink?      I am tired.   Should I go to sleep?      I cant think clearly.   Should   I  find a  brain fog eraser to  de- fogitize my mind?   Im just askin'.      

   Here is my drink.  Gulp.   Gulp.         Here is my bed....    ZZZZZZ       zzzzzz.       And here is my anti-brain  fog machine

  The color green makes me happy now.     The color yellow gives me mind cramps.     I am going to spit....   into my own  cess pool of  evolutional   determination.      

  Be tadpoles and swim.      Until the pond of your reality becomes the lagoon of your eternal childhood.         Yes...   that actually has meaning to me........

Dec 10, 2005 at 18:38 o\clock

Quick hello

So here I am.   Therefore I am here.    Which is where I am when  I am here and there and here and am and you and.... continue on if you wish,  but I have confused myself.  

   I just ate a Firehouse Sub.   They gave me some hotter than Santas beard on fire  hot sauce.    My intestines and stomach and spleen are on fire now.     And smoke is about to start pouring from my eyeballs, ears and nostrils.     Its all good.

   I have been very very busy.   If I have to  go to another Holiday party Im gonna scream scream.     Its always the same.   Walk in door and say hi to 50 people I dont know.   Then go directly to bar.. and there  I set up shop  for the next 2 hours.    At this point I am so sloshed  I cant remember who I said what to and what I said who to.  Whos dog I fell on... or who I started an  energy power circle with..  pow wow wow an ohmmmmmmm.............  

   My kitten is tearing up my poor Xmas tree.    I just want the little guy to be alive when I take it down.    He likes to climb it,,, chew on the lights....(very bad and dangerous I hear)   and swing from the ornaments.     It is like a big tree amusement park for him.     Its like a big pain in the ass for me.     

   I cant seem to keep up with this blog very much lately.     Hopefully things will slow down after Jan 1.    I am going to start an  insane  workout routine and get buffed and super healthy again.        My ass needs an overhaul  and some super blast  ab sculpting is long overdue.....      speaking of overdue... I  HATE THAT FONT.   just sayin.       EVERYONE  who reads this  have a Super happy HOLIDAY....  Be safe,,, but not good