Carpet Care

Aug 21, 2012 at 12:08 o\clock

How To Keep The Carpets Clean


Carpet is considered as a big purchase for any commercial or industrial establishment. Carpeting not only gives attraction to the area but also provides safety and comfort to the employees. Carpets alone do not make any difference to the appeal of the office unless it looks clean and fresh. It is the duty of the officials to arrange resources for keeping the appearance of the carpet as it is. Industrial carpet cleaning is a complicated process.

Stains of food, heavy traffic, gum, ink, etc may damage the carpets at any time. Regular maintenance is essential for the commercial carpets. Commercial carpets are usually larger in size and it is not easy to clean them. Here, professional cleaning can accelerate the cleaning process. The company can even make an agreement with the professional cleaners to clean the carpet periodically to avoid damage. Officials should give utmost attention while selecting professional cleaners. Cleaning license, flexibility in terms, experience in commercial Carpet Cleaning Stafford , technique for cleaning, machines, etc should be considered while selecting a professional cleaning company.

The officials should handover a copy of detailed specifications of carpet, carpet cleaning manuals and installation details, supplied along with carpets, to the professional cleaners.

Before beginning the work, cleaners should identify the heavy traffic areas, congested channels like stairwell, doorways, canteen etc. Cleaners can take three types of maintenance like daily cleaning, preventive maintenance, and restorative cleaning.