"The LORD is in the AIR"

Jun 9, 2005 at 03:19 o\clock

"Is THERE a DIFFERENCE betwen KILLING and killing?

GEORGE W. BUSH said about Stem cell:
 “There is NO REASON to KILL INNOCENTS in order to SAVE LIVES”

These are the words of someone that sent innocent soldiers to fight an
unrighteous WAR, were more than twenty-five thousand INNOCENT CHILDREN,
YOUNGSTERS and ELDERLY men and women have been killed, because of his
foolish VISION of PEACE in the Middle-East.

The WORD of GOD in Proverbs that is written says, “A righteous man regards
the life of his beast; but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”
Moreover, “He who hides hatred is of Lying Lips, and he who utters slanders
is a FOOL.”
The WORD also tells as that, “we reap what we sow” and “we will receive
according to our WORDS.”
America with all its given power has not acted in MERCY and LOVE toward
their enemies, but has always used the same Weapons used by the enemies of
“When a leader in power has spoken lies and done wicked things to people, he
will try to twist his own words and actions. But, these will hunt him back
until the Truth comes to Light according to his own Evil.” Thus say the
 AMERICA! Open your eyes wide and read if you are blind and want to see,
because the LIGHT is shining and HIS WORD is WRITTEN: “I will make Darkness
LIGHT before them, and CROOKED things STRAIGHT. This things will I DO unto
them, and not FORSAKE them. Isaiah 42
“When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing follows not,
nor come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken, but the
prophet has spoken it presumptuously; thou shall not be afraid of him.”
Deuteronomy 18:22
The prophet which prophesies of PEACE, when the word of the prophet shall
come to pass, then shall the prophet be known, that the LORD truly sent
 him.” Jeremiah 28:9

Now I say, “Read the REVELATION for PEACE from JESUS CHRIST to the WORLD at,
www.aleuzenev.com and Judge for your self, if I have spoken presumptuously
or the things spoken have not come to pass, 9/11. It is also FREE, freely I
have received and freely I must give to the World HIS WORD of TRUTH which is
MERCY and LOVE for PEACE. Ivor Manuel prays for you and PEACE for the WORLD;
prophet pillar branch of the LORD JESUS ALEUZENEV, HIS NEW NAME, LORD and

Jun 9, 2005 at 03:01 o\clock

"The anti-CHRIST"

It has been said:

“A PICTURE speaks more than WORDS or a THOUSAND WORDS.”

But I tell you: “Open your Eyes wide; read and understand the WORDS of REVELATION.” Chapter 6: 2-8

It is written:

“And when He, MESSIAH had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see! (This is the warning voice of a peaceful sacrificial calf; this represents a warning for the people of the World; for the poor and the innocent of the Earth, that are about to suffer what is coming). And there went another horse that was read (WAR-horse, Blood); and power was given unto him that sat there to take PEACE from the Earth (This is the first #6, a man starting WARS and intimidating nations to change and obey his military power or will face his WAR; he stumbled at CHRIST’ teachings and robed the people of their FAITH; that is the GOSPEL of PEACE by MERCY and LOVE; this is the anti-CHRIST), and that they should kill one another; (Iraqis killing Iraqis) and there was given unto him a great sword (American military; air power and Weapons of Mass Destruction).”


“And when MESSIAH opened the third seal, I hear the third beast (warning of voice of ego centered man) say; Come and see! And I beheld, and lo a black horse (DARK TIMES as the result of his WARS); and he that sat on him had a pair of balances on his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beast say: A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny: but hurt not the Oil and the Wine.”

(The voice in the midst is Satan; he is giving instructions to the man sitting on the horse to negotiate control of the World, using goods and military power; the pair of balances is the tree of Good and Evil; this is the second #6; the anti-CRISTO man).”


And when MESSIAH had opened the forth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say (voice of flying eagle), Come and see! And I looked, and behold a pale horse: (this horse represents famine and diseases as the cause of WARS). And his name that sat on him was DEATH and HELL follow with him. And power was given unto them (WAR COALITIONS) over the fourth part of the Earth, to kill with the sword, and with hunger and with death, and with all the beast of the Earth.”

