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Oct 30, 2005 at 02:18 o\clock

Service.. come one come all

   Hey   HO...  I got my church sign on.   7pm...   Be there.   Dmanz... I saved you and Sapphire a front row seat!   It will be quite the sermon!         The truth of all HOPS and BARLEY shall be revealed.......    And we will also be discussing the book of BUD 8:21        "Thou who are not partaking of thee holy ALE   shall not be blessed with the drunkeness of the nectar called Stout and Pilsner"      Please be prompt              Thank for the site Dmanz...  funny as hell...   well.....  Im hoping hell is gonna be funny.   LOL

Oct 28, 2005 at 18:17 o\clock

Being Sick and writing poems

Hello  Hello....     Ive been sooo bad at keeping up with blog!!!   It just runs to damn fast for me!     Its almost Halloween...  and guess what????    Im sick!    Im sick on cue.   Every year at this time....  I get sick...   So Im thinking...  Did someone along the way curse me to Eternal Illness for all Halloweens to come???      This is starting to get a little on the very peculiar side.    Well...  actually I have a couple days to get over it..  Im glad none of you can see how sick looking I look right now...LOL.

   It all started when I went to Horror Nights last weekend...  THats where the germs came from..   Then.. just when I was feeling my sickest.. couldnt even swallow because my throat was on fire....  I had to go to NIN concert.  So..  because Im such a health nut.. and have enough common sense to NOT party and get tanked while my immune system is in the toilet...    Guess what happened?????    I got shit faced drunk!!!!!   Who'd a thunk?????     Making a long, and very boring story short...   Nah!!!!!   Im just gonna make it longer and more boring...  SO THERE!  Oh yea... and if I hear the words  "CIA LEAK"  one more time today I shall rip out all my teeth with a pair of pliers.   Moving on....      I wrote a litte tribute to Halloween...    I know its 3 days away...  however I wrote it this morning.  So I will publish it now..  then again on Oct 31.

   What have we here

   The air is crackling with a force unseen...

    The moon is glowing with a ghostly beam..

                What have we here?????????

 What a glorious sight!!!   I can smell the fear....       Yes,  its  Halloween NIGHT.

    Oh the brewing... and the bubbling....

   cauldron cooks up something troubling....

   So much chanting.. Spells are casting...

  Summon demons everlasting---------

         To take the night which Darkness owns, and welcome its Master to earthly thrones.

           What have we here?????????

    Such a glorious sight.. when the dead shall appear.....   YES!!!!   Its Halloween Night!!!

                                      written by ghostgirl.. Oct.28 2005  

          note:  If any strange person happens along my blog  and uses my poem....   You are a looser, and I am appending my own  bad luck HEX  on you.     Sein ist die Hand die schafft.  Sein ist die Hand die verletzt.   So just dont do it....  

Oct 21, 2005 at 20:41 o\clock

Im not going anywhere

Oh     Im not sure what I was thinking...  A blonde moment.... perhaps....  but not much blonde left on this head.    Maybe just a  " Loaded with beer and flying with it"   moment.      I love writing on here.  And Im sorry I didnt mention some names...  Im suprised I remembered as many as I did!   

  I am off too Halloween Horror nights again tonight.    This time Im going with a bunch of people.    Mostly my husbands friends.    But they're pretty cool.      Check this out:   I got my nails painted   glow-in the -dark.   So wicked and awesome.      I will be staring at them as I walk through the houses!!!!!         So I just wanted to make sure everyone didnt think I was not going to write anymore...  or that I was planning a one-way trip to Mars...    If  you ever read anything I write here and it sounds like I was only using half my brain... well......    I tend to do that quite often!!  I think they need to upgrade the smileys here.     No half-brain ones available.      

 So I will be back!   Just going through  the blog blahs.  I have lots to write about coming up...  Very busy girl I am.

The place we are investigating on Nov 5  is  super haunted supposedly.    People have actually heard growling in some rooms... and a black shape that locks doors behind people.  All sorts of wild creepy stuff.    Its gonna be interesting.. to say the least.   Ok.. gonna dwnload some songs before I gotta get going......    So goodbye!  But not really!  Can you say   MOOD SWINGS???   LOL

Oct 20, 2005 at 04:44 o\clock

My Friends

So... here I am....   Its been a while...............       I should me more spooky...   I have been Super busy........  major investigation coming up......   Go to my website............... www.cflgr.org.     So forgive me my friends.       I didnt just forget about any of ya....  Dmanz...  I love ya!    I wish we knew each other in REAL  life.....    Shell....  you are a real sweet girl.  Maybe we will talk again soon!  LOL    eVERYONE ELSE.....    tHERE IS SOOO MUCH ABOUT EACH OF YOU i LOVE.........    Pixie....    I luv ya.. and would be so excited to be your friend!!!    Peek a Boo...  I Stole your cats!       and......  AAMZ/////  I am so sad you left to another blog.....  I really enjoyed yours!   YOu are a very sweet person!       Jackie...   Teri....  All you guys... my friends......  Im not sure if I"LL be back on this blog.   But you have all been the best...      Alot of things are going on....................................OK.... damnit....  I will write again!       Im evil like that    And to end this saga.....  my best friend....    In the universe.. and the ectoplasmatic creations we will become....  SAPPHIRE    I LOVE YOU!    I Always will.....  NO others will ever have gone through what we have together......     they would never understand....   MY LOVE and Best  Friends forever...... and ever.... but I know I will talk to you in like    1 minute.....LOL

