Jul 1, 2014 at 10:47 o\clock

What Kind Of Date Will Suit You?

I was lucky enough to be in the company of one of the sexy escorts from Courtisane  the other day and we got to talking about different dates that we had both been on. She had obviously been treated to some of the best restaurants and bars in London and across the world so it very quickly became me asking her what the places were like. I very quickly began to see a pattern and it turns out many dates include the same things but some are truly special when the gentleman takes that extra care and consideration. I decided to write about my three favourites and what made them so good.

Cocktails at the Shard.

Now this is one that may not seem so thoughtful but when you find out that the shard has some of the best views in London and that the gentleman reserved a window table so that the view would be unobstructed for his date it becomes a little more up market. The truly defining touches came when he had taken the time to find out her favourite cocktail and had this on order with the waiter. The man dressed well and was the perfect host. A little taste can go a long way in a ladies eyes.

Picnic In Hyde Park

Companionship is a wonderful thing that can be cherished and appreciated by those that know what it is really about. The lines are far too often blurred in the eyes of society between companionship and the more sordid cousin that are street walkers. They are not the same and it is more often than not the company that is so desirable from escorts. This date is the perfect example of a man looking for someone to take out and spoil the way he had seen in the movies. He had champagne and a light dinner prepared to take to the park and enjoy as the sun set in the warm Summer evening. This was a great way to get to know each other and led to a much more meaningful experience.

A Quite Night In

There is something very special about having a beautiful woman all to yourself in your hotel. With so many high end hotels and beautiful places to stay in London it only makes sense to enjoy it to it's fullest if you have chosen to be a resident in one. You could have an evening with champagne while talking through your day with one of the most beautiful women you will ever meet.

I hope that these three ideas might have given you an insight in the ways to win your companions heart. If your escort for the evening truly enjoys your company you could elevate your experience to a whole new level.