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Mar 5, 2006 at 08:49 o\clock

Seize The Day

Today's Weight No clue - still dogsittting without access to scales 


I'm still dogsitting, but Kim's parents should hopefully be home this evening. I've kept up my healthy eating habits despite the change to my routine, but getting some exercise has been difficult. So I'm feeling sluggish and fat today, and I'll be glad to get home.

The guy whose funeral they've gone to dropped down dead of a massive heart attack on Monday morning. He and his wife were due to fly to Australia for a month long vacation today - as a couple it had always been their lifelong dream to go to Oz, and the poor guy missed the trip by less than a week.

They never took the trip before because his wife is a bit (not even a lot!) overweight, and she always felt inhibited about visiting new places. Like many overweight people, she procrastinated about doing many of the things she would ordinarily have enjoyed, waiting for the magical day when she'd metamorphosed into a skinny person.

What a waste of a life!

I know it's a waste, because I've wasted much of my own life in the same way. But not any longer! After Kim had his transplant I vowed I'd never again miss an opportunity to do something fun just because of my weight, because life is too precious to fritter the pleasurable opportunities away.

I'm sure if Morris's wife had realised that she was robbing not just herself, but also her husband, of their lives' dream, she'd have been on that plane before you could say CARPE DIEM. I'm sure she thought her weight and its inhibitory impact were only blighting her own life - it's so easy to overlook the impact that our outlook and the choices we make have on the people that love us.

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