Oct 12, 2005 at 16:22 o\clock

really unimportant crap

Mood: Mixed bag o goods

Dont my eyes look super bloodshot in this photo???    That was Monday night....  I was taking pics of myself...  and I came across this one which makes me look trashed.. like I probably was....    I only had 7 beers!!!!        You should of seen me after about 4 more!!!!   Oh  I know Im a lush....     This is the truth.. my maiden name was SLUSHER....   Im not kidding....   Funny as hell.     

 I saw something really sad this morning.    I dont want to bring anyone down though..    Im pretty upset about it.    If   I make you upset... I apologize.......     I guess some  rocket  scientist  decided  to bring their kitten on a ride to school with them... and it got out of the car...   and you can guess the rest....    It happened about 5 cars in front of me....   and it was a smashed kitty....   very upseting.....      The ladies in the car line were all crying.     So I rushed home and kissed and hugged my little kitty...  who will never be riding in my car unless in a safe carrier.......   Dumb asses.

The kids are off school Thursday and Friday this week...   Im sure my house will turn into a hangout. I think the kids like coming here because of all the video game sytems.     The problem with that is some of them have 'sticky' fingers.   As in they take things.. and then yu cant prove it.     I try  to let only one or two in at a time.  And if  I suspect they took something...   I show up at their house and have a little talk with parents.    I just get sooo pissed off...  I will kick my sons ass if he ever comes home with something that is not his.   (WEll not literally kick his ass... but you know what I mean).             Friday I am going to Universal Studios for the day... My sister and nephew are going with  us.      Hopefully it wont be 95 degrees out.       I am supposed to drive out to Jacksonville on Sunday to train on some new gadgets that my group acquired.     But its 3 hours to get there!    I dont wanna go by myself.   Sapphire...........   wanna go for a short trip???????      Well I believe I have run out of things to say... Isnt that just crazy?????   I can talk about my ghost.     I thought I "saw'" something unusual last night.    I got up to get a drink a water.. and I swear... a whitish mass went my the corner of my eyes....   I looked over and didnt see anything...   Nothing else has moved or made noise the last few days.   My sister has a definite spirit at her place.    Her fire alarm goes off all the time...  like mine did the other night.. at around the same time in the morning.    Her bed actually shakes.. and she has something pushing her when shes laying in bed..........    Lights turn on and off...  and she is very freaked out.      I need to go check this out by myself... she doesnt want the ghost team all over her house.     We think our hauntings are related.   As in someone with a connection to both of us.      These kind of things always happen to her and me at the same time.   

  Remember  Sapphire.... when that happened to us?????   Well thats how it is now with me and her.      

     Oh ok... Im done yapping.    Dmanz   I hope you had a fun birthday!!     I must go...   Life is calling............  "psst  ghostgirl...  go get a life"            

Oct 11, 2005 at 08:04 o\clock

Well then

  Pussy Liquor...    make you sicker.............        Rob Zombie Fans know that song...................IF you could look right through yourself... would you find yourself     afraid  to see???

  What if all the world 's inside of your head...... creations of your own......

The Devils and the Gods all are living in the depths...

And you really are alone....................NIN





Oct 9, 2005 at 16:46 o\clock

take me to my special island

Mood: Escalating......

I am somewhat back to reality.      Why do I feel the need to write on here when Im so messed up and insane????     Its funny really.    I get a kick out of  reading  the madness I write down when Im on my "SPECIAL ISLAND"       D-manz...  you are so great..  you always make me laugh.      And I doooo make partying fun!    Im really good at it.    A seasoned pro.......                 

Oh   I  had my hair dyed....   super dark brown with white blonde highlights all on top!    I wanted to do black... but the stylist talked me out of it...  Next time.       This was a big enough change.     I will post a pic at some point today...  however I just got out of bed and have a tangle mess of hair and no make-up  (look quite ghostly)    So its not happening at this moment.        But soon enough.............      

Halloween party is officially cancelled...      It was my choice....   but now I need a good Halloween party to go to.....            Its really lame when you have to go looking for a party.       They should just come to you...   LIke when the partier is ready ...  the party shall come.    OHHHHH  words to live by!!!

