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The Link Between Fitness and Watching Television

by: ayanac

Studies confirm a link between watching TV and a reduction in fitness level. The result is people gaining weight ranging from a few pounds to being obese. And the reason is basically two-fold:

1. Mindless eating

With their focus on watching the program on TV, it is easy to sit down and consume a whole bag of potato chips and not realize they are gone until the bag is empty. A typical 8-ounce bag is supposed to be eight 1-ounce servings. At 150 calories per serving, eating a whole bag means you consumed about 1,200 calories … or about a half-day’s requirement in one sitting (and after already consuming three meals that day).

However, with mindful eating, you are making intelligent choices, like taking one serving in a bowl and sitting down and watch TV. While the potato chips in our example is not the best food choice, you are limiting yourself to just one serving – a step in the right direction.

A better choice would be to eat a sliced apple topped with peanut butter. Not only are you getting some protein, fiber and other good nutrients, but you are consuming far fewer calories and healthier ones at that, as potato chips are normally loaded with sodium from the salt and saturated fat from the processing of the chips.

2. Not exercising

With mindless eating, not only are you consuming an enormous number of calories, but you are burning a minimum amount when just sitting. The result is cumulative and over time leads to being overweight. This increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes and other health issues resulting not only from eating too many calories, but those of the wrong type, along with not exercising.

It is possible without much adjusting to watch your favorite programs on TV and burn calories through exercising too. For example, move the treadmill or stationary bike out to the area where you watch TV. Not only will you burn calories while exercising and watching TV, but you will not be eating unhealthy food at the same time – a win/win situation.

But the change does not even have to be that drastic. For example, make it a point to exercise just during the commercials. Drop down and push out a few push-ups. Or knock out some crunches while waiting for your show to come back on. Again, you are burning calories while at the same time not taking in any additional ones. BAM - weight gone!

An easy way to monitor portion control is to have one-serving, 100-calorie snack packs on hand. This way if you limit yourself to just one pack, you are eating a controllable number of calories. Couple that with some easy exercising, either during commercials or during the show, and you instantly have a recipe for success.

What do you have to lose (besides some weight)!


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