A Developers Life

Jun 21, 2007 at 10:19 o\clock

Estimating Work

Estimating work is a tricky business, as previously stated I am not a normal developer, I also do a bit of sales on the side and I recently sold a project to a client for 4ks worth of development (about a week roughly which includes about 2k profit, yes I am good :)) however when I went to do the work it took me a day, just went through and passesd peer testing (yes we do testing, developers all togeather say "Testing is a good thing! Testing is a good thing!") and now I am stuck I can't release the code because quite frankly they will ask for cash back....what do I do......well what I do is tell the client they also need some extra work and get another couple of grad off them.


 I love my job at times

 p.s Please stop comparing me to Dogbert! I am not completely evil (just mostly, oh I see your point I am quite like Dogbert!)

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