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Fashionable tops for all kind of girls

Are you looking for dresses, which can help you look sexy! There are numerous dresses, which you can go for, even if you are oversized. Beauty is there within everybody, and it should be bragged judiciously, in order to look beautiful and get appreciation. There are a number of designer dresses, meant for plus sized girls that can help you look sexy.
Sexy dresses are easily available in the market, but most girls think, wearing skin stick dresses can help them look sexy, which is true to some extent, but it will kill or reduce your comfort level. Thus, you should not always run behind skin stick dresses. There are a number of other ways, which can make you look sexy in the true sense of the term. You can find a number of stylish plus size sexy dresses from numerous stores. Design plays an important role if you want to look beautiful apart from being sexy. Wearing beautiful dresses will also show off your choice, which plays an important role for girls. ;
The size and design
Tops are the most common dresses for girls, and you should choose the sexy tops in a proper manner, if you really want to look beautiful. Designer fashion women's tops are available in numerous sizes, and come with a number of beautiful designs. You should go for the best possible top, which is available within your budget. The first and the most important aspect is the size of the tops, which you should go for. You should know the size, which goes best with your figure. You should never go for tops, which are too light for your skin, as they do not look good. You should go for tops which are neither too light, nor too tight for your skin.
Designs for various occasions
Design too plays an important role, when tops are concerned. You should go for dresses, which has moderate designs on them. If you love tops, which have numerous quotes on them, it is a great choice. But such kind of dresses will make your dress an informal one. Thus, if you are looking for dresses, which you can wear, in both formal and informal occasions, it is advisable that you choose the light colored dresses, with various designs. You should avoid the dresses which has messages printed on them. On FashionMia, you can find a number of tops, which you can wear, for all kind of occasions.

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How to Style a Lace Dress

The intricate design woven in and out makes the piece of cloth look so dreamy! If you are wondering what I am talking about then it is lace. Lace has been used for centuries and has been used to enhance the beauty of different clothes. The credit for its development goes to Italy which is a place still famous for it. However the beauty of this piece of decorative is such that it is now manufactured throughout the world. Although the fashion of lace dresses was never out but lately lace dresses seems to have become a craze for the young women. Here are some tips on how you could style them:

If you think carrying a full lace outfit is not your cup of cake then opt for something that is just on the trims of your sleeves or beneath your dress peeking out on the hemline. 

You can have a pretty lace dress and team it with a blazer. A good option would be a midnight blue lace dress with an off white blazer. Team it with a pair of satin heels and accessorize with a statement necklace. For a more casual wear you could try a pencil skirt with a fitted lace top and a denim jacket. Wear a pair of slip-ons or sneakers. 

You have a lot of options when it comes to lace. Pink, lemon, beige or light blue are wonderful choices whereas hot pink or blood red are excellent too. You just need to weigh the situation and the occasion that you are going for. Lace dresses indeed make you look sexy but they have a class of their own. They will never go out of trend if you know how to wear them right. 

Lace in itself is beautiful. Even if you keep your accessories to the minimum you will look beautiful. Heels work beautifully with them. Pearls are something which adds to its sophistication.

For a date night you could wear a blush pink lace dress with matching heels and a classy envelope clutch. Tie your hair in a ponytail and finish with a pair of statement earrings. 

You could buy women’s skater dresses or sexy maxi dresses made of lace from Fashionmia. It is an online store where you could buy fashionable clothes for women at affordable prices. Fashionmia offers a variety of clothes to select from and also gives discounts throughout the year.

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Fashion Tips For Skinny Girls

While the over-sized women struggle to look their best at the right outfit, the same problem is associated with the skinny girls as well. When some claim that their legs are too thin other suffer from small busts, flat hips, thin arm etc.. However, the fashion experts have solutions for everyone and they can suggest you on how to look best wearing the right kind of clothing in your bodyshape. 
Here are some useful fashion tips for the skinny girls:

Picking up the right cut is the first thing the skinny girls should do. Generally tight closer cut, bigger cuts and a bit hugging dress will be just perfect on the skinny figure. 

If you have too thin arm then try wearing something that will hide the arm or will add volume. So, long sleeves, batwing sleeves, volume sleeves are some of the best option to go for. 

Skinny girls with too small busts should pay more attention on filling out the upper part of the body. You should opt for dresses that are featured with pleats, twist, ruffle, embellishments, and other details on the bodice part that will make the bust look fuller. Also, Draping at the neckline is a best idea to make your bust look fuller. The skinny girls should buy all those dresses that are baggy in the shoulder and hips area. So dresses such as Skater dresse, shift dresses are some of the best clothing for them. Fashionmia is a very trusted online store for women clothing where you will find out all those dresses easily that you are searching at a very reasonable rate. All kind of evening dresses for women also are available in this store. 

