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Apr 27, 2017 at 11:39 o\clock

The History of Bodycon

Women are in love with bodycons but has this thought ever triggered you about who was the first to have come up with the idea of bodycon? Well although if we go back in time women have worn figure hugging dresses in the past but the material used is different. 
The modern variation of a bandage dress was first seen in the 90’s. The demand for bodycons rose quickly and these dresses became popular. The Bandage Dress was actually invented by Herve Leger in 1989 it was known as ‘the bender’ because of its ability to mould according to the figure. However Leger had got the idea of a bandage dress from Azzedine Alaia. He is also known as the ‘King of Cling’. Alaia was making bodycon dresses in 80’s yet Leger seems to have been praised highly for his work. 
Leger’s bandage dresses are knitted and not woven. There is no cutting and sewing involved in the dresses that he creates. There were many famous actresses who flaunt the bandage dress of Leger. 
The benders have now become bodycon and are quite affordable unlike the pieces from Leger’s collection. Bodycon’s are now in every wardrobe and they look pretty good on all women irrespective of their sizes or skin tone. The only idea is to pick one which suits your skin tone and is of the right size. 
Bodycons take the shape of your body and lets you flaunt your curves. However it is important that a good body shaper is worn. There are different types of body shapers which are available and it is suggested that every woman pick one which she thinks will help her enhance the body feature she requires to flaunt. 
It is important that you accessorize right and wear the right footwear. You cant wear a pair of flats with a bodycon. 
Bodycons have become a common wear these days and women even wear it for day occasions. Just look confident and wall tall and you will look beautiful in whatever you wear.
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Fashion Tips for Men in Summers

Although summers are sweaty and one is least excited on how to dress up, some cool tips would help you look fashionable even in this hot weather. You don’t need a bug budget to dress and look good there are many websites and stores that offer cheap men’s clothing. Besides clothes and deodorants there are other things which are worth noting. Here are some cool tips to help you look stunning this summer. 
Keep a Check on Your Body Hair
Summers means lighter clothes and more of your skin being exposed and more skin is more body hair. Men with excessive hair especially around the chest and back should consider removing them. Unruly hair sidling out from your shirts or t-shirts is a major turn-off, have them cleaned. 
Accessories Will Change Your Look
Speaking about fashion – it could get boring for men especially in the summers because there is not much that they can flaunt in their clothes. Shorts and t-shirts are the common options which men resort to in the summers. Accessories can give you a complete new look. Leather backpacks, a hat or a pair of sunglasses – aviators look cool on most men, are perfect accessories for any man. 
Don’t Shy From Colours 
Summers don’t mean you need to wear light shades of everything. Black, gray and white are not the only colours you need in your wardrobe. A cool mint green button down shirt with a pair of chinos and sneakers will have you ready to hang out with your friends. 
Protect Your Skin 
Sunscreen isn’t meant only for the women, sunscreen is mean to protect your skin from the raging sun rays. You want to keep all skin diseases which are caused by harmful sunrays and you don’t want process of aging to gain on you before you even are of the right age. Sunscreen also saves you from getting sunburns. 
Keep the Flip Flops for Home
It might be quite tempting to wear a pair of slippers in the summers but believe me when I say keep it for home or wear it to the beach and that’s about it. For all other occasions wear sneakers or boat shoe infact leather sandals could also be a part of your summer footwear. 
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Simplify Your Daily Dressing with One Black and One White Top in Your Closet

While we all love the exuberance of bright colours, there is something about black and white that keeps us coming back to these colours so very often. Whether it is a dress or a top you are buying, these two colours have been a favourite for many women. Today, we will talk about our need for these two colours to make daily dressing a lot easier for us. 
Goes with different bottoms
A white top is absolutely perfect for a sunny day and it can be worn with your favourite pair of jeans and they look utterly perfect on skirts too. A black top on the other hand is more suitable for the evening when the sun has gone down and you are making your way to the closest mall for a shopping soiree. When you have at least one top for each of these two colours, you will realize that dressing up every day will be easier given the ability to mix and match them with different bottoms. Buy women’s tops online on Fashionmia that has been style options in black and white tops. The website is known for its wide range of women’s plus size dresses and tops. 
Can be paired with a range of shoes
Since black and white can easily complement a variety of other colours, you can choose to look fabulous in any of these two tops by pairing it with different types of shoes or sandals. Just like you can buy women’s tops online, you can also look for great deals on shoes online and find the ones that suit your personality. A black top or a white top gives you the chance to experiment with different colours on the shoes without looking inelegant. 
Easier to match accessories
The good thing about black and white tops is that accessories also tend to match easily with these. From stone studded necklaces for a black top with a plunging neck to metallic earrings on a chic white top, there are lots and lots of ways in which accessories can be styles with black and white. Even dresses in these two colours are easier to flaunt. 
Buy a top in each of these colours and you will have a simplified daily wear strategy. These two colours look lovely in when you may not be in the mood to put an effort into styling. 