(This is the third #6, a flying eagle represents control of air space, a raptor, a thief, a man getting ready to seize the World by WAR COALITIONS and air power; the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience; the anti-CRISTO 666.)


Open your eyes wide and read this now!

 As I was riding my white mare along Lake Pocket, testing the obedience of this wonderful creature with the Aleuzenev reins, a neck collar intertwined with three cords of rope used without a bit or bridle; the sound of her nostrils sounded like a furnace. She bolted in a gallop with all liberties, arching and stretching her neck out in jubilee. The wind musically whistling in my ears as the strength of the beast of Kings kept me in the middle Kingdom, between Earth and Heaven; in rhythmical rappel of the Earth, with the fury and the power of thunder. As the morning star shone from above, I saw the “Light of the Glory of GOD” shinning mystically; and as I stopped to get off the horse and kneel in prayer; I head His voice saying: Stay on profeta, what is bothering you?

To My LORD and brother I answered; I know you well, but the reincarnation of the son of perdition; who is he?

My LORD responded: “You already know this, because long before he became the king of the Earth I had revealed him to you.” He continued speaking: “But the man is the leader of a hypocritical nation; a nation that commits abominations worshiping Force and WAR rather than PEACE. Who take their sons and daughters borne to me; the poor and the innocent soldiers, whom have not received the Love of the Truth that they may be Saved; and they train them to kill and hate their own brethren. And to sacrifice blood in honor of Satan, the god of WAR with lying wonders in the name of PEACE. He is a proud leader who shall do according to his will, who bribes the nations to ally themselves, to take what is not his to be bootie unto them, and to divide the land for gain.” “Thus says the LORD: Is not WAR TERROR and retaliation a threat to PEACE? Woe to him that that builds a town with blood and establishes a city with iniquity. Who can read, let him understand what is written in the BIBLE and proclaim to the World brethren, what I AM saying to My profeta. Thus says the LORD and Servant of all people; the Prince of PEACE; Jesus; the Living ONE and My Father YHWH, Blessed be His Name. Yes, Aleuzenev, the New Name of My GOD, and the name of His City, which is New JERUSALEM; and My New Name.”


Then, I, His servant said: “LORD; that man is in deed the king of the Bottomless Pit, Abaddon and Apollyon, the wicked destroyer that shall be revealed. The commander in Chief of the red, black, and pale horses that will bring WAR, FAMINE and PESTILENCE to the World at large; Death and HELL, 666, the anti-CHRIST whom in the English language his name is pronounced “GWARB,” and his servant “TWARB,” and the false prophet “PR.”


Then He said: “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you My brother and servant; do not be afraid of Death, because Death is among you. Be afraid of not knowing the Living ONE while you live. Pray for PEACE and the people of the World; ride prosperously because of TRUTH and MEEKNESS and RIGHTEOUSNESS, and your right hand shall teach you terrible things.”


As the vision vanished I continued riding and praising Aleluya! Amen! Aleuzenev! Adonai! LORD of PEACE and SERVANT of all people! Then, I heard Him laugh, and I remembered all that was written in Psalm 2.     



I am here to publish and declare the TRUE FREEDOM for PEACE; which is MERCY and LOVE and the DOCTRINE of OUR LORD; and the NEW NAME of the LORD, which is JESUS ALEUZENEV, LORD and SERVANT of all PEOPLE. Revelation 3:12. Thus says Ivor Manuel, prophet branch of the LORD; praying for you and PEACE for the World.





Jun 9, 2005 at 02:54 o\clock





There is a heart as cold as a corroded stone and the mind of an infidel goat; through his heart no warm blood is able to flow, through its mind only thoughts of greed are able to pass.

There is True Mercy and Love flowing through the LIVING ONE and JUSTICE comes with Him.

But the goat carries its greed confine to the DEATH of its race, with an UNJUST LIE for FREEDOM.


What FREEDOM asked the INNOCENT and POOR? I am already poor and enslaved by Taxes and Insurance! “And my job is learning to Hate and Kill for the FREEDOM of the RICH,” says a Righteous soldier; “am I confused my LORD?”

I am healthy because I cultivated the same with prayer and compassion from the LIVING ONE and His Hidden Manna.

