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Sep 12, 2005 at 13:47 o\clock

A Pounding headache

 Visit My Mail Stamp! Good Morning everyone. I have the day off. I can not tell a lie. I called in sick. My head is pounding so bad. I think I have a sinus infection. I had to take some stuff that makes me loopy. Not that I am not that way normally. I will go visist my doctor  at 9a.m. The office opens at 7a.m. so I was able to call and get in.

The weather is a little humid here and it has seemed to rain last night. That just adds to the pounding of my head. It feels like these little evil demons are running around inside my head with jackhammers. Then they start to push on my eyeballs. You would laugh if you saw me right now. I am wearing sunglasses so the glare of the puter screen does not make it worse. LOL!!!!!

My weekend was nice. I got alot done cleaning up the outside. My husband mowed the lawn. Three bucks to fill the lawnmower twice. Things cost so much lately. I started to take in my summer furniture and all my summer things. We took down the gazebo thing last weekend. The wind was whipping here pretty bad.

My ghost lady is back. She was having her usall fun with the cat. I swear my poor cat is gonna have a kitty heart attack. My cat is old and can hardly see. All of a sudden my cat will jump straight up in the air out of a dead sleep. She will be all puffed up like a blowfish. My cat then runs around all dazed and stops and looks around the house for her. I know it is her because my dog starts to growl and looks up and around also. He sniffs the air and follows. So, where ever she was she is back.

For four days last week as you entered my front door there was this god awful smell. Just in this one spot. It smelt as if something died. I looked all around saw nothing. Moved things. Nothing . Vaccuumed the smell was still there. I sprayed with lysol spray. Nothing covered it up. It did not move nor go away. I just figured it was some spirit that was trying to get in. My husband asked me what I thought it was. That was my answer. So I took out the sage and burned it. Later that day it was gone and my ghost lady came back. That sage stuff works. I also have my gemstones out all the time. Anyway, I think that was the reason my ghostlady did not come around. Maybe she was battling it at the door for us. who knows.

Well, it is time for my Quote of the Day:A PERSON WITHOUT A PLAN FOR THE DAY IS LOST BEFORE THEY START.....That is a true quote. Don't you think? Well, I must sign off and hop in the shower and be off to the doctors... Crystel

Sep 10, 2005 at 21:11 o\clock

We all see things differently.....

Mood: Happy to be relaxing
Listening to: nothing at all

 Dove here I am, there you are. I hope everyones day is a good one. I have been busy doing the everyday things. Not cooking anything good tonight. Just Hamburgers a veggie and some sort of potato or rice mix. Just a fast dish for tonight.

My work week was fast and busy. I can only hope that next week will be the same. I have not seen nor heard from my ghostlady. I miss her. Anyway, the new series of "Medium" starts Sept. 21st. Me and my daughter watch it. The actress is real cheesy but, The stories are very interesting to me.

I actually had another physic tell me that I was physic. The hair on my arms stood up. I was working in a store at the time when this lady came to my register and told me that. I knew she was gonna say that to me also. When I used to work as a cashier(many moons ago) I would answer a question before the customer even asked it. Then, I would tell them where to find what they were looking for. I didn't really realize that I was doing this. People used to look at me strange and say I didn't even ask you that yet. How did you know what I was gonna say...This would get embrassing to me because all I could say is "Oh, I thought you mentioned something about that" Or I over heard you say that to your friend...Something stupid like that. When we both knew that was far from the truth. My friend would always take a double take at me and ask me how I would know things like that. I told her I was Physic and could hear others thoughts at times, or see things etc... she believed me because she hung out with me.

My daughter and I have always had that great connection without talking. All of a sudden I will hear her voice saying" could you just call me" or "What are you doing?" alot of the times I know that she is gonna call on the phone or that she let me an e-mail. What can I say. I really don't like to tell too many people about our abilitys because they look at us as if we are crazy. I guess, I would too....

People always ask the same old question of me....What are the winning lottery numbers. How am I surpose to know. Not unless it is told to me before hand I have no Idea. The only way that would happen I guess is if it was another physic I was connected to.That's not how it works anyway. If you've had any experinces you'd understand. It is just to hard to explain.

