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Dec 9, 2005 at 02:20 o\clock

♣♦☻•○◘WhŸ d♥ pé♥plé§ §¢ãm ♥thér Pé♥plé§◘○•☻♦♣

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WhyŸ D♥ Pé♥plé§ §¢ãm ♥thér Pé♥plé§ Ÿ♥u ã§k?

T♥ Gé♣ M♥ré M♥néŸ ♥f ¢♥ur§é

N♥w I Hãvé ã §♥l♥u♣i♥n

I Hãvé ju§♣ B♥ugh♣ ã ♣rã¢king Dévi¢é

I Ju§♣ Hãvé T♥  ♣Ÿpé -WHYVILLIAN PASS TRACKER- In email

the email adress you need to type is caramello@iinet.net.au

And say ure User and pass it'll send and email to your Y-mail saying everyones passwords and usernames

even the people who work here

If you like the revenge times here ure change so send that email NOW! This is a limited time

the time till this offer is over is till  16.11.06