“But the DEAD ONE; he is taking my sons and daughters and sending them to the HELL of WAR; to DIE without LOVE and battle by the HATE of VIOLENCE; in the name of an IDOL;” say the Righteous father and mother.

And from the BOTTOMLESS PIT of WAR I heard the screams of wounded souls in despair. They sounded more like animals in distress in the darkness and no one to help, but the wounded father, and son, and mother of man; “the LIGHT of the SPIRIT of the LIVING ONE” also inflicted with their suffering and pain bewailing: “NO MORE VIOLENCE! NO MORE KILLING! NO MORE WAR! NO MORE LIES!”   


Can you see your own HATE and VIOLENCE AMERICA? Can you ignore your pain with medication? How long? Your suffering is approaching. “Surely I come quickly.” Thus says the LORD.

It is everywhere in the streets, in the parks, in the schools, at home, at work, in the courts even in the churches. Two little girls were stabbed to DEATH in a park today; think about it because “DEATH is among us;” says Ivor Manuel.

Is this, the DEMOCRACY you want to advance to the nations?

Is there Morality in HATE and VIOLENCE? What about DEATH by penalty and WAR?

It is written: that “MORAL and LIGHTS are our FIRST NECESSITIES.”

But because you have ADULTERED the DOCTRINE of LIFE; which is MERCY and LOVE and not REPENTED of you SINS; DARKNESS is covering the land.


It is written:

“And I gave her space TO REPENT of her FORNICATION and SHE REPENTED NOT.”

“Behold, I will CAST HER into a BED, and THEM that COMMIT ADULTERY with HER into a GREAT TRIBULATION, except they REPENT of their DEEDS.”

“And I will KILL her CHILDREN with DEATH; and all the CHURCHES shall know that I AM HE, (I AM THAT I AM) which searches the REINS and the HEARTS and I will give unto every one of you ACCORDING to your WORKS.”

REVELATION 2:21-23       


“I AM the LORD that is My Name; and My Glory will I not give to another, neither My Praise to graven images or memorial monuments to praise WAR.” Isaiah 42


 I heard His Voice saying:

 Political leaders of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled the Nation.” 

 Shepherds of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled My PEOPLE.”

 Military Leaders of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled the World.” 

 Because you don’t believe in ME, UNRIGHTEOUS is your     JUDGEMENT.”


  LORD and SERVANT of all PEOPLE, My New Name.


AWAKE to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and SIN NOT: For some HAVE NOT the    KNOWLEDGE OF GOD: I speak this to YOUR SHAME.” I Corinthians 15: 34.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little.” “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.” Isaiah 28


I am here to publish and declare the TRUE FREEDOM for PEACE; which is MERCY and LOVE and the DOCTRINE of OUR LORD; and the NEW NAME of the LORD, which is JESUS ALEUZENEV, LORD and SERVANT of all PEOPLE. Revelation 3:12. Thus says Ivor Manuel, prophet branch of the LORD; praying for you and PEACE for the World.




Jun 9, 2005 at 02:51 o\clock





The INNOCENTS and their FAMILIES are the losers in WAR in IRAQ.


Up until today; 1,571+ innocent American soldiers have been killed in IRAQ.

Soldiers who were wounded, lost body parts, or were paralyzed, and have become chronically ill with physical or mental illnesses.  Also, soldiers that have been evacuated due to non combatant wounds or other injuries and diseases are over 17,000.

Other innocent soldiers from coalition troops dead number 176.


All the dead and those wounded are Innocent, because they were defending (and still are) the erroneous Vision of  FREEDOM of a utopian political demagogue; whom had received power from the people to lead them and enlighten a dark World with Mercy and Love (if he in deed was a follower of CHRIST as he had said). However, he deceived the people with  his own vision of “WAR on TERROR” for PEACE; Instead of using that power for good he used it to steal, kill and destroy because he is also a liar


As it is written and the MESSIAH says:

VERILY, verily, I say unto to you, He that enters not by the door (employing His “Gospel of PEACE”) into the sheepfold (to lead the Faithful), but climbs up some other way, (“Advance of Freedom and PEACE through WAR”) the same is a thief and a robber. “Yes, he has stolen the FAITH and the WEALTH of the PEOPLE with lies; and has used THEM to kill and destroy;”     


Innocent Iraqi civilians killed by US. BOMBING are estimated to be between 21,000 and 25,000 in two years; most of them elders, women and children. IRAQ is in chaos and all people including American soldiers and their families of the nation are suffering. Is this not a WAR CRIME against the people of IRAQ and all humanity? Can we humanly say that this insane killing and human suffering should be called Liberation?




