A ship without anchor

Sep 22, 2008 at 20:03 o\clock

A ship without anchor.

**I am attempting to slowly work on a weblog as I have time while I work, attend college full time and try to be a dad. The purpose of this blog is to keep in touch with family back in southern Ohio; both blood relatives and church family from Fairland Southern Baptist church.**

  My family and I now live in Durham, N.C. and have attended several churches here looking for a new temporary home until we can once again return to our friends and family in Proctorville, Ohio. Our experience here has cemented the fact that all churches will have difficulties just as Christians will have trials, the most important thing is how we deal with the changes and trials which become a part of our daily life.

  A little more than a year ago a friend, my pastor and mentor passed on and this is where the title has taken seed. Pastor David Price was a shining example of what a friend and pastor should be; he lived his life as an open book helping others and teaching the Word of God. The only secret he kept was between God and himself and it was the pain he dealt with daily as he continued each day to help others fighting sometimes for breath or just to get going for the day.

  His absence left a gap in our church and slowly set it adrift in the problems of the world without the permanent fixture and anchor that a pastor provides to his church. We have one elder and he and pastor David's son and wife pulled together with the church to help fill the gap and to try to keep the roots firm in shifting sands. A committee was nominated and good people went to work accepting resumes and pouring over possible replacements. Good pastors came and helped fill the gap from week to week but the need was increasingly important to find an anchor who would be present for daily counseling, assistance and sometimes consolation during hard times.

  A pastor is much more than a talking head; he is a living, breathing link between parishioners and God. He is to shine as an example of how God loves us and cares for our daily needs. Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not more value than they? (KJV) Our Lord has promised to provide for our needs: not our wants. Do not misunderstand me, God does not require a pastor to speak to his children and that is the reason why Christ came to be a direct link between God and his children who had been mislead by false teachers, prophets and men of pride and arrogance. We are encouraged to be a member of the body of Christ(the church) and to act as one with it being active participants rather than bystanders. God tells us to do this because he knows us and just like me we have a tendency to quit reading his Word and communing with him in prayer if we do not have the support of the rest of the body.

  Today we go to the store and buy what we can afford or compromise on what we think will do in a pinch; I believe sometimes we may do this with important decisions as well. The wrong anchor for a ship could be disastrous; too heavy could sink the ship or break the winch when it is time to bring the anchor back in, too small or light may have no effect or even worse make you think it will work and slowly set you adrift unaware of the problem. When we search for an anchor it must be right for the boat or ship that it will be a important part of the whole vessel. The same goes for a pastor; he must be tailored and checked to see if he fits the church. I do not mean to find a pastor who will let us continue in behavior which will not glorify God but rather that he is able to connect and communicate with the people in the church. Some will be able to adapt and learn the life of a smaller community but others will be unable to adapt and will be disatisfied with few parishioners or small town ways.

  I would like to say to my friends and family take heart and be sure that God has a plan for you and the church; it may take time and plenty of patience but with the right questions and research we will find a pastor and most important of all the anchor will be right and we will once again become steady ground where people may find the rock of ages amidst a community and world in stormy waters. 

Take care and God bless,

Tim Wilkes