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Apr 21, 2017 at 04:45 o\clock

Accessory Trends of 2017

Spring-summer 2017 comes with some great trends that can make summer stylishly cool for everyone. We have rounded up the most popular accessory trends of this season so that you don’t fall behind in fashion. 

Lace-Up Boots and Flat form wear

Boots never looked as cool in summer than the lace up boots that showed up in the ramps this season. Go for heeled lace-up boots on sexy maxi dresses or elegant short dresses. If you like to add some height but don’t want to make any concessions for comfort then pick a flat form wear which is trendy and comfortable. 

Oversized Bags

Large bags are back in the streets. Put all your stuff without having to worry about space in your bag and you may even have place to add another set of clothes if you plan an evening spree – that’s what we are talking about when we say oversized bags. 

Statement Earrings

With statement earrings, you can ditch the necklace and even avoid a bracelet to keep the attention on the earrings and dress. Pair it with sexy maxi dresses or cheap women’s tops. They look great on everything and are perfect for evening events and afternoon lunches with friends. 

Raver Glasses

This season is all about rave parties and quirky raver glasses join our list of accessories because they add colour and exuberance to the simplest of clothes. Buy some cheap women’s tops and pair it with these raver glasses for a classy look. They come in lots of shapes and sizes and they add an element of fun to the attire. 


If you do not have an appetite for huge earrings or oversized bags then you may like the chokers that have made a comeback from the 90s. A seductive choker can make you look pretty for any occasion. Whether you are aiming at minimalism or you are hoping to jazz up your look with something trendy, chokers can be the answer for a lot of your fashion questions. 

While we always prefer comfort over style, the good thing about these trends is that you do not have to give up on your comfort. Shop for some trendy clothes on the popular and affordable fashion website – Fashionmia, and pair the clothes you buy with these stunning accessories that can make summers look like a lot of fun. 

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