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Nov 30, 2005 at 22:12 o\clock

Ok... here it goes

So Im putting up the ol' Xmas tree....  my very very  fake tree.    Its seen some good times.    Every year it thins out a bit.    Sort of like an old man's head.     Ironic....   dont you think?????

   Lights , Camera,  Bingo.      I have to go on a Field Trip tomorrow.   I am a chaperone to Arabians Night, to go watch  knights  jousting  and horses galloping.  All while I enjoy a delicious peanutbutter and jelly sandwich while 4th graders beat each other up and other Mommy chaperones talk to me about soccer and boyscouts and what teacher they like best.          I can not wait!!!!  I actually paid to do this.     At least  I  know the knights are real.   Not imposters like all those other so called "real knights"

  I have really not done much today at all.    I did call  Sapphire and talk to her for about an hour.  I tried to work on my mountain of Laundry which I managed to turn into a hill.     Its a miracle!!!!!  Maybe I can sleep tonight without the fear of an ugly troll with big teeth and red eyes crawling  his way out of  my clothes mountain, and taking a big bloody bite out of my head.        Damn.. I forgot he could just be hiding in my closet.    I knew it had a wierd smell and a DANGEROUS vibe  eminating from within.       But then again.....  so does my car......     HMMMMMMM.       

    I want to report all my pets are better.    One kitty still on antibiotics.. and some gooey brown crap that is supposed to go on his gums!     Yea right.LOL    Not gonna happen.     Brown gooey stuff ends up all over my house and furniture.. and EVERYWHERE but his gums.    PLEEEEZ.    Do these vets  even  understand what REAL  cats  do when you try that shit on them????   I could show you my  hand.    Thats what they think of the brown gooey gum medicine.     So Im going to go DECK THE HALLS with my fake Xmas TRee.     Cuz its groovy  and so green  and a spot where Santa (anagram:   SATAN)   is going to gaze his lovely twinkly eyes.     And Im gonna be waiting... watching..  like the troll in my closet...  Forget  milk and cookies... Im gonna be leaving out a double shot of whiskey and Funyuns....  Lovely combo.........



Nov 27, 2005 at 22:41 o\clock

10 moments of life

Did you ever get a new Karaoke machine, and decide its so fun that you are going to do Karaoke everyday and everyday for the rest of your life?  Or decided to take up a new hobby.. and buy and read every book written about the subject..and think...  I AM going to do THIS for the rest of my life!   Then a few months go by... and its like...   Wow that was fun,  but I think I want to find something NEW to do for the rest of my life...   Yea.. well that IS the story of my life.     I keep moving on before I finish the last thing I started.  It seems like things get BORING so super fast.   Who knows...  maybe it is one of those newly invented illnesses.  I will just call it  cantamakeupmeminditis........

      So  did ya miss me????  I miss reading your blogs.  I was having a bad case of  cantamakeupmeminditis...   That and the last week I was putting in new floors over here...  No time for chatting..  OH yea....    Tons of shit has happened.    Some bad... some good.             Here is my list of life highlights in order from worst to best.......

10.     My sweetest little guinea pig died on Thanksgiving.  (  I am soo not thankful for that!  )    R.I.P.  Snowball.

9.  My kitten AlMOST died 2 wks before from roundworm and Giardia or some crap... much better now I can report.  

8. This is my magic number...  so we will leave this one be.

7. My PT cruiser decided to have a crisis of the maintenence type... and it set my wallet back a few centuries......  ( this coincided with kitten crisis...  curse of the BAD TIMING SPIRIT)

6.   Well I

drank this many beers x 4 over Thanksgiving weekend.  

5.  The investigation in St Augustine went awesome!!!   I really got an EVP.  Well.....  It sounds like one to me.   

4.    New Hardwood floors... they are kick ass...    My house smells "NEW" again.   

3.       I am sick of this list.   PUKE and BARF.   Lists suck. 

2.   Xmas is coming!   I have to spend money!  And go to parties at peoples houses who I dont like and dont like me!!!    YEA!  

1.   I love my banana tree.   It is a special tree that makes magical bananas and I buried Snowball there.       Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.    I will try to visit you guys and catch up.     

Nov 3, 2005 at 23:52 o\clock

My Halloween pics

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.     I want to get a T shirt that says    I survived Halloween..  whats your excuse?      I amazed myself... considering I drank about a keg of beer...  while feeling like I was suffering from the evil  BIRD FLU...  and still managed to  dress up and go TRICK OR TREATING while walking on all  fours.      I think this is proof that I am of an alien species         I had a blast hanging out with Sapphire...  I hope I wasnt too contagious!!!    Now in this pic I think I look quite Lovely...   I am thinking of using this one for my Xmas cards this year.

  I think here I was trying to say  FUCK OFF......     or maybe I was just in deep thought.   I cant remember what was going on with my hair.

   I am pretty sure I was getting ready to attack in this photo.       Or I might have just seen  Bloody Mary appear after chanting her name 3 times.    This  seems to scare her away...           

  Now    This photo I cant quite explain.    Like it just manifested itself upon my camera...  and I kind of dig it.....     Actually Sapphire took it.    Shes groovy like that.           And Sapp  if you read...  can U put on as me main pic?     

So I hope you also had fun like we did.....  Our kids were so adorable!    I will put a pic of mine in his ninja outfit.......     Be spooky or be spooked.   Thats what I say....    So  as anyone who reads  my blog knows...  I am going on an investigation Saturday to an Old Spanish Military Hospital.   I am so excited Im gonna pee my pants....     Or maybe I will do that when something starts to growl at me in the dark!    I hope I can post some pics here .. or share my experiences with you.   So I will  be back on maybe Sunday to let you know how it all plays out.   Have a great weekend !       I believe in BLoody Mary....  I believe in Bloody Mary... I believe in Bloody Mary