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Jul 19, 2014 at 15:18 o\clock

Kasha Harris Got Her New Home with the Help of Bridging Finance

It was the last week incident. We went to penthouse in Dorset. We had so much fun.  It is about 2 am and we came home with some of our friends. A girl was new in our group and she was with Stacey.  Well, we had so much fun. Next morning, we all were having the coffee. She introduced herself in front of us.  We were talking about some important things related to life. She told me about that she is planning to move to Dorset. She told me her problems too because she is not having the right proposal for her existing property.

I told her come to my office next day. She came and we started talking about her property purchase and existing property. She told me the actual price of her home and her extra loan amount efficiency of 5000 pounds. Therefore, I told her about bridging loans. I told her that she can apply for it easily and can get her home in few days. She asked me about her interest rate.  The interest rate was 15% for her amount. She was ready for that. I did the little paperwork to initiate the process and after 30 hours, she got her amount in her account transferred by electronic transfer.

After a week, she called me and told that she purchased her home and shifting over there. This is how bridging loans work and it sincerely solves the problems of finance when you do not have to fill that. Therefore, she recommends cheap bridging loans to everyone. This finance is easy to access and very less hectic of paperwork.

When she purchased her house and shifted over there, she invited us for a party. We had lots of fun over there.