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Nov 12, 2005 at 20:44 o\clock

Oh yea. . .

Oh, yea, I forgot, I am writing a book called, "The Mysteries of the Ballet." When I totally get done with it, I'll post it up here for you readers to enjoy!

Ok, I'll talk later,


Nov 12, 2005 at 20:34 o\clock

Haven't Talked In A While

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Hey everybody! Sorry, I haven't talked in a while. I've been busy. I'm bored right now. I just had a whole bunch of friends sleep over. It was so much fun. We watched scary movies and ate for like ever. We had chicken wings, ding dongs, cupcakes, cake, candy, everything you could imagine, we ate it! We watched old classics like The Birds, Creep Show, and Carrie. They weren't that scary. The Birds was actually really funny. We were all laughing our heads off! Ok, well, I gotta go. I'll write later.


Nov 2, 2005 at 11:19 o\clock

My life for 02/11

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I acdently earesed todays blog so it will be posted tomarrow.

Sorry- *funkyspacemonkey*

Aug 21, 2005 at 08:03 o\clock

Hey again!

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Hey again! I have less than ONE DAY untill school starts!! Bleah. I don't wanna go to school this year. Our teacher is scary. She has like fangs and the whole deal. I can't WAIT until this year is OVER. Except I don't wanna go to school next year either. I don't wanna ever go to school again. I have to to get the job I want though. Bleah. Life sucks. lol. Anyway, we got Anthony for a while today. That was fun. We played and stuff. My mom and I got really tired though. We're not used to having a baby around the house!! He is crawlin ALL over the place though! He can actually almost walk! He can pull himself up and all, but his little legs arn't strong enought to hold him up for long. He is such a cutie. Oh man. Alredy 11? Ok, well, I gotta go. I will blog later.

Aug 19, 2005 at 08:47 o\clock

Hello everyone!

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Hey Guys! I just got back from the American Idol concert!!! OMGOSH IT WAS AWESOME!! My best friends Mom got me and my best friend two t-shirts and a keychain. It really stinks, Bo Bice got sick and couldn't do the concert. We had AWESOME seats though. 12th row back on the floor!! It was sooo cool. At the end though, these two old people started making out which was gross. Bleah. And then the guy started waving a stupid sign that said "Wave to me Carrie!!" or something like that. He was waving that WHILE making out with his girlfriend, and OF COURSE, just to make everyone madER, he blocked Carrie like, the whole time with his sign. Later, this girl got so mad, shes like "FOR GOD'S SAKE WOULD YOU PUT DOWN THE FREAKIN SIGN!!". He gave her the DIRTIEST look, but I thought it was funny! Then there was this lady who was OBVIOUSLY drinking because she was all shakin her butox like there was no tommorrow. Freak. THEN, there was this lady with her friend, during the middle of the concert, they came and sat right in front of us! Then this lady had a thing on her head which some people might have called hair, but I call a heap that took up most of the singer's faces and her friend was wider than the stage itself!! When you put those to together, SWAYING, you get one irritated Mama. My Mom's finally like, "Would you PLEASE SIT DOWN and STOP SWAYING. THANK YOU!". Ha ha. THat was funny, too. Ok, after complaining for half of this page, I should probably say something GOOD about the concert huh? lol. IT was totally cool! We were SOO close and the seats were PERFECT!! It was TOTALLY AWESOME!! I couldn't have had a better time. Well, I start school in less than 4 days. NOT looking forward to that. This summer has gone by SOOO fast. I have an eye appointment tomorrow too. My uniforms still aren't done for school either. If they don't get those done, and SOON, I'm gonna have to go to school on the first day with a skort!! The stupid skirt obviously take 3 WEEKS TO HEM!! OR POSSIBLY THOSE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE SIT AROUND AND PICK THEIR NOSES INSTEAD OF DOING THEIR JOB. Stupid freaks anyway. Ok, well, with four days 'till school, I better go get ready for bed. I will talk to you later.