Charissa wants to be a bear

Jan 29, 2006 at 06:38 o\clock

I love computer

   Technology has been made our life more

convenience for many years. For this reason,

people invented many very useful products, so we can have more free time to enjoy our life. A computer is the most important invention in the twenty century.

   It is very useful if we know how to use it. For example, Everyone usually has been working very hard year in and year out. According to a computer, we can contact our family and friends very often. There are different systems on the network we can chose; then we can see and talk to each other if we have some special equipments. For example, Also, I used to contact with my family and friends on the yahoo massage after I came here. No matter where we are whenever we have a notebook computer. On the other hand, we can use e-mail, so we won’t waster time to wait for their letters.

    Our life are getting busy right now. Some people don’t want to spend the time, so they used to pay the bill or go shopping on the computer. It is very interesting when we try to do it.  Buy the way, we can know the news and what happen immediately, and we still keep in touch with the world.

   For these reasons, we will use it a lot in our future . It does not only make people’s life asier but also more convenient than before. It will become to our good helper ,so I really enjoy when I use my computer.


Jan 29, 2006 at 06:06 o\clock

A specially job


  Before I came to U.S., I was a nurse in my country, and I had been

working for four years at my hopital. Nursing is not as easy as I

thought after I worked. Sometime we were not only took care

patietns' bodies or diseases but also their emotion, and when they

were sick, they were usually not in good mood, or they had some

problems of their economics. We needed to help them solved those

problems as possible as we could. On the other hand, it is not the

most difficult part for us. When our family members were sick,

we were always stressful until they recovered. Because all of our

family members trusted us, so we had to help them to make a

decision if they need. Sometimes it is not easy as we thought

because we knew what will it happen. If they pass away, we feel

more upset and guilty than another person. However, I still love this

job because I like to take care pople and teach them how to live

with their diseases.


Jan 26, 2006 at 06:28 o\clock

A special day will come

  This weekend will be a very important holiday in

my country.  Actually, I am from Taiwan not China,

but we share the same culture, language, and lunar

calender. Also, the Chinese New Year is a

significant festival for Chinese in whole year, so

everyone has to return home before the day

comes as possible as they can. Otherwise, we need

to clean our house not only our rooms but also

everywhere,and  I don't like to do it until now. In

New Year's eve, we always eat the dinner with our

whole family members; then, the older members

of our family gaive us money and wish us will have

good luck in one's affairs. Fortunately, I usually

 got much money when I was a child. In fact, we

celebrate the New Year for few days; there are

different meanings for each day. For example, one

of the days, we couldn't swept our house because

we believe that it will let us loss a lot of money

next year. On the other hand, there are many

festive occasions during those days. After I came

here, I have not been celebrated my favorite

holiday for two year. I wish I will celebrate it with

my family next time. Finally, if you have Chinese

friends, you can say "Happy New Year" to your

friends. They will be so happy just like me.

                  Happy New Year to everyone!!








Jan 21, 2006 at 07:21 o\clock

A wanderful island...


  I came here for almost two year, but I always miss my country. "Taiwna" is an amazed island

after you visit, you will agree with me.

First, there are so many department storesin

different city also they sell very kinds of delicate

produce. Second, if you do not like to go shopping,

you can go to East of Taiwan.

  There are a few noble mountains and a

very famous canyon or take a spa or hot spring to

relax your body. At last, if you like to lie on a

beach, swim, or take a sun bath, you will love there

which is located South of Tiawan. I had met many

tourers in there, and they told me that they did

not see such as beautiful beach before. Of course,

we have varieties of food. For example:

Japanese,Chinese, Italian, American food. You can

choose any kind if you want. 

  Althought, I came to U.S. to continue study my

major, but I always dream about my country until