Now , Here is my quote for the day...If you judge people, you have no time to love them....Sit and ponder that one. I believe that also. You can't judge someone with out giving them a chance first. Judgements on another person is not fair. Unless you know what is going on with them. I don't like to be judged so I don't or try not to Judge people.  Thanks for stopping... Crystel

Sep 7, 2005 at 00:03 o\clock

Today is a wonderful day.....

Mood: Happy, Content, and tired....

Well, today went off with out a hitch. Got up went to work and came home. I just love these days. The air is cool and the sun is shining. The clouds are just so white and splendid.

My crazy cooking was great. I had it for dinner and lunch today. Along with my co-workers wanting to taste it. That's okay. I share. I understand when I was a child I did not like to share anything. Everything was Mine, Mine, and Mine... Lol... I don't seem to remember that.

I share everything. I only wish I could share my home with those people down south. I could cook them up a mess of my veggie and pasta delight. . Everyone says I would give my shirt off my back if someone needed it. Yeap, I would. I would be a little embarassed walking around with no shirt but, it would of been for a good cause. I really feel for those people. I can only hope they can find all the loved ones that they have lost. I can only hope that every child is reunited with their parents. I cryed so much seeing that happen to them. I can not take take the pained look in their eyes. All I want to do is sooth them some how.

My daughter who has the same ablilty's as me...Has given me some white sage. She also believes in angles and gemstones and Angelcards. She burns white sage and lavender in her home to keep any evil spirits away or negative spirits. I don't want to scare my ghost lady away. I like her. She is just in hiding right now. I have not seen or heard her. No jokes being played on me by her.  I think I miss her. My daughter went to an Indian store. and got the white sage. I went to a website on Native americans and found all these things that they use herbs and spices for. It is pretty interesting. Then the gem stones. I have a moonstone and a black onxy crystal. I also have all these others. On the site it tells about all this cool stuff. Well, I won't bore you with that.

It now is time for the Quote of the Day:A CHILD'S LIFE IS LIKE A PIECE OF PAPER ON WHICH EVERY PASSER BY LEAVES A MARK...That is another true quote. Just sit and ponder that one. Children are so precious. They learn from us. They look up to us. They watch other people and how they do things. Children are a gift and we should handle with care and try to erase any bad mark that a passerby leaves....Crystel

Sep 5, 2005 at 22:46 o\clock

Cooking with the fruit of my garden

Mood: Hungury
Listening to: my neighbors lawnmower

so sorry for not being around lately. this type is hard to read isn't it. I will change it. Be right back.

Let's see. Wow,it's like I put glasses on my face. Sorry about that one. Well, my lady ghost has not been around. I wonder where she has gone.

It is Labor day and I am not doing much of anything. I am cooking up a mess of veggies. I cut up zucchinni,yellow squash,onions, green peppers, tomatos, (red and green)and celery. I added some diced can tomato with spices already in it and then garlic. Lots of that. chopped up real fine. Onion powder and Mrs. Dash. I have let that all cook down and I will have a wonderful pot of fresh veggies to put over my angelhair pasta tonight. No, BBQ's today. I just wanted to take care of a few things at home and cook.

I love mixing up things and tasting to see how it turns out. I love vegtables of all kinds. I can't really think of any I do not like. I could live on Potatos and bread,veggies and chicken and pork. Yummy....I am not really a meat eater. I am not a veggitain. Nope..Just don't really like meat. It smells so good in my kitchen.

The day is just so lovely out. The sky is such a nice blue and white fluffy clouds and the sun is shining. Gotta love it. Soon it will be really cooling down as we change seasons. I love the fall time. The leaves are just so pretty when they change into all those autumn colors. I go around and collect the leaves. I then press them. I use them for stencils. I have made pictures out of them. Sort of a collage of different shape leaves and colors. Pretty nice if I must say so myself.

Well, here is my Quote of the Day:TRY TO BE LIKE A TURTLE - AT EASE IN YOUR OWN SHELL.

I have always believed if you don't love who you are and how you look, you'll never be happy. That is what I tell people who think they want to look like an actor or actress or the models etc...Why not be happy with who you are and how you look. Happiness comes from within yourself. People can not make you happy or at ease with yourself. Only you can. Trust me. I know this first hand. Be who you are and just keep on improving your good spots and not with plastic surgery or coloring your hair or buying clothes. It's all about you and how you let yourself feel inside. If you feel good inside and at ease it will show on the outside.

I will get off the soap box now. Just think about that quote. Ponder it quietly. Thanks for coming by. Crystel