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Nov 27, 2015 at 17:41 o\clock

How to start trading Forex Binary Options?

To start investing in Forex binary options need insurance broker. In Spain, a broker must be registered with the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores), in the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. The list of regulated brokers can be seen in the web of agencies in each country.

More and more brokers, as, platforms have simple and secure trading. In addition to security and functionality it is very important to choose a binary option broker that makes available to its customers a demo account to learn how to trade using a simulator. Demo accounts are free and allow us to have a first contact with the operational and the world of forex trading. Most brokers also offer indexes, commodities and stocks.

Here you can see a list of recommended demo account with brokers.

The minimum capital to start may vary from 50 € to 10,000 € eToro some American brokers. Once the entry made in your trading account and can start speculating in currency.

Brokers available to customers free courses very useful for understanding the basics to start trading in forex. Although training is not in any way guarantee success in trading, it is essential to start in the difficult world of forex investment.

Nov 27, 2015 at 17:36 o\clock

Ways to operate with binary options: technical analysis and fundamental analysis

When investing in binary options, there are two major approaches to consider, technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

All persons wishing to invest in the financial market should do following a methodology that allows them to study the financial market. To do this, there are two main branches: technical analysis and fundamental analysis. What is different?

Technical Analysis

While not the exact origin of this type of analysis is known, many believe that it was the Japanese who first used to predict the price of rice while he was in harvest. Subsequently, who was Charles H. Dow in the late nineteenth century adapted the model to the indicators used today.

This analysis is based almost exclusively on the use of graphic binary options. The main objective of those who use the technique of market research is to find out what the levels of resistance and support in the price bounce or, conversely, advance to the next level.

To find these levels each investor uses the strategy that suits you depending on your experience and needs. The most popular techniques are Bollinger bands, Fibonacci series, the Gann Fan, among others.

The fundamental premise of technical analysis is that any element that somehow have influence on the market, regardless of its nature, has some sort of impact on the price of an asset.

Fundamental analysis

Fundamental analysis uses completely different concepts. This approach is based primarily on the use of economic statistics and analysis of the financial market situation in order to predict their behavior. Unlike technical analysis, in which the importance of events is practically zero, this second approach, these events take on a leading role.

The most important fundamental analysis concept is the difference between the actual result and the forecast economic data as the trade balance of a country or sales of a company. It is this differential that drives the price of the asset.

Fundamental analysis relies heavily on the use of tools such as financial statements, economic data and political events. So those who use this approach to make money with binary options must follow in detail all the statements issued by financial institutions and banks.

Regardless of the approach you use to operate in the financial market, should not forget that these two techniques are not infallible since the market instability leads to events that are sometimes unpredictable. For a little more information about these concepts, you can read binary options Wikipedia and learn more differences between these approaches.

Nov 27, 2015 at 17:19 o\clock

Investment concepts that we have very present

If we are ready to invest our money we have to take into account many factors. Investing is easy, but doing it is a task that will require study and learn some concepts that we always have to keep in mind. Below are some key terms relating to the investment decision we present:

Asset allocation

Mainly we can differentiate between two investment options: fixed income and equities. The stock prices rise and fall more violently than bonds, ie, they are more volatile. But we also offer usually the opportunity to obtain higher performance. Therefore the asset allocation will be to decide how much we invest in each of the options.

Making a good choice is very important because some studies this process accounts for 90% of the expected returns will be achieved.


Related to asset allocation we find the concept of diversification. It is the choice of the depth of our investment portfolio. For example, having a single share or a single bond is more risky to have several types of assets with different correlations. A good diversification of our portfolio will give us greater security in binary options

Reset your portfolio

Because the prices of different shares are constantly changing, we have to adjust our portfolio to continue to keep the weights of each asset within it and avoid overexposure to risk.


With few exceptions, investing in penny stocks should not be a means to get rich quick. To make money when investing need patience and a lot of time for our money grows safely. We'll have ourselves a time horizon when investing and choose the type of investment based on it.

Costs and fees

All investments carry associated costs and commissions have to take into account if we want to bring some trouble. We must find those investment platforms that offer us security and a fee as low as possible.

Risk taking

How much risk you're willing to take? If we are young usually accept greater risks when investing that older people who already have family responsibilities or want to secure the money for retirement. We will have to decide what kind of risks we will take given our financial situation.

Jan 7, 2015 at 09:31 o\clock


What strategy to choose for investing online?

StrategyThe binary options market is composed of assets from the various stock markets, which change according to factors that are usually predictable. Thus, to succeed and start trading in binary, it is necessary to take the lead and implement a number of techniques that will do just speculation and generate profits. Therefore, to make good forecasts, the trader must carefully study the daily news from the financial markets.

This information helps to have a reference on the prices of assets provided to use them well, the investor must adapt to the assets in which it wishes to invest.

Study of stock market information to trade well

about binary options

To do good speculation about binary options market, the investor must give it all. Thus, the study of information will allow the trader to know the different fluctuations in the different times of the day. This analysis, also known as technical analysis is based on the study of historical lessons. It helps to know how and why such a course of an asset is up while another is down. 
Thus, the study of information is what allows an investor to provide courses based on a certain number of objective factors that determine most often fluctuations in asset prices.

Choose the best strategy for investing

To invest in the stock market in general, the trader has a choice of strategies. However, to be successful its forecasts, it must adapt its strategy to the type of options on which it wishes to speculate. Thus, it can choose the "bullish strategy" if he thinks that the asset on which it will build up will know.

But also, he can choose the "bearish strategy" if he thinks instead that the price of the asset will fall. However, with the emergence of new types of options such as Builder and 60 seconds, it is now easier for the trader to make a speculation. Indeed, with the Builder option, the speculator chooses its own strategy (up or down) within it is free to determine.

Thus, if it is based on information and objective elements, the trader will be able to more easily profit in its various operations.

Jan 5, 2015 at 09:29 o\clock

Winning formula

Binary option: What's the winning formula?

Trading binary options is a highly profitable online trading means. However, contrary to what most people think, the gain on binary options is not based on chance. Indeed, for a successful investment, it is essential for the trader to find a strategy that will maximize its chances of gains. The development of good strategy will allow the trader to make positive forecasts and reduce loss probabilities. How to learn binary option trading?

Predicting changes course with technical analysis

A good strategy allows the trader to decide when to take position up or down, on the evolution of asset prices in the financial market. In order to determine the price fluctuations, the trader needs to have in his possession a number of financial information that can highlight the factors determining future movements in stock prices. Thus, with this information, the trader will conduct technical analysis to predict changes in market prices. Following the development of these technical indicators, the trader can more easily choose between "call" or "put" of an asset.

These indicators make money as soon as a signal or a configuration arises. Thus, it is often advisable to follow the market trend but to follow this trend, you have to use these different indicators that provide the information needed to forecast price movements.

Some basic strategies to trade binary options

Some trading strategies, one of the most used is called the Bollinger Bands. Indeed, the Bollinger Bands are a tool for economic analysis developed by John Bollinger. They are used in market finance for technical analysis and to assess the likely evolution of prices or indices. The Bollinger Bands consist of three curves, one calculates the moving average of the data and the other two from curves and other moving average, each located at a distance of twice the standard deviation over the periods over which was calculated moving average.

Bollinger Bands reduce the likely price movements of assets within a defined scope and increase the chances of winning. The trading strategy in a volatile market is also widely used. The strategy is to identify an option for which the market is volatile and build "out" on the option range (or area). So, to use this strategy, the trader must first identify a volatile market and place their investment in time to be able to make gains.