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May 30, 2005 at 14:20 o\clock

Yo-Yo No-No

Today's Fat Slaying Workout
55 minutes brisk walking. MAYBE taebo later if I'm feeling virtuous.
Today's Weight
211.0 (TOM)


My clothes are definitely getting looser, so I cracked this morning and took my measurements. From top to toe I've lost 20.5 inches since I started on 15th March, of which 3.5" are from my bust, 4.5" from my waist, and 3.5" from my hips. Yowzer! It's such a boost when the measuring tape shows a drop, especially on a day when the scales have not been so kind.

I'm still at the stage of this weight loss lark when no-one is able to tell I've lost anything. The people I HAVE told are being very kind and saying they can tell, but my bullshit-o-meter tells me they're telling porkies. I know this, because it's the sort of thing I do myself, and you can't kid a kidder.

The first time a person I HAVEN'T told comments that I'm losing weight, I'll be a happy camper. Until then, I'll just keep asking K ten times a day if he thinks I look skinny yet (yeah, right ) until I bloody well get the right answer!!


I don't know why I'm in such a hurry to get to goal, because maintenance is probably as boring as hell, whereas there is no buzz quite like the buzz of seeing the scale drop every week.

Whenever I'm on a downslope I feel on top of the world - my confidence soars and I suddenly feel fit and foxy and as if I could leap tall buildings in a single bound. Maybe it's the endorphins from the extra exercise, or maybe it's just plain ole' pride, but whatever it is, if I could bottle that weight-loss-vibe I'd make a fortune. Prozac, get your dreary butt outta here!

On the other hand, there is nothing quite so depressing as being on an upslope....especially when all those folks you've been bragging to about how well you're doing keep asking you how the diet's going.

Man, that's such a lousy feeling. From mentally leaping tall buildings one week, to wanting to crawl under the belly of a snake the next, with nary a whiff of maintenance in between.

I'm an all-or-nothing gal - I don't just fall off the wagon, I get trampled by the horse and run over by the bloody cart wheels! I'm either on the way down or on the way up - the term yo-yo dieter was invented for people like me, and maintenance has never come into the equation.

Pause for drumroll.........!!

This time is going to be different! I'm not stopping until I get to goal, no matter how long it takes me, and when I get there I'm going to learn to love maintenance. This is not negotiable!

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  1. WINTERWEATHER wrote at May 30, 2005 at 17:37 o\clock:CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It is a wonderful step you are taking. I am currently under rennovation as well. I have started the Atkins For Life plan and have lost a bit of weight. I too need to lose 100 lbs. Slow but sure. I really wish there were a pill, LOL Take Care and best of luck to you in your rennovation.LOL


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