When it comes to the neckline, mandarin collar, turtle neck, high cowl neck etc. will look best on the thinner girls. 

If your legs are too thin then choose the pant or skirts whatever you wear more with little more care to make your leg look bit fuller. Boot cut pants, flared pants that flare at the ankle or after the knee will work best on thin body. This type of pants adds more dimension in the whole body. However, do not run to get a palazzo or more wide pants as it will make your leg look even skinnier. Also the skirts or pants should have low rise for a better look. 

So, these are some of the best fashion tips for skinny girls. 

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Everything you should know about the plus size skater dresses

Are you on the heavier side? Is it a matter of concern for you regarding shopping dresses? Worry not. You can get hold of the plus size dresses.
The trend of skater dresses dates back to 80s where the short dress derived its inspiration from the ice dance costumes. The cut of the dress is perfect for just about any body types. A skater dress is an a -line dress with a more flares. It is well-fitted on the upper portion of the body, and falls beautifully around the lower part of the body.
Wear skater dresses to workplace
Inexpensive and cheap skater dresses can be worn at work, on a date, at parties, at brunch even offices too. The fitted bodice gives a nice silhouette and highlights the waist while the full skirt skims over the hips, bottom, upper thighs and lower belly, creating an hourglass shape while also hiding what plus size women think of as their problem areas.
Are you on the heavier side?
If you are plus size then skater dresses are your thing. The silhouette and cuts are perfect attire for your body type. The dress has a trademark cut. It comes in fitted at the waistline and then skims over the hips and thighs in the way of a full circle skirt. Hiding and enhancing your body at the correct proportions. What more could you ask for. Such plus size dresses can be your best friend for life.
Look out for the different variations
The skater dresses are available in different colours and prints. There are many ways you could team your skater dress according to your body types. For the plus women you can get some neutral colours like black and grey pair them up with a pastel long cardigan, black oxfords and a statement necklace this look could be best for causal dinners, catching up with friends or at office. 
Accessorize your look
Add a dash of colour get some bright colour skater dress like pink or red or floral prints add some metallic belt, a classic stiletto and an elegant gold necklace you are ready for that perfect date night outfit!Get some plaid skater dress; add some boots, an oversized bag, a hat and a pair of statement accessory. This is your perfect outfit for day and evenings.
The short skater dresses can also be worn as a tunic top, pair it up with leggings, jeggings or colourfull skinnies. Team it up with a long cardigan. When you’re in a chilly indoor setting or a night out with friends this look would go perfect. Skater dresses come with different kinds of neckline with or without sleeves or straps; this makes it easy to choose a style that compliments your upper body. 

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A huge collection of Beautiful Tops and maxi dresses for women

Beautiful Tops and maxi dresses
The style should be good when you are wearing a maxi dress or a good top. The tops can be worn at each and every occasion and gives a good feel to the person who is wearing it. A pink coloured top would look good on any person. The person will look good if good tops and dresses are worn and the fashionmia provides you all the advantages and necessary items that are required to look good. 
Maxi dresses- trendy 
Different types of clothing and maxi dresses are available nowadays at various online shops and stores. A pink coloured maxi dress will look good on any person. A blue coloured halter neck dress will also look very good and beautiful. The maxi dresses that are available nowadays are really good and various colours of dresses which are very unique are also available online and also in the fashionmia website. The types of clothes that is found, is really very good and very nice. In various websites you can really treat yourself with the different kinds of clothes that are available. The maxi dresses provide you a full length dress kind of advantage that will help you to stay free and comfortable. Comfort is the main thing that is required to look good and nice. Cheap maxi dresses are easily available online. If you don’t feel good in the outfit that you are wearing then you will also not look good. The fashionmia website and some stores really help the customers to look good and feel good. A pink coloured dress will really look good on any person. A person will also look good in a black or blue coloured maxi dresses. 
The fashionable tops 
The women’s top online website fashionmia and some stores have got various types of tops which are very good. Starting from tank tops to the casual tops, everything is available. Tops of different pattern and texture are available on the website. Tops of colours such as the red, pink, black, blue etc look very good. Various kinds of casual tops and beautiful tops are also available nowadays which look very good on any person. Various types of tops are available nowadays, like evening wear tops which are very good. The tops such as the ruffles ones look very pretty on any person. 
Change the look 
You can change your entire look by just a single top or dress. The total look of a person gets changed if you wear a good top. Fashionmia and some stores gives you that access so that you can look good and sexy.