Chelsea jaws

06.09.2010 um 02:26 Uhr

My Hometown Flood Story



Seeing the floods in the news shocked me in this morning. I felt devastated to see that my home town in China was badly affected in all of this. Yesterday morning I phone a friend who happens to stay near our house in Linfen. I called him up asking if everything was fine then and he answered me confidently that everything was fine then. As my normal routine goes I head back to the office and attended my morning meeting with the CEO's. I even ate my lunch with my friends and enjoyed the day. The day after I tried to call my mom in Linfen but I was not able to talk to her due to some connection failure.

Thinking that it was just an unexpected technical error, I head straight to the office and do my routine work. It was when my secretary brought me a cup of tea and asked me if I was able to see what's on the news. Confused, I immediately turn my television and see what's happening in Linfen, there have been thunderstorm and floods. The thunder focused on Linfen where my mom actually lived. Worried, I called them up and asked if everything was fine with them. I heard from my mom that our house was filled with water already and that they are on our attic on that time I was calling them. My mom was crying telling me that all her collection was broken, even our pool slide and bromine were badly . Those pool slide and bromine were my mom's collection for our pool next year, sadly it was all wrecked by the storm.