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Sep 16, 2015 at 14:50 o\clock

Beautiful-Me Offers Permanent and Semi Permanent Makeup with Various SPMU Treatments and Techniques at a very affordable rate.

Beautifulme specializes in semi-permanent make up. Ever wanted to look and feel more radiant around the clock? Do you have a busy lifestyle where you just struggle to find the time to do your make up and take more pride in your appearance? Do you have over plucked or naturally sparse eyebrows too fine to shape? If so then semi-permanent make-up could be for you. Here at Beautifulme we provide confidence boosting and natural results all at extremely competitive prices. Please just message or call me for any further information.

Semi permanent make up is becoming ever increasingly popular. we have been fully trained by the best and most prestigious SPMU training school in Europe, Finishing Touches Group. I have a full Diploma for all of the treatment's that I offer. Being a part of the Finishing Touches team we use only the best and the safest Pigments and Anaesthetic in the World and my digital Micropigmentation machine is the latest on the Market! We work in an Aseptic environment which means absolutely everything to hand is sterile or disposable. We offer the latest techniques of semi permanent make up to the highest of standards. We aim to make each and everyone of my clients feel not only confident in the service and procedure they are receiving but make the whole experience a relaxing one and for my client's to feel truly pampered at the same time.

SPMU Bristol Benefits
Look and feel more youthful
To enhance your natural features
Save time every day on applying conventional make up
Save money on having to regularly purchase conventional make up
Helps those that have little knowledge or confidence in applying make up
Look your best 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Correct any misshapen features or asymmetry within the face
Create a natural look for those suffering with Alopecia or temporary hair loss through chemotherapy 

Latest Techniques In SPMU

Here at Beautifulme, SPMU By Katie, I provide all the latest and up to date techniques for semi permanent make-up to make sure I can provide all my client's with a wide variety of looks to suit all different kinds of image and lifestyles. Below I have listed all of the different techniques practised here at Beautifulme.
Lash Enhancement- This is a thin line of pigment implanted through the lashes. This is a natural look that just gives the impression of darker, fuller lashes.
Standard Eye Liner- This procedure is the next step up from Lash Enhancement. A noticeable and distinguishes line is implanted through the lashes. This gives the effect you are wearing eye liner.
High Definition- This is a more distinctive and striking procedure which involves full saturation of colour to the lash line.
All of the above techniques can be implanted on the upper, lower or both lash lines.
Lip Blush- This is a technique which give the lip more colour but with a softened and blended lip line.
Standard Lip Liner- This does not necessarily add colour or fullness the the lips but does define the outer edge of the lips making them appear more distinguished.
Full Lip Colour- This is a great way to add definition and colour to the lips. It involves full saturation the the whole lip area. this procedure is ideal to correct asymmetry and issues such as cleft lip.
Hair Stroke Eyebrows- This is a very natural looking technique. It can also be individualised by having a very neat brow line with same directional hair strokes or a more messy natural look.
Powdered Eyebrows- This procedure is one step up from Hair stroke in terms of definition, depth and colour but still benefiting from softer edges making it also a natural look.
Hollywood Eyebrows- This technique produces a highly defined brow line with block colour giving the eyebrows a crisp edge and overall more striking look. 

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