I cry through my skin.

Sep 2, 2007 at 07:46 o\clock

Gibber Jabber

 GAH! My stupid assholeish boyfriend! I love him...But I fucking hate him. I don't know if I wrote about all the drama...I broke up, then took him back, then he broke up with me...And we stayed like that for a few days...Then he pissed me off and I wrote him a poem and he asked me back out. And now we've been dating for almost five days now. Hah.  Yesterday we had the best day together...I was so happy and I felt really connected to him....And then TODAY that little asshole disappears without telling anyone where he went...His brother called me like seven times trying to see if I'd seen him, everyone was freaking out and then he has the audacity to show up at my work and ask if I want to go get drunk with him and his friends. I said no, of course. I can't go home drunk...I'd get in so much trouble it wouldn't even be worth it. I dunno what's up with him...I don%