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Jan 23, 2017 at 08:57 o\clock

5 Plus Size Fashion Hacks That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

“I’m not ashamed of what I am and that I have curves and that I’m thick. I like my body” this is how diva extraordinaire, Alicia Keys embraces her beautiful curves and just as much as we love those beautiful Victoria’s angels, real women are the ones with lovely curves. Fashionmia has a few hacks for trendy plus size clothing wearers that can give you the chance to look beautiful, the way you are. The next time you go shopping for trendy plus size clothing keep these in mind:

Search For Well-Fitted Clothes

Most of the women I know either choosing clothes that are bursting at the seams in denial of their size or they end up wearing very bulky clothes in an attempt of hiding those curves. Truth be told, neither of the two will make you look pleasing. Understand your body’s curves and look for clothes that bring out the best. Pick clothes that fit perfectly, you will be able to look at the mirror more confidently when you wear something that is actually your size. 

Look For Deep Necklines

The good thing about great curves is that you can get them to work to your advantage. Look for cute dresses with flattering necklines that will give you the chance to look pretty without doubting yourself. 

Invest In Good Undergarments

When you wear a comfortable pair of undergarments your body will look shapelier and the clothes you wear will also fit better. Investing in a good bra and panties can save a lot of clothing horrors that you may otherwise end up facing. 

Don’t Shy Away From Bright Colors and Prints

Gone are the days when plus size women had to stick to monochromatic colors and basic fashion trends. Curvy women do not have to shy away from bright colours or prints any longer. Even a bright red dress can look beautiful if it is fitted well. As for prints, don’t go over the top with them, but include some nice prints which enhance your persona. 

Complement Your Clothes With Heels

Needless to say, a good pair of heels always look nice. If you are not comfortable with high heels then try kitten heels.

Our hacks is not about making you look thin, it is more about making you look beautiful and letting your personality shine because we believe that no matter what size you are, the way you carry your dress matters the most.

Jan 17, 2017 at 04:04 o\clock

Fashion Tips For Short Height Women To Wear Maxi Dresses

Are you bit short in height and planning to buy a maxi dress? Well, you will be left with so many choices as you land in a store but it is to remember that wrong selection of dresses while can destroy the look completely making you look more fat and shorter, the right pick up can do the trick. Yes, just follow some useful trick to pick the right maxi dress for you and you will be all set to rock the party. Some of the tips for wearing maxi dresses by short height women are outlined here. 
Fitted maxi dress:
Various styles are available in maxi dresses but when you are short in height, it is best to go for the fitted one that can perfectly lengthen the look. The fitted dress will create an up down line rather than focusing on the left right which makes you look great. This is why Bodycon mid skirt or long dress is just perfect for petite woman. Fashiomia is an amazing and very trusted online store where stylish quality dresses for women are available at a very reasonable rate. So, it's really worth checking their store at least once.
Halter maxi dress:
Short height women should focus on the neckline as well. Look for something which highlights the up down line. So, halter neckline maxi dress is the best option for shorter height woman. Also, V neck is another good option to go for. Cheap maxi dresses with halter neckline are available in the above mentioned store. 
Go for Asymmetrical design:
Asymmetrical maxi dress is another type suggested to the petite women. You can look for a dress that is short in the front and long at the back or else a dress with short length at the left and long at the right. Asymmetrical dress is well suited in all body shapes but works perfectly to elongate the look of petite women. 
High slit maxi dress:
If you are really insecure about your short height, then this is the time to cut that down by selecting the right kind of clothing. High slit maxi dress is one best option to create a taller look. 
Small printed and pattern maxi skirt
You can look for printed and pattern style maxi skirt but go for smaller print as large print will make you look shorter even more. 

Jan 16, 2017 at 08:01 o\clock

Top Fashion Tips for the Winter Season

Temperatures are dropping steadily and with the great need to stay warm all day and night long, it becomes quite difficult to follow proper fashion regime. With winters, we presume that it’s time to cut out on some of our cute fashion tops and dresses. However, you need not worry at all as we present to you some of the women clothing tips this winters to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. Have a read:

Layer Up: Well to stay warm during the chilling weather, the best way is to put layers of clothing. But wouldn’t that belittle your fashion statement? It might not if you choose the right women clothing to layer and match each other. If you happen to live in a snow area, the undermost layer could be a stylish and bright turtleneck, on top it a basic sweater, then a jacket and then the topmost layer could be the waterproof or the windcheaters. For the bottoms, you can wear a pair of stylish stockings under the ripped jeans to make a fashion statement at the same time keep you warm from inside. 

