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Sep 30, 2008 at 22:01 o\clock


Mood: apprehensive
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Crazy So I am waiting for my son to call me, since this is the first day he is taking the bus. He is 12 yrs old, but I have never made him ride the bus before, since he never wanted to. I figured it was about time he starts saving me some gas money. I literally go through a whole tank of gas every 4 days, just driving him back and forth to school, and throw in a few errands. My luck is he will probably get on the wrong bus, oh shit I shouldnt say that. Busy I used to write on this blog everyday! It has definitely changed. I am just gonna wait for someone to drop in and say hi. Playing the waiting game. I suppose I could go introduce myself around. But that just takes so much time! I just dyed my hair bleach blonde again. It was getting dark, and had some purple streaks, but I was getting tired of it. I even chopped some of it off yesterday. Been in a spontaneous mood the last few days. Yes indeed. Oh yea,, I went to the Halloween festival. Brought my son for the first time this year. He absolutely hated it. Scared the crap out of him. So I will give him a couple more years and we will try again. I am going again in a few weeks, and am going to have much more fun then. Happy He still hasnt called. Damn. I guess I will try his cell. K. Say hello if your brave enough. LOL

Sep 24, 2008 at 17:00 o\clock

I have resurfaced

Listening to: clock ticking

 This is amazing.  I havent written on this page in 2 years.  I see my last entry says that I am getting ready to celebrate my 8 yr. anniversary.   Funny, because in a few days it will be my 10th.  I had a lot of fun writing on here in the past, especially around Halloween.  Happy   It is almost that time again!  Is there anyone here who goes back a couple of years?  I should remember you, unless your name changed.  I am going to have to update my page, I was shocked it was even still here.  So maybe that means I should once again start writing something here every once in a while.  WOW.  I will have to figure out how everything works again.  I am going to a Halloween Festival thing tonight.  I know its early, but it is an employee night at the park my husband works at, and I am bringing my son for the first time.  It is basically haunted houses, and people chasing you with chainsaws.  Thats always a good time. Please say hello if you happen to accidentally find my page, and I will try to be a good neighbor and write back.  I do not know anyone on this blog anymore.  But I will not despairSad  I am sure there are many great people on  here now to chat with.    Till then

Oct 2, 2006 at 15:54 o\clock

Singing the blues.

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 Ahoy.   I thought I was going to fall asleep while this was loading.   The funny part is,  I have high speed.    I am just distracting myself from working out.  That is what I am getting ready to do.    But it is so boring and it takes some energy.  I am waiting for that energy to come my way.         So it is with regret that I announce that I have nothing to say today.      I am counting the ticks and tocks of my clock.    

    I am going to dinner tonight.   My wedding anniversary is tomorrow .  8 years..... damn.         My husband thought it was today... and made dinner reservations.     Silly men.     I wont complain about   going out to dinner though.    Im wondering if I should get him a card.Sad      Of course I should.  But I should give it to him today.    I will officially change our anniversary this year.   Why the hell not?       

     My fave day of the year is coming up....  Halloween.     I decided not to have a party this year.   I might not even dress up.    I've had the blues.   Sad     The thought of the holidays are depressing  me already.    I will just take my son trick or treating.   Maybe get smashed and hand out candy.   Well Ive got plenty of time to plan that.    So peace out.   Im going to go do some crunches and torture myself.        

Sep 26, 2006 at 17:19 o\clock

I feel therefore I am

Mood: Pissed off at my cats
Listening to: AFI

  I am really here.       I went to a far away place.   But now I am back.    I hope the void was disturbing and interrupted your sleep.   They have changed this place.   It feels new and confusing.  

   I feel like a slippery, slimy , gooey newborn.    What is this thing called PLASMA????       Actually,  I am sure this substance is what has been sustaining me.       I could of said FROG  SNOT  was the answer, but I didnt.     

  These new fonts are fun.     I feel like I am at a party.   A colorful "pick your font" party.   Who brought the "pick your coolest bottle" of wine.      Please pour me a glass.  I am in need .    Hey...speaking of wine, since  you brought it up.........   I bought a fun bottle of  VAMPIRE wine and it is actually from TRANSYLVANIA.   The lady who sold it to me said it actually comes from ROMANIA.    COOL SHIT and even cooler wine.        

  I cannot bring myself to open it.     It is one of my most prized posessions.     Im a dork.    So its official.   Speaking of official......    RED BULL RULES.       I dont care if that has nothing to do with what I said.    I want to levitate.

Anyone wanna give me the magic recipe?? Im sure you wont tell me. Oh damn.... its an ancient chinese hidden secret?   Did  I offend anyone Chinese?   Good.      Give me your damn hidden secret.   I will not tell.   magic Rule #3   No dorks allowed.    

   So I had my cat declawed....  he was an evil bastard.    He deserved it....  waaaaaa   waaaaaa...     In that respect.... I should be having myself declawed.    But I hate pain.   Im a bitch.    Humans are bitches.     But  RED BULL makes me a SUPER BITCH.          So give me your bitchyfaggy comments.   
Did I offend you?     GOOD

Jun 12, 2006 at 03:59 o\clock


My how time has flown.     I was just here yesterday.    Which has somehow become tomorrow but not quite today.     Time is  a twisted pretzel.     Let me expand on that:

                Salty and chewy.    My toungue sings a hymn of happiness.    Life is good.   Life is a pretzel.

                I  can make this my main meal.   Or I can have it as an afternoon snack.   It can be completely  satisfying, and sustain my hunger. Or this pretzel can leave me hungry,  craving something even more tasty and salty for later.    Life is twisted.   Life is a pretzel.

            Sometimes  I need a small piece,  just a taste.   Sometimes I need more....     2 pretzels at once.     When this happens,  I realize how greedy I have become.    Life is indulgence.  Life is a pretzel. Eat at your own RISK