The Fatslayer Chronicles

May 29, 2005 at 16:43 o\clock

Six Feet Five

Today's Fat Slaying Workout
25 minutes cycling
60 minutes rebounding (to Green Day) - cals burned 583
Today's Weight


I'd need to be 6'5" for my BMI to be in the normal it is, I'm 5'1" and I've just dropped out of the morbidly obese category into the merely obese zone - yay me ! It comes to something when being merely obese is a cause for celebration.

I was watching rugby on TV yesterday, and when all the player stats came on screen I was as heavy or heavier than 90% of the squad - including the lumping great prop forwards who have at least a foot on me. *Sigh*. I'm 5'1" for chrissake - I should be PETITE, not giving rugby players and heavyweight boxers a run for their money.


I'm thinking of splashing out on a new mountain bike, and I have my eye on this little beauty .

Only thing is, being so short I need to try out a 13" frame (my current Orange Clockwork is a 15" frame), and I'm worried about what the salesman guy is going to think when I try to perch my 209.5lbs on top of a 13" frame that is designed for *sigh again* petite women. I don't think it enters the manufacturer's minds that a woman of such modest height may not be of such modest proportions all over - what if I buckle the bloody frame?! How embarrassing would THAT be?!

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