I cry through my skin.

Jun 23, 2007 at 19:10 o\clock

Well, that resolved itself quickly.

 Davinder asked me out. So, now we're dating. He says he's not violating the laws of his religion, it's only sex with people besides your husband/wife that  is a nono. That and haircuts. So yeah, we've been dating for over a day now>_> I still like him, I'm  just worried now. I worry that I'll hurt him...I dunno...I worry too much.

Jun 20, 2007 at 04:55 o\clock


 I make myself angry. I met this really awesome guy yesterday while I was on vacation...His name is Divinard. We met on a rollorcoaster...He was telling me how awesome the ride was in comparison to all the other lame-o rides. I dunno how...We just got to talking and we ended up spending like four hours together...He had to go home...But asked for my number and gave me his...Seems like a good deal right? Problem. He's a Seek. It's a religion that outlaws dating and haircuts. Don't ask me why....The way they portray God is in a way that really likes long hair. I like him...He's interesting and he makes me smile...But I have to wonder if it's the excitement of the chase that I like. He told me that he'd break his religion for the right girl...I don't flatter myself to think that I'm the right girl, but I do worry that I might do something evil to make him think that I could be and then....What if I don't like him I just like the idea of him? He called me today...Of course my phone wasn't working...But he invited me to go to the fair with him...I know that sounds silly but that's always how things start. I don't know whether I'm an evil bitch from Hell or a star crossed crusher...But I don't want to hurt him or send him to eternal damnation. Obviously I shouldn't date him, obviously I should be just friends with him, obviously I'm being a stupid little girl. Obviously...Sometimes isn't the truth. I don't know...Maybe I should see where things go.