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Sep 10, 2005 at 21:11 o\clock

We all see things differently.....

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 Dove here I am, there you are. I hope everyones day is a good one. I have been busy doing the everyday things. Not cooking anything good tonight. Just Hamburgers a veggie and some sort of potato or rice mix. Just a fast dish for tonight.

My work week was fast and busy. I can only hope that next week will be the same. I have not seen nor heard from my ghostlady. I miss her. Anyway, the new series of "Medium" starts Sept. 21st. Me and my daughter watch it. The actress is real cheesy but, The stories are very interesting to me.

I actually had another physic tell me that I was physic. The hair on my arms stood up. I was working in a store at the time when this lady came to my register and told me that. I knew she was gonna say that to me also. When I used to work as a cashier(many moons ago) I would answer a question before the customer even asked it. Then, I would tell them where to find what they were looking for. I didn't really realize that I was doing this. People used to look at me strange and say I didn't even ask you that yet. How did you know what I was gonna say...This would get embrassing to me because all I could say is "Oh, I thought you mentioned something about that" Or I over heard you say that to your friend...Something stupid like that. When we both knew that was far from the truth. My friend would always take a double take at me and ask me how I would know things like that. I told her I was Physic and could hear others thoughts at times, or see things etc... she believed me because she hung out with me.

My daughter and I have always had that great connection without talking. All of a sudden I will hear her voice saying" could you just call me" or "What are you doing?" alot of the times I know that she is gonna call on the phone or that she let me an e-mail. What can I say. I really don't like to tell too many people about our abilitys because they look at us as if we are crazy. I guess, I would too....

People always ask the same old question of me....What are the winning lottery numbers. How am I surpose to know. Not unless it is told to me before hand I have no Idea. The only way that would happen I guess is if it was another physic I was connected to.That's not how it works anyway. If you've had any experinces you'd understand. It is just to hard to explain.

Now , Here is my quote for the day...If you judge people, you have no time to love them....Sit and ponder that one. I believe that also. You can't judge someone with out giving them a chance first. Judgements on another person is not fair. Unless you know what is going on with them. I don't like to be judged so I don't or try not to Judge people.  Thanks for stopping... Crystel

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