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Jan 15, 2010 at 11:55 o\clock

Pearson VUE LNAT: Guarantees Security And Reliability To LNAT

It is important to know all aspects of the LNAT. To be aware of the authority which conducts LNAT is desirable. In this context, LNAT is run by the U.K universities consortium and held in partnership with Pearson VUE. Having said this, the computer testing department of the Pearson VUE holds the LNAT. Moreover, the LNAT questions are calibrated by Edexcel in supplement to the arrangements initiated by Pearson VUE.

Well, it is important for you to know the general facts about LNAT. As stated in the press release of November’14, 2005, Pearson VUE officially announced its five year exclusive contract with the LNAT consortium. The release clearly stated that LNAT would be held on a reliable computer system provided by Pearson VUE. Moreover, computer testing is now on a higher level of performance. More than 150 centers of Pearson VUE hold LNAT in the United Kingdom alone. With a well operated network, Pearson VUE supports 200 professional centers in United States including the territories.

In addition, LNAT is made available at 170 Pearson VUE centers all around the world. Understandably Pearson VUE has made wider reach possible for the aspirants sitting LNAT from the different regions. In the words of Dr. Phil Syrpis, the Chairman of the LNAT Consortium in the year 2005, “With Pearson VUE as the new exam delivery provider for the LNAT, our candidates will have more options of when and where to test throughout the extensive Pearson VUE network of secure test centers. Additionally, by delivering the exam electronically, it will speed up the admissions process by providing a quicker turnaround of LNAT scores to the universities.”

LNAT run by the consortium of U.K. universities were provided with an advantage of a speedy assessment of the test. The secured test centers of Pearson VUE along with the electronic delivery of exam acted as a boost. The sooner the aspirants appear at the test, the quicker would be the process of delivering the scores. In this context, Bob Whelan, the vice president of the Pearson VUE in a press release says, “ As a leader in computer-based testing, Pearson VUE will provide a consistent, secure testing experience for students taking this important exam. Converting the LNAT to electronic test delivery provides students with additional testing dates and readily-available appointment times in conveniently located test centers throughout the United Kingdom and the world.” Conversely when given on paper, the test would certainly consume greater time. Lack of an appropriate technique might also lead to inaccuracy in the scoring of answer sheets. Hence, with the introduction of the computer testing by Pearson VUE, it has become all the more secure to judge the candidate’s performance in LNAT.

The major responsibilities of the Pearson VUE include the registration of the candidates and organization of the test centers and sittings. Moreover, the scores on the multiple choice questions for LNAT are set by Pearson VUE. Having said this, understandably, the LNAT results are passed on to the participating U.K. universities and candidates for further assessment. Indeed it would be worth saying that Pearson VUE is the most reliable source for a secure and fair LNAT assessment.

Jan 13, 2010 at 09:44 o\clock

LNAT Prep: No Short-Cut To Success In LNAT

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“Success has no short cut”- Having said this it is but inevitable to prepare well in advance for LNAT. Understandably, the most effective way of commencing the LNAT prep is to start at the earliest. No sooner you let loose the string of LNAT prep, the whole process goes hay-wire. Rest assured LNAT prep is all about ‘PRACTICE.’ The more you practice the better you get acquainted with the real hard terms of LNAT . Alternatively the prep techniques for LNAT might vary individually. But your prime concern should be a right approach to LNAT prep.

Thriving in the days of LNAT prep is the least one can do. Instead an early and strategic start is indeed a good option. The right course of prep is essentially supportive in LNAT. With no prescribed syllabus and facts to refer, the approach to LNAT prep needs to be distinct but well organized. Nonetheless, the mantra to success is self confidence. The confidence to attain victory is the basic essence of success in LNAT. The inbuilt confidence puts one on the right track to choose what is good and right.

One of the best ways of LNAT prep is to initially acquaint yourself with the exam structure. No sooner you know the requirements of LNAT; the preparation can be planned accordingly. In this regard the first and foremost thing that should cross your mind is gain knowledge of the current affairs. To prepare from the newspapers and magazines is relatively essential for inheriting the world’s knowledge. It is indeed one of the primary requisites for the essay based section of LNAT. But to try hard and over prepare is to waste energy.

Trying to prep loads of topics for LNAT is unnecessary. Since LNAT is not the test of specific subject knowledge learning irrelevant facts can be wasteful. Moreover, the truth that one doesn’t really know what to expect, it is rather beneficial to revise on the expected skills. To master the analytical skills, reading sample papers are highly suggestive. The LNAT prep is more of familiarizing yourself with the most complex text. Sample test papers from well established e-learning institutes are of real help. The practice test help you adapt to the critical thinking ability required deal the complexity of the multiple choice questions. To get familiar of how the questions are thread into words can help one in the long run as well. This perhaps means taking the mock tests online is likely to lend the real idea of LNAT.

Reading quality newspapers and watching news channels are two essential phases of LNAT prep. Well, the basic need is to formulate and develop opinion to be expressed subtly in different ways. In this regard watching BBC and reading The Times are the two advisable means of gathering general knowledge. Reading undoubtedly comes in handy when one attends to the essay writing section. Moreover, familiarizing with the most complex words is helpful to crack LNAT.

LNAT prep is likely to run smoothly if you control your nerves. Panic in the half way of prep is detrimental to the whole process of learning. So stay calm, plan your LNAT prep carefully, keep track of time and believe in yourself.

Jan 7, 2010 at 12:59 o\clock

LNAT: Entry To the Dream Universities

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LNAT or The National Admission Test for Law is the sole exam that leads to admission in few of the better universities of U.K., and understandably the amount of competition that you are to face in the test is likely to be high and fierce. Rest assured, LNAT will not be as easy as most of the test you have been appearing in the last 12 years of your educational career. The sight of exam like LNAT is sure to put you in the state of panic. But wait a moment! Close your eyes and visualize yourself at your dream University. Surely, all the fear must have vanished and a lot more confidence inherited. Well, it is for you to know that LNAT, an entrance test for law students is formulated to place the most desirous students in the best of the Universities. Once you are high on the belief that you can do it, there is nothing much to stop you from cracking LNAT.

In the world of stiff competition you will but have to think how to secure a place in one of the following Universities:

1.   University of Birmingham

2.   University of Bristol

3.   Durham University

4.   University of Glasgow

5.   King's College London

6.   University of Leeds

7.   NUI Maynooth

8.   University of Nottingham

9.   University of Oxford

10. University College London

LNAT offered once a year for an extended period of 10 months tests the ability of the candidates to meet the pressure of the demanding course. The test marks you on the skills you possess to be a part of the programme under various Universities. After all LNAT is not about what you know, it is more about what you can produce at the right time. The test inculcates in you a certain level of comfort to deal with the issues when you become an active member of the law programme under LNAT.

The registration process of the test for LNAT constitutes of three basic steps. This perhaps means that the candidates need not apply to the universities directly. Sitting the LNAT automatically means your application forwarded to the different universities. In addition the questions for LNAT are set in a manner viable to all the candidates. A two hour test set on a simple plane is not beyond the reach if the aspirants put in all the required efforts.  All that is needed is a grounded knowledge and the balanced approach to get admitted to the dream universities under LNAT.