The Word of GOD written says:

“Woe to him (unrighteous king) that increases that which is not his! (Afghanistan and Iraq) How long? And to him that covers himself with thick clay!

“Because you have spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil you; Because of men’s blood and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.”

“Woe to him (of unrighteous actions) that covets an evil covetousness to his house; that he may set his nest on high; that he may be delivered from the power of evil!

“You have consulted shame to your house by cutting off (crippling) many people, and have sin against your soul!”

“Woe to him (the anti-CHRIST) that builds a town (Iraq) with blood (instead of Mercy and Love), and establishes a city with iniquity!” That is the vision that was embraced by the prophet Habakkuk for an appointed time in chapter two; and Ivor Manuel prophet says: “The time is now America, open your eyes and awake to RIGHTEOUSNESS!”


“Though you exalt yourself as the eagle, and though you set your nest among the stars, thence will I bring you down, says the LORD.” Obadiah 4

“Yet you shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.” Isaiah 14:15

“Open your eyes wide; read and understand for the “Judgment of GOD” is coming down upon sleeping AMERICA!”


PAT ROBERTSON from the 700 CLUB said something like this: “GOD told me that He is going to remove some Judges from their benches.”

But what I hear My GOD and Our MESSIAH say is this:


         Political leaders of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled the Nation.”    

         Shepherds of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled My PEOPLE.

         Military Leaders of AMERICA, REPENT! You have misled the World.” 

Because you don’t believe in ME, UNRIGHTEOUS is your JUDGEMENT.”


 LORD and SERVANT of all PEOPLE, My New Name.


AWAKE to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and SIN NOT: For some HAVE NOT the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD: I speak this to YOUR SHAME.” I Corinthians 15: 34.

“For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little.” “For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.” Isaiah 28



I am here to publish and declare the TRUE FREEDOM for PEACE; which is MERCY and LOVE and the DOCTRINE of OUR LORD; and the NEW NAME of the LORD, which is JESUS ALEUZENEV, LORD and SERVANT of all PEOPLE. Revelation 3:12. Thus says Ivor Manuel, prophet branch of the LORD; praying for you and PEACE for the World

“And My LORD MESSAIAH said unto me, Thou must PROPHESY AGAIN before many PEOPLES, and NATIONS and TONGUES, and KINGS.” Revelation 10: 11.

Ivor Manuel, prophet branch of the LORD; prays for you and PEACE for the WORLD. OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA!
















Jun 9, 2005 at 02:33 o\clock




The following message is for conscientious humans with interest in preservation of the most precious resources in the planet Earth, its people and their habitat. The message is prophetic in nature and contains essential truth to enlighten the consciousness of those that seek Peace and Prosperity; and Spiritual Freedom for all new generations for all created people. It is to meditate its contents and search for that truth among those that believe; the Chosen and Faithful, and to make awareness of that Evil Mind trying to control those resources by Fear and Destruction. The message is being stopped and returned by the delivery systems in many occasions with excuses of fatal address errors or no valid recipients, etcetera. Those holding this message are cursing themselves with dark ignorance. Ivor Manuel prays for you and Peace for the World, prophet of the Lord.


It is remarkable to see and hear how many scientific and speculative theories are being exposed on the press, radio and television by the editing media about what some call the wrecked, creeping, wicked weather.

         In January 18, 2003; a letter with an “Apocalyptic Warning Message” was sent to the United Nations before the United States lunched its War against Iraq. Press release copies were also sent to some members of the media and clergy, among them “The Orlando Sentinel” main news paper in this city; The New York Times, Reverends Charles Stanly, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson among others; part of that message reads like the following words:

       Then I saw the execution, the execution of hate and wickedness where hundreds of innocents humans at a time, and thousands a time, and hundreds of thousands to the end were killed, children, women and men, young and old, all innocents souls. Yes, I also saw poor innocent souls paid and trained to be mercilessly cruel. The armies of the Beast were drugged to encourage and enhance performance to kill. They dropped over the Earth thousands of what the prophet Isaiah called: “The weapons of his indignation to destroy the whole land.” I heard this King constant vocalization of “Human Rights,” but he does not have regard for innocent humans nor the Holy Spirit within or the Word of God or the testimony they held.”

         “ The great truth was given to me in a prophetic vision. Bombs were being dropped unrelentlessly from the sky, pulverizing buildings by the dozens in just minutes; where dozens of innocents were killed at a time, and sometimes dozens of dozens times dozens. The great slaughter, the Earth pounded along with its people and animals. Moreover the shaking and the trembling of the crust of the Earth by the power of these weapons cause braking and shifting underground of rocks, creating earthquakes around the planet.  Volcanoes became active and lava started to erupt from cracks and pits of bombs explosions and earthquakes. The Earth was bleeding and the rivers were being flooded with blood running to the seas. Water and air contaminated with chemical dust and winds full of radiation killing thousands more by poison and asphyxia; heat melting flesh and people running crazily over each other trying to find a door to get out of Hell. Total chaos, the acceleration of “Global Warming” by these “Blasphemous Weapons” will melt the poles flooding parts of the Earth with fury.”

           Although I am not a scientist or a member of the clergy, nor a politician; but rather a prophet of GOD, I have received instructions to warn the people of America and the World, about how the first great earthquake that produce the “Tsunami”; was in deed the aftermath of the pounding of the crust of the Earth by the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” the United States has being dropping in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a year now. The continuous unreasonably violent striking and blasting of these “BLASPHEMOUS WEAPONS” has reverberate sound, heat vibratory waves along with  toxic particles waves in and around the planet. Trembling and shifting underground rock causing earthquakes and atmospheric sudden catastrophic changes by warm toxic winds, rains and snow. The hurricanes that went through Orlando last year and the multiplication of tornados, mudslides, avalanches, floods, sinkholes, volcanoes activation and many other cataclysmic phenomena is also the result of the hateful amount of destructive energy being released by these WEAPONS which in a blasphemous and untruthful manner the United States went to seek in Iraq, but It rather use them there. The Word in the book of Revelation 6:14 says: “And the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their place.” This is the six seal: “A man made Earthquake-Tsunami has moved the Earth out of its axis and more devastation is coming as a result of the anti-CHRIST actions of War.” 

          Before the 2004 national elections another warning vision was published at www.Aleuzenev.com; it was e-mailed to the general media, and the end section reads like this words; again warning America: “And behold; the night vision was now like a great television screen showing the name: The King of MYSTERY BABYLON the GREAT; then there appeared:

The President of the United States of America; dressed with a tricolor hooded cloak garment of stars. And he had in his head a crown of gold that was melting; and the precious metal was going into his eyes making him blind; and as he walked toward a ceremonial bowl filled with water to clean his eyes; he then tripped his foot against a Stone a tried Stone, a Precious Corner Stone set by the ceremonial bowl that was filled with water. [That STONE represents the Doctrine of JESUS CHRIST of LOVE and MERCY toward our enemies for the creation of PEACE]. The vision continuous…And as he stumbled and fell his right foot got caught into the ceremonial vessel and the water turned to blood. The President was trying desperately to get his foot out of the bowl while his back was against the floor; but his foot was caught in the vessel with his greed and egotistical pride; and he was shaking his foot with anger and the satisfaction of force while on his back; but the ritual kettle was boiling over with the sacrificial blood of  multitudes of humans. Poor and innocent soldiers from many nations, poor and innocent civilians from Afghanistan and Iraq; the blood of poor and innocent children, women and elders from all over the World was overflowing along his side. [The last twenty words describe something like the TSUNAMI]. The vision ended… And the Cabinet along with his Republican and Democratic courts, and the Clergy were there by his side; standing on their knees inebriated with the wrath of his wine; as the American ceremonial vessel became a drowning river of blood. And there came on the screen the words: THE LAMENTATION of ABOMINABLE HIPOCRASY.” 

Today I read:

     And He said unto me, you must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues and Kings.            Revelation 10:11. Ivor Manuel prays for you and Peace for the World, prophet of the LORD.