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Mar 29, 2006 at 19:10 o\clock

Clean Habits

Today's Weight 172.0lbs 


Spring is here, and it’s a beautiful day today! I walked for an hour on the beach before work and again at lunchtime, and I’m going to try and walk for 3 hours each day (as often as I can - I'm not promising miracles!) for the rest of the summer.


I'll be working so many hours hunched at a computer screen that it'll be beneficial to break the day into chunks, and 3 hours in the fresh air will do marvels for my spirits. I do love me some walking in the great outdoors.


I reckon that if I supplement my usual lunchtime hour with extra hours before and after work I’ll really start to see the benefit, and it will fit into my schedule better than trying to get in gym-time or something more purely cardio-based.


Kim usually walks with me after work on summer evenings, so that will hardly seem like something onerous. As for the mornings, getting up an hour earlier will be a drag, but it’ll be more than compensated for by a lovely breezy beach walk, so I’m sure I can develop the habit and establish a good routine.


And besides, as I said above, I love walking, especially at the beach. Three hours per day will be a doddle. An enjoyable doddle, even!


Another bonus is that in doing that much walking, it won’t be so imperative that I get much more cardio done. If I do a couple of hours hard off-road cycling each weekend, and squeeze in the odd weekday session on the rebounder or turbo trainer that should be enough. More than enough even - as I said in my last post, I'm not aiming for perfection, just to be heading in the right general direction.


Woohoo, I’m all set for a fit summer.




I’ve been eating a bit ‘cleaner’ since Monday, not just because of a rebound from my bad vacation eating, but also because I’ve noticed my healthy habits are starting to slip.


The catalyst for me getting my act together a year ago and changing my lifestyle was my dad developing type 2 diabetes. I realised that I was in a high risk category for developing diabetes too (one of my parents has it, I have polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I’ve got insulin resistance).


The ‘rules’ of my new healthy plan were to centre my diet around core natural foods – whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies, quorn, fish, pulses, nuts etc. I’d allow myself treats, but they’d have to be ‘healthy’ treats, like bitter 70% cocoa solids chocolate (for its anti-oxidant properties), red wine (ditto with the anti-oxidants), salted peanuts (for the protein) etc. I vowed that even if I had enough calories left over for ‘treats’, I wouldn’t waste them on foods with no nutritional value or benefit.


The way I figured it, every biscuit (cookie), cake or sweet was like a diabetes bullet – and I was through with playing Russian roulette. So just because, calorifically speaking, I could afford to eat that crap, I was simply not going to because of a potentially higher hidden cost.


Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…For around 10 months I kept to this regime, and felt a whole lot better for it, but since Christmas things haven’t been so good. I’ve been keeping my calories down but including more and more crap in my diet, which means that I’m eating less and less of the good stuff.


The week before I went on vacation my average daily calorie intake was 1300 calories, but only 800 of that was in proper food. Insanely, I was condensing my main meals, so that I could accommodate up to 500 calories of treats every day.


Admittedly the 500 cals were usually not absolutely nutritionally dire (a skinny cow, 25g of salted peanuts, a few squares of bitter chocolate, a couple of lemon bonbons, a glass of wine), but I was having this combination most days, rather than one treat each day. And to accommodate this level of snacking, I was eating dry breakfast cereal for breakfast, having another bowl of dry cereal with a banana and an apple for lunch, a tablespoonful of sunflower seeds mid-afternoon, and then coming home ravenous to a veggie-based dinner. Now I LOVE dry Weetabix Crunchy Bran - couldn't live without it - but c'mon! Enough is enough!


Not good, not healthy, and not clever!


But now I’m reformed! Since Monday I’ve reverted back to my old good habits – I’m eating proper, nutritionally balanced and filling meals, and cutting out most of my wriggle room for treats. I obviously can’t be trusted to behave myself, so I have to practically cut them out completely.


Now I’ll just have to get Kim to finish the packet of Lemon bonbons so that I’m not unduly tempted….

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  1. Kirsten2 wrote at Mar 30, 2006 at 18:08 o\clock:Replacing meals with treats: You are not alone in this.

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