Apr 21, 2017 at 04:45 o\clock

Accessory Trends of 2017

Spring-summer 2017 comes with some great trends that can make summer stylishly cool for everyone. We have rounded up the most popular accessory trends of this season so that you don’t fall behind in fashion. 

Lace-Up Boots and Flat form wear

Boots never looked as cool in summer than the lace up boots that showed up in the ramps this season. Go for heeled lace-up boots on sexy maxi dresses or elegant short dresses. If you like to add some height but don’t want to make any concessions for comfort then pick a flat form wear which is trendy and comfortable. 

Oversized Bags

Large bags are back in the streets. Put all your stuff without having to worry about space in your bag and you may even have place to add another set of clothes if you plan an evening spree – that’s what we are talking about when we say oversized bags. 

Statement Earrings

With statement earrings, you can ditch the necklace and even avoid a bracelet to keep the attention on the earrings and dress. Pair it with sexy maxi dresses or cheap women’s tops. They look great on everything and are perfect for evening events and afternoon lunches with friends. 

Raver Glasses

This season is all about rave parties and quirky raver glasses join our list of accessories because they add colour and exuberance to the simplest of clothes. Buy some cheap women’s tops and pair it with these raver glasses for a classy look. They come in lots of shapes and sizes and they add an element of fun to the attire. 


If you do not have an appetite for huge earrings or oversized bags then you may like the chokers that have made a comeback from the 90s. A seductive choker can make you look pretty for any occasion. Whether you are aiming at minimalism or you are hoping to jazz up your look with something trendy, chokers can be the answer for a lot of your fashion questions. 

While we always prefer comfort over style, the good thing about these trends is that you do not have to give up on your comfort. Shop for some trendy clothes on the popular and affordable fashion website – Fashionmia, and pair the clothes you buy with these stunning accessories that can make summers look like a lot of fun. 

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Short Evening Dresses for Women of Different Tastes

When women stood up against corsets freeing their body and standing up against hour-glass figures, they needed a different approach towards comfortable yet attractive dressing. So hemlines went higher and the show of legs became the new-found sexy in women’s fashion.Evening dresses have since held an irreplaceable position in our closets. Designs and patterns may have changed but short dresses are yet to fade away. Here are a few ways in which evening dresses can be worn by women of different tastes:
The Minimalist
She likes to play it down, but that has nothing to do with making concessions with her persona. The minimalist prefers muted colours, simple designs and a modest version of the evening dress. She may accessorize it with beautiful earrings or a nice necklace but you wouldn’t find her decked up in too many accessories when she is wearing a short dress for the evening. 
The Flamboyant
She believes in flaunting her look. Her evening dress may be in a brighter, catchier hue and her accessories don’t take the simple path either. She loves the brazen show of her glitzy look. It is not everyone’s piece of cake, but those who know their stuff can be an attractive head-turner. 
The Workaholic
Since work keeps her busy most of the times, she ends up choosing comfortable fabrics for her evening dress. But since she is working most of the times, when she decides to step out for the evening, her dress speaks oodles of elegance. She may not have the time for too many accessories, but a flashy ring or a lovely pair of shoes is all she needs to make people look a second time. 
The Fussy Teen
She wants everything to look good on her. She loves to experiment, mix and match fabrics, wear fashion tops and look pretty in short evening dresses. There is no excuse for her to want any less, especially when she is beginning to explore the wonderland of fashion. 
The Conservative
She is too conscious of deep necklines and high hemlines. She treads the fine line between too long and too short, picking her dresses carefully to ensure that it does not accentuate her curves or reveal too much.
Fashionmia stocks beautiful evening dresses and fashion tops to meet a variety of tastes. Do you relate yourself with one of these or does your style blend two or more of these together?