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Sep 7, 2005 at 00:03 o\clock

Today is a wonderful day.....

Mood: Happy, Content, and tired....

Well, today went off with out a hitch. Got up went to work and came home. I just love these days. The air is cool and the sun is shining. The clouds are just so white and splendid.

My crazy cooking was great. I had it for dinner and lunch today. Along with my co-workers wanting to taste it. That's okay. I share. I understand when I was a child I did not like to share anything. Everything was Mine, Mine, and Mine... Lol... I don't seem to remember that.

I share everything. I only wish I could share my home with those people down south. I could cook them up a mess of my veggie and pasta delight. . Everyone says I would give my shirt off my back if someone needed it. Yeap, I would. I would be a little embarassed walking around with no shirt but, it would of been for a good cause. I really feel for those people. I can only hope they can find all the loved ones that they have lost. I can only hope that every child is reunited with their parents. I cryed so much seeing that happen to them. I can not take take the pained look in their eyes. All I want to do is sooth them some how.

My daughter who has the same ablilty's as me...Has given me some white sage. She also believes in angles and gemstones and Angelcards. She burns white sage and lavender in her home to keep any evil spirits away or negative spirits. I don't want to scare my ghost lady away. I like her. She is just in hiding right now. I have not seen or heard her. No jokes being played on me by her.  I think I miss her. My daughter went to an Indian store. and got the white sage. I went to a website on Native americans and found all these things that they use herbs and spices for. It is pretty interesting. Then the gem stones. I have a moonstone and a black onxy crystal. I also have all these others. On the site it tells about all this cool stuff. Well, I won't bore you with that.

It now is time for the Quote of the Day:A CHILD'S LIFE IS LIKE A PIECE OF PAPER ON WHICH EVERY PASSER BY LEAVES A MARK...That is another true quote. Just sit and ponder that one. Children are so precious. They learn from us. They look up to us. They watch other people and how they do things. Children are a gift and we should handle with care and try to erase any bad mark that a passerby leaves....Crystel

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  1. WINTERWEATHER wrote at Sep 9, 2005 at 05:31 o\clock:I suppose your ghost lady needed a break from trying to be silly to you...it is hard work I would assume...lol I am going to a naming ceremony this weekend at the pow-wow...I am also going to buy sage...although I really don\'t need to, my mother has a ton of it growing in her backyard...so much so that, that is all you see...have a great rest of the week...


  2. WINTERWEATHER wrote at Sep 10, 2005 at 22:30 o\clock:Yes I\'d love to sell it but the last time I harvested it and made several arrangements for myself and family...it has taken 5 years for it to grow back...so I will now only take what I need and not be piggish(?)...If you ever need a bundle or two let me know and I would be happy to send it...no charge of course...Have a great weekend...


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