It’s Time of the Boots: Let your boots do the walking and the talking. Winter fashion is incomplete without sexy and fashionable boots to gear up with your women clothing. You could pair up over-the-knee boots with a short sexy dress. Or you could even pair ankle boots with cuffed jeans. Boots could be great assets to amplify your women clothing in the most fashionable way.

Belt Up Your Coats: It could be really tiring to put on your old boring coat day after day when it's chilling outside as you have no other option left. However, you could spice it up by putting on a sexy belt around the coat and see the difference. When you would cinch your waist with a stylish belt, you could make your coat look almost brand new. 

It’s the Season of Faux: When even the jackets and coats would fail to keep you warm in the chilling weather, faux fur is the perfect fashionable respite. You can have great fun wearing the faux fur by wearing it over your winter jacket and giving women clothing a completely new definition.

Conclusion: Wish to look fashionable this winter at the same time beat the cold? Then visit Fashionmia and start your shopping. 

Jan 13, 2017 at 07:14 o\clock

Fashion Rules To Follow For Wearing Maxi Dresses

Maxi dress is one of the best dresses for women that can be worn in every kind of occasion. So, having a maxi dress in your wardrobe is must which will add versatility in the wardrobe. This dress perfectly flatter the body shape while you can feel comfortable in this dress as well. But ensure to pick up the right piece for you which will complement your body shape even more. Here are some small tips on how to look more attractive in cheap maxi dresses
Look for pattern and colors
While white and black are the best colors when it comes to maxi dresses, ensure you pick up other colors as well that will blend your skin tone perfectly. The color should be such to conceal your imperfections. Also pay great attention to pattern and prints. Printed maxi dresses really look great. And especially if you have plus size figure then small prints and vertical patterns will work best on you. 
If you are searching for one of the best online store, then consider looking at Fashionmia which have great collection of all stylish dresses including the cheap bodycon dresses.
Look for the flattering neck
Neckline is another important thing to check in the maxi dresses. The neckline should be such which looks flattering on you. Some of the stylish necklines that you can look for are V-neck, halter neck, off shoulder etc. 
Hem length should be proper
The hem length of the maxi dress is another important thing to consider. If you are bit short height and want to look slim also, then go for ankle length maxi dress otherwise a bit short length will also look good while it will be comfortable to carry as well. 
Minimal Accessories
The best fashion rule is to wear minimal make up and accessories with maxi dress and skirt which will make the look elegant. However, a belt can accentuate your waistline and it is advised if you especially want to define it. 
Also, another rule is to wear maxi dresses or skirts with flats and wedges. While the shorter length looks good with flats, the longer one will go well with wedges. However, you can wear high-heel too with long evening gown. 
So, keep these points in mind and you will look amazing in the maxi dress and skirt irrespective of your body size and height. 

Jan 12, 2017 at 10:43 o\clock

How To Draw Attention In A Party Being Plus Size

Being plus size is not a curse or sin rather they can look equally beautiful and can do and wear each and everything that the skinny women do. So, if you are planning to attend a party and wondering how to look your best to be the centre of attraction, then read on this article to have guidelines on how to dress up being plus size to flatter your body shape. 
Go for patterns:
You must have heard that normally plus size women should not go for pattern as it will make them look bigger. But, this concept is completely wrong rather go for the right pattern type and look your best as different patterns are available in the market. It is best to choose the dark color as it will make you look slim. Smaller pattern or else very large pattern is suggested to pick up as medium size pattern will end up making you look larger by highlighting the unwanted area. Fashionmia is an amazing online store that you can check for beautiful dresses for women
Perfect styles according to your body shape:
Hour-glass: This is the perfect body shape having a correct balance from top to bottom. So, you can go for any kind of stylish dresses irrespective of your plus size figure. For best, look for something that defines the waistline. Various stylish and cheap plus size clothing are easily available in numerous online stores, just have a look at them and you will find out the perfect dress for you.
Pear shape: This body shapes have larger hips so the trick is to hide that portion so that you do not look heavy in the back. A-line skirts style dresses in light flowing fabric will look excellent in this body shape. 
Apple shape: Apple shape women have large bust, small hips and undefined waist line. So, what you are advised to do is choose some low neck dresses with V-cut or princess cut while the waistline should be structured such as empire in the waistline is a good idea to choose. 
Rectangular shape: If you have wide shoulder and hips while the waist is undefined, this body shape is called as straight or rectangular. So, while all kind of dresses will probably look good in this body shape but try finding out something that defines the waist beautifully by ruching, clinching and using other decorative styles. 
So, do not regret for being plus size rather live the life at your fullest by picking up the right dress for you.