   Now if anyone who reads me blogs thinks Im obsessed with partying....   you thought right...   BUT...  I do have a life besides that..   I just dont write about it too much.     Its not the fun exciting stuff.     LIke I could write......      went to grocery store today...  the lines were soooo long.   Then I really had to stop for gas..  I was almost on empty  (duhhh?)    So I went home and had to wash my floors and did 10 loads of laundry.....   My brother called and blah blah blah blah blah           So   you see???????     YAWN>>>>>>    I rather write about... oh yea!    Last night at 1 30 am  my fire alarm went off....   Me and my husband leapt out of bed  (we landed perfectly on our toes!)    and sniffed around the house.......     NO FIRE!   NO NOTHING!      WTF????

   So there is no answer    Shall forever be a mystery......    but...  I think I have a ghost!    I was in my bathroom the other day... and something hit the paper hanger on the counter....  Just like slapped it!     Also... I was sleeping the other night... well laying in bed.. and something started to pull the covers down.....  NOT KIDDING!!!!     I have my eyes open!    Gonna try to communicate with my phantom prankster.      Now this is exciting!!!!!!!      So my fellow blog bros and blog sistas.....    I will go on my journey that is TODAY...   My journey make take me far or near....... IT may take me to a movie or a flooring store.     It may even take me to my "SPECIAL ISLAND"     But never the less.... IT will  be MY journey to take.....      LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN.....

Oct 8, 2005 at 06:57 o\clock

hAIL WHO????

i AM fUCKED UP MY FRIENDS.....  cRAP SHIT AND hell.........i HOPE i FEEL THIS GOOD TOMORROW....   mANSON rULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     zOMBIE ruLES.........................................CRAP FUCKIN SHIT AND TO HELL..............      mORE CRAP AND  wIPE MY aSS wITH  eVIL SHIT TISSUE... AND i GOT MY baphomet!        hail   the fun>>>>   hail me     HAIL MY FRIENDS,,,,,,,,,

Oct 6, 2005 at 15:39 o\clock

My crazy dream and ghost news

I had the stupidest funniest dream last night.      Sapphire, it was about you!!!!

     Im gonna write it down before I forget....  It went something like this.....        I guess I had asked you to watch my house while I was going on vacation.  So you came here and we left for one week.   So I remember suddenly on my way home...  that I forgot to leave you any food!!!   LMAO!    So I rushed home... afraid of what I might find...  and you were still here... but you said you had been locked in and couldnt get out.   And you hadnt had any food or water for 7 days!        (it gets wierder).    So I apologized and apologized for locking you in...  and you said  " it was no big deal...  I just hung out and meditated and stared at the gallon of gasoline in the garage.. which took my mind off food and water"

   So I asked you what you wanted to drink... and you said   "beer and orange soda"        So in my dream we were guzzling beer and orange soda...    and I remember thanking you for watching my house!     Then I woke up!!!!          It was so insane this dream cracks me up!!!!!

  So my son was the first one to step on the kitty.    But he was fine.     Just that  is  my biggest fear.  HEs so tiny and he chases your feet.       I actually have some ghost news,      HIt IT BOB......       I am doing a photoshoot next Sunday...  and some newspaper interviews.     I am excited...  Lots of cases have come up.      I will keep you all updated as the news comes in.    YEA!!!!!!!!          Ok...  I have been way busy...  but I am gonna stop by each and every one of your blogs   TODAY!     Its a fact.   So writer beware!   



Oct 4, 2005 at 19:13 o\clock

Enjoying an empty mind??????

Its just been a very ordinary and routine couple of days.   It is Tuesday which I consider the very worst day of the week.  I go through the day with a kind of impenetrable force field of anti- thought.      That would be the closest way to describe it.        What cannot enter, cannot be processed and in return become some kind of random feeling or even an opinion of how to deal with such a un-day.         Yesterday was my 7 yr anniversary.    Funny because until yesterday I thought it was my 8th year anniversary (of marriage, that is).       YES...  I forgot which year I was married...  had to be reminded by husband.

   My new kitten is INSANE>       They for sure need more than 9 lives  to survive their first 6 months of kittyhood.       The thing is... the kittys can climb.. anything... and think they are little flying squirrels...  who can jump off tall buildings with a single bound.......   I keep going in my room to make sure he didnt electrocute himself.. or leap off  the bed and land on his little head!!!!!!        OH THE WORRY!!!!!            My Halloween party is on hold right now.    I just decided I have Soooo much going on this month.    How can I do it all?   You know I would have to plan this all by myself.    Here is a list of the things I am doing in the next 3 weeks:     1.  Helping throw a baby shower Saturday.      2.   Ripping up  my carpet. and putting in hardwood floors.....3.  Taking a group of people to Halloween Horror Nights.  4.   Going to NINE INCH NAILS concert.      And thats only the "extra stuff"................. Where  is throw a Halloween party,,, decorate and plan all the food and work on costumes..  make tombstones and turn backyard into cemetery...  Its just too much.      If I didnt have to do ANYTHING else the next 3 weeks...  It might work.          I might still do it......       I got to get my super charged girlie butt in gear.....   

\    See????  Now I went and made my brain all tired.     So I will have to go put it in gear    Will do my best to stop by and say hi to everyone later...   and maybe get Fable to stop by his blog again!!!!    Well have a good anti_ day!