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Sep 12, 2005 at 13:47 o\clock

A Pounding headache

 Visit My Mail Stamp! Good Morning everyone. I have the day off. I can not tell a lie. I called in sick. My head is pounding so bad. I think I have a sinus infection. I had to take some stuff that makes me loopy. Not that I am not that way normally. I will go visist my doctor  at 9a.m. The office opens at 7a.m. so I was able to call and get in.

The weather is a little humid here and it has seemed to rain last night. That just adds to the pounding of my head. It feels like these little evil demons are running around inside my head with jackhammers. Then they start to push on my eyeballs. You would laugh if you saw me right now. I am wearing sunglasses so the glare of the puter screen does not make it worse. LOL!!!!!

My weekend was nice. I got alot done cleaning up the outside. My husband mowed the lawn. Three bucks to fill the lawnmower twice. Things cost so much lately. I started to take in my summer furniture and all my summer things. We took down the gazebo thing last weekend. The wind was whipping here pretty bad.

My ghost lady is back. She was having her usall fun with the cat. I swear my poor cat is gonna have a kitty heart attack. My cat is old and can hardly see. All of a sudden my cat will jump straight up in the air out of a dead sleep. She will be all puffed up like a blowfish. My cat then runs around all dazed and stops and looks around the house for her. I know it is her because my dog starts to growl and looks up and around also. He sniffs the air and follows. So, where ever she was she is back.

For four days last week as you entered my front door there was this god awful smell. Just in this one spot. It smelt as if something died. I looked all around saw nothing. Moved things. Nothing . Vaccuumed the smell was still there. I sprayed with lysol spray. Nothing covered it up. It did not move nor go away. I just figured it was some spirit that was trying to get in. My husband asked me what I thought it was. That was my answer. So I took out the sage and burned it. Later that day it was gone and my ghost lady came back. That sage stuff works. I also have my gemstones out all the time. Anyway, I think that was the reason my ghostlady did not come around. Maybe she was battling it at the door for us. who knows.

Well, it is time for my Quote of the Day:A PERSON WITHOUT A PLAN FOR THE DAY IS LOST BEFORE THEY START.....That is a true quote. Don't you think? Well, I must sign off and hop in the shower and be off to the doctors... Crystel

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  1. WINTERWEATHER wrote at Sep 12, 2005 at 19:59 o\clock:I am so very happy your ghost is back...I bet she was doing something to protect you!!! I went to my naming ceremony(not mine but a friends) and it was amazing...I forgot how, WOW, they are...had a nice cleansing. Hope your week is just wonderful..


  2. Tijuana wrote at Sep 13, 2005 at 20:50 o\clock:hiya

    just wanted to drop in and say hi and let you know that i read your blog! My nanna\'s got a ghost who lives with her, it\'s a nurse who committed suicide from the top window of the old hotel they live in. Her soldier went to war and never came back (Over 200 years ago)so she decided she would join him. She has been around forever, i\'ve seen her and smelt her. She looked after my aunty when she had problems with her pregnancy, she was sleeping upstairs and she sat on the bed and watched over her all day to check she and the baby were okay.

    She actually has a habit of moving things in the house so we know she\'s still around! My nanna will put something down in the kitchen, go back for it a few hours later and it\'s gone! We often find nanna standing in the middle of a room saying \"C\'mon, give it back!\" and then it\'ll appear, in a completely different room where we have already looked!

    My mum told me a story actually - i got married four months ago and i wore my great nannys pearls. my mum was visiting my nanna for two weeks and they spent the whole time looking for great nanny\'s pearls, they weren\'t where nanna had left them, then, on the last night mum was there before coming home she was having a shower, she got out of the shower and turned around and the pearls \'jumped\' off the bathroom cabinet and dropped on the floor in their box!! We think Mrs Ghostie wanted them to be found and so she dropped them on my mum!

    Sorry this is a bit of an essay, i\'ve just never found someone that believes like i do!

    Drop by my blog sometime, you\'re very welcome!

    Amy xx
  3. winteryweather wrote at Sep 19, 2005 at 22:38 o\clock:Hey you...hope all is well...I am writing to let you know I had to get a new bloggie thing due to tech difficulties last night...I used to be JackieO(winterweather) but now have the name Jackies\' Thoughts...I have re-added you to my faves...just wanted to let you know that...


  4. shellbug773 wrote at Sep 26, 2005 at 09:36 o\clock:Just wondering if everything is ok. Haven\'t heard from you lately. I know it can be crazy and with gas prices goin up things get hectic. Just making sure you and yours are OK with the storms that have been coming and going as of late.


  5. winteryweather wrote at Oct 6, 2005 at 20:25 o\clock:Just checking in to see if things are ok with you...ahven\'t heard from you in awhile and I get worried you know! lol

    Have a great week...



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