A Developers Life

Jun 21, 2007 at 10:19 o\clock

Estimating Work

Estimating work is a tricky business, as previously stated I am not a normal developer, I also do a bit of sales on the side and I recently sold a project to a client for 4ks worth of development (about a week roughly which includes about 2k profit, yes I am good :)) however when I went to do the work it took me a day, just went through and passesd peer testing (yes we do testing, developers all togeather say "Testing is a good thing! Testing is a good thing!") and now I am stuck I can't release the code because quite frankly they will ask for cash back....what do I do......well what I do is tell the client they also need some extra work and get another couple of grad off them.


 I love my job at times

 p.s Please stop comparing me to Dogbert! I am not completely evil (just mostly, oh I see your point I am quite like Dogbert!)

Jun 19, 2007 at 11:52 o\clock

Buying a house

It's a werid thing buying a house, I am young graduate with my career ahead of me, I earn a fair to good salary compared to most (25k in Nottingham) and when I apply for a morgage they tell me you can have up to 110k which is ok apart from most place cost VASTLY more then this.

 They tell me this is so they can be sure I am a solid risk, ok I can accept this and I recently found myself a nice flat for 100k, so everything is peachy apart from when I now apply for things they are THROWING money at me. I mean I can get a 20 grand loan for any purpose (mainly because they just lie on the forms to get it to go through) and they are willing to increase my overdraft (currently 2k although I don't really use it.) and my credit limit on my card (2.5k) I do worry about this sort of thing.

 I'm fairly good with money and I have a career that is likely to go up not down and I am looking for a pay rise fairly soon anyway but come on! The young lady (who was very nice!) said all you needed was a degree (BA in David Beckham anyone?) and a job (as in ANY job which means the graduate profile (i.e earns more then 12k!))

 But pretty soon the developer will be a home owning developer, my rise to power has begun!

Jun 15, 2007 at 13:12 o\clock

A new day a new blog

Ok this is my first entry but you know what I mean.

 I haven't written a blog before but I thought why not everyone else seems to be doing it.

I am 25 year old single guy who works as a software developer, at least in theory I do, I have the knack of being able to see solutions and make things happen so I spend a lot of my time doing (Sales, consulancy, developing relationships and generally making sure that things are running ok)

 I have been working at the company of 2 years now, when I joined I was hired as the only developer (we have other techincal staff but no developers) we now have a development team of 7 and the sick thing? I am paid less then everyone else.

What's a guy to do? :)

Anyway I just won them a 4k order so I